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About The Teacher

In addition to being DoYogaWithMe's founder, David has been teaching yoga for 13 years. His in-depth experience with meditation, massage therapy, thai massage and yoga allows him to bring in elements of mindfulness, alignment, core strength, stability and proper stretching.

"I teach meditation, relaxation, yoga nidra and hatha yoga. I try to create an experience within each class that allows you to let go and discover a new way to be in your life."

My first yoga class came when I injured my back and shoulder. I’ll always remember how uncomfortable and unpleasant that first class was. But I will also always remember how I felt afterwards: my pain had finally subsided. So I kept going to yoga, and the pain in my back eventually went away. As long as my practice was relatively consistent, my back was fine.
My teaching style varies quite a lot, from very gentle hatha flow to a challenging intermediate class, while always weaving in a focus on body awareness, good alignment and effective breathing. I recommend my classes to students who are looking to learn the fundamentals within the postures, to understand core strength, to thoroughly stretch the body and access the deeper areas of the consciousness through meditation and relaxation.
Yoga has been one of the key transformative forces in my life. It has taught me to be present and in my body, to feel compassion and empathy, to be in community and to confront the inner challenges we all have each day of our lives.

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  • JArgue   January 05, 2018

      Yoga Super Powers!

    I have been taking Yoga classes with David for at least the past 2 years! I started as a complete newbie and with his guidance and patience was able to quickly come up to speed. David is skilled at creating a relaxing environment - one that I look forward to coming back to week after week.

  • Linda Stewart   December 10, 2017

      Yoga teacher

    When I moved to Victoria, BC in 2015, I was very fortunate to find David Procyshyn's Gentle Hatha Yoga classes at a community centre within walking distance of my new home. I not only lived in a beautiful city by the sea but I found a very good yoga experience as well. I try to attend as many classes as my busy retired schedule can handle in a week which would be 3, if possible. David provides a complete yoga class with lovely music in the background, his calm and relaxing manner and voice, his excellent directions and support to create the positions correctly and a varied program that changes each class so is always interesting. I have attended many different yoga classes, including Wanderlust, Whistler and have never found a teacher who is able to explain the positions so well. He is cognizant of each person's ability and health issues and suggests alternate options. When I first attended the classes I had some restrictions and problems with my back and groin. Both areas are much improved and while I still have tight hip flexors I feel there is great improvement and hope for more. I sleep better on the day after the class and I find I am more aware of my posture at all times. Even though this is called gentle, it always feels as if I have had a very good experience. One extra bonus is the outside classes in the park during the summer that David runs on his own. It is an even more meaningful and meditative yoga experience.

  • Melissa Krieger   November 30, 2017

      David's classes are great!

    David is a knowledgeable and skilled teacher. His classes are fun and engaging and I always come away with new knowledge about the practice of yoga. David's quirky sense of humour comes through in his teachings and I really appreciate that!

  • Heather MacAndrew   November 27, 2017

      Far and away the best hatha yoga instructor

    I took - learned from, enjoyed - David Procyshyn's yoga classes in Victoria for several years. After over 15 years of taking hatha yoga classes from a variety of teachers, I found David to be far and away, the best. He's knowledgable about the philosophy and physiology of yoga; totally unpretentious; great at explaining in a clear way, how to do asanas correctly and effectively; and skilled at designing classes to work well with the levels of his students. Best of all, he has a good, wry sense of humour and there were never any woo-woo moments (important for me who has a sensitive woo-woo detector :) Plus - he has excellent taste in music! What more could you ask for?

  • morna tudor   November 26, 2017

      the best

    david is my favourite of all the yoga teachers i've had

  • Cheryl Bedard   November 25, 2017

      You'll enjoy yourself

    David Procyshyn is a great instructor...personable, approachable, warm, friendly, knowledgeable and gentle with us yet challenges us.  I keep coming back to yoga classes because of David's approach and manner.  I have highly recommended him to others.  The first day I came to class, he introduced himself and ask about my experience with yoga, as well as if I had any physical concerns.  It made me feel like the class was being personalized for me.  Thank you David. Cheryl BC, Canada

  • L Lawson   November 25, 2017

      Skilled and Accomplished Yoga Instructor

    David is an unassuming, generous and gifted instructor. I find David easily and effortlessly offers perfection in technique, alignment, and personal needs attention. The best ( for me) is David's style of voice instruction to each movement that feels expertly choreographed to subtle and beautiful music. David offers depth and wisdom in guided meditations that promote healing and growthful results. David is simply the real deal, and the best teacher I have encountered. Lylla Lawson, BC, Canada.

  • Susannah Adams   November 25, 2017

      Wonderful yoga teacher provides deep healing classes for body, mind and spirit.

    David's teaching offers a beautiful blend of deep meditative inner-connection as well as providing the opportunity to develop a conscious understanding of one's own physiology. David is gently assertive with the class participants, and has a compassionate understanding of how to invite you to take your practice to the next level. Something that heightens the class experience for me is the beautiful selection of ambient music that is played during class. David knows how to hold space for the group and always brings a warmth and humour to the class.

  • Susan Ferguson   November 25, 2017

      Superbly gifted yoga teacher

    Having attended many of David's classes I feel that anyone lucky enough to be taught by him is in a good place. He is extremely knowledgeable but wears it lightly. His voice is gentle, and there is no pressure to push yourself. He was my first yoga teacher and his kindness and humour made progress easy. Plus he has great taste in music!

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