Artemis Emily Doyle

About The Teacher

Artemis Emily Doyle is a goof and dog-mother of two Karelian bear dogs. She walks through the world heart first.  Artemis has been practicing yoga and meditation for over a decade. Her practice grows with her beyond the mat and beautifully flowers in her teachings and sharings. 

Artemis was first introduced to meditation by a Buddhist Nun when she was around the age of 8.  Through the interpretation of a child, Artemis practiced meditation by staring at a collage of photos she had ripped out of a National Geographic (her alter) for a few minutes each evening before doing her evening prayers and going to bed.  In 2008, Artemis found a book on Yoga and began to teach herself Asana.  Before ever taking a formal Yoga Class Artemis started teaching in 2010.  In 2013, she was formally certified.  

She is a registered Forest Therapy Guide and was initiated as a guide in Ceremonial Cacao in the traditional Guatemalan rite.  Artemis is currently working on her Psych Degree.   As it seems to be synonymous with life at the ashram, Artemis wears many hats while serving here, she can be found gardening, landscaping, and/or cooking on any given day.  However, Artemis spends most of her time working online and doing administrative/marketing tasks.

It's not difficult to get Artemis involved in a philosophical discussion about Non-Duality.  Her love for Advaita extends to Vedanta, Tantra, Taoism, Bhakti Yoga, Spiritual Ecology & Beyond.  She has been initiated by both Guruji Raj Kumar & Sri Prem Baba.  In 2014, she personally met and received Darshan from Sri Mooji Baba.  His teachings have reverberated into her being ever since and she considers him to be one of her main teachers.  Artemis has also studied with Eric Baret, Ellen Emmet, and Rupert Spira.

Artemis has a deep connection with Bhakti Yoga and if you really want to see her fully embody the divine, go to kirtan with Artemis. Nowhere does Artemis shine as brightly as when she allows the sacred sounds to move through her.  Artemis sets souls on fire, as she conveys her genuine connection with the Spirit through song.   To listen and watch her play the harmonium makes you feel closer to God. 


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