Frank Trombetta

About The Teacher

Frank first became aware of a connection with reality beyond the physical aspects of the world as a child walking through the woods alone around the age of 5. He became suddenly aware that he had shifted out of a state of “being” part of everything around him, to becoming an observer, or separate from his surroundings.

This shift was so profound and startling that he made a vow to himself to find his natural state again, a state that he had resided in all of his life previously.

Later, as a teen, while under duress, he heard a silent inner Voice say, “Whenever you feel lost, return to the silence of the woods”.

In his early 20’s he headed out to the wilds of Montana and spent 3 months alone, doing Vision Quests and reading his first books on religion, Vision Questing, and books by Herman Hesse, including Journey To the East.

In his 30’s he came across A Course In Miracles but was skeptical of its origins and so put it down until he decided to test the validity of its content through experimentation. He was given a tape by Dr. Ken Wapnick by his neighbor that was studying the Course.

The tape was very unsettling. It demonstrated that he was living his relationships, especially with his wife, in a destructive and exactly backward way. He then began a serious study of the Course, attending two silent 6 week retreats dedicated to studying the Course.

He spent 15 days alone in silence in a wilderness area simply sitting in meditation waiting to see what would happen, waiting for the return to the state he clearly remembered as a child.

He then spent 4 years exclusively studying the Course with a group of students and simultaneously worked with The Sisters of Charity and Mother Theresa, often feeding the homeless and attending their 4 a.m. prayer meetings.

He was then asked to travel to major U.S. and Canadian cities to give two and three day retreats on meditation and A Course In Miracles. In 1996 he began to study with the editor of the Course and good friend of Helen Schucman, Ken Wapnick.

Frank is developing a retreat center in the wilds of Colorado next to Tara Mandala (a Buddhist Center) near Durango Colorado.  

He does private practice in Holistic Health care, Hakomi (body centered psychotherapy) and uses additional modalities to enhance healing on many levels.


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