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Sanango is a Peruvian healer and spiritual master whose learning is based on Amazonian shamanism and Vedic philosophy. His life and work has allowed him to travel in various states of the soul, from total disconnection to the experience of divinity and peace in states of compassion. Over the past 20 years he has conducted thousands of Ayahuasca ceremonies and many in depth process, specializing in states of addiction, depression, PTSD and initiatory paths.

He has lectured and conducted seminars about shamanism, master plants and entheogens at various universities and other places internationally. He writes a blog at Sinchi Runa’s website.

Sanango conducts spiritual diets and other forms of spiritual healing. He works with entheogens, master plants and eastern consciousness techniques aiming to bring the individual to a direct encounter with her inner universe, the love of God and the reconnection with earth.

He has six years as the founder of Sinchi Runa healing center and non-profit organization, dedicated to spreading knowledge of the benefits of entheogens and medicinal plants for treating addiction, depression and other circumstances of mental disharmony.

Sanango is a healer, shaman and spiritual master who has a profound understanding of the human soul and its longing for unconditional love and ultimate truth. He deeply understands the struggle and pain accompanying much of humanity in this moment in time. Through his ability to recognize the mental mechanisms and traps that create and maintain suffering, he embodies and emits true compassion, healing and love.

He performs energetic healing through amazonian shamanism, ayahuasca and wachuma (san pedro), along with other master plants and natural entheogens. His direct yet compassionate ways leaves little room for the games and limitations of the ego. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to undergoing a deep and transformative healing. Sanango challenges the individual to get outside of their comfort zones, limited thinking, and out of one’s fear based restrictions in order to embrace the opportunity to be truly alive.

With love and humility he works towards the dream and vision that humanity may remember and reconnect to the universal love that is the essence of our being.

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