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About us

Feather Crown offers Ayahuasca medicine retreats with reputable shamans in a private center in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Since 2008, it has helped hundreds of visitors and gained the reputation of one of the safest and most grounded places for experiencing Ayahuasca. The corner stones of Feather Crown are professionalism, respect towards ancestral indigenous knowledge, ethics, safety and reciprocity towards the Amazon and its people. Visit us to heal, learn, grow, inspire and rejuvenate yourself during a 5 or 13 day retreat for affordable prices. With your help, we are able to protect the rainforest and its water sources and replant medicinal trees & Ayahuasca vines. Feather Crown supports indigenous communities defending their ancestral land and cultural traditions.

The place

You are wecome to visit our newly built center "Sacred River" located deep in the Amazonian mountain forest in the province of Pastaza, Ecuador, about 4 hours from the Quito Airport. It offers quiet, beautiful and comfortable space for Ayahuasca ceremonies and healing therapies with rainforest plants. It has been founded by Jan Rostlinka, ceremonial leader who is passionate about the protection of rainforest and runs own Rainforest protection and reforestation project.

The center owns 23 hectares of rainforest bordering with the Llanganates National Park. It sits on the banks of the Piatua river, one of the cleanest rivers on the planet, surrounded by thousands of hectares of pristine forests. This location is unique, energetically pure and isolated from the distractions of the civilization.

The center offers spacious rounded ceremonial temple with tiled floor and adjacent flushing bathrooms.

There are four cabins for accommodation, and you can book a double or a private room. Ecological materials such as local wood and bamboo has been used for construction.

Who is leading the ceremonies

Feather Crown currently offer the work of two ceremonial leaders:

Don Carlos Landazuri Huatatoca

is a 75-years-old native Kichwa yachak ("the one who knows") and traditional healer from the province of Napo, Ecuadorian Amazon. Don Carlos started to receive teachings from his elders at a very young age, and he has been practicing his ancestral spirituality for decades to establish strong bond with beneficial spirit doctors of nature, such as the spirits of waterfalls, lagoons, mountains, stones, caves and forests. Don Carlos is sought by patients from different provinces of Ecuador. During his ceremony, he performs powerful individual cleansing rituals to all patients, using his leaf fan and singing, channeling healing powers of different healing spirits. In his visions, he makes each patient sit on a beautiful throne and receive all beautiful energies of a particular spirit. According to Don Carlos, every patient is in need of different energies and he adjusts his healing so that the ritual is most beneficial. Don Carlos beams with strong energy and firmness during the ceremonial night, creating strong veil of protection, and he is able to perform a special ritual of "sucking out negative energies" from patient's body.

The Ayahuasca medicine

The Ayahuasca medicine offered at the center is prepared with love and expertise using two plants, the Ayahuasca vines (B. caapi) and the leaves of Chali (D. cabrerana) that we grow ourselves. This medicinal brew opens the possibilities for spiritual growth, connecting with the divine, spiritual cleansing, balancing and grounding, chakra cleansing, past life regression, improving mental health, healing abuse, emotional pain or past trauma, releasing negativity, healing of physical illnesses, pain or addiction, finding life purpose, career change, or for finding one’s path of a heart and life’s true purpose.

It is recommendable to anybody who feels the calling for this type of work and has necessary respect for this sacred plant. This is not a tourist experience and it should not be taken lightly as a tourist attraction. The medicine journey might not be pleasant in all of its parts, but at the end it is worth taking. The Ayahuasca ritual is deeply meaningful and healing for those who are ready to open their hearts and surrender to the effects of the brew. Ayahuasca can bring suppressed emotions to the surface, clean any negative energies and allow for deep change within oneself. Because this healing process can be very intense, it is important that participants have trust in the abilities of the ceremonial leader and the healing potential of this medicinal plant.

The Ayahuasca ritual (around 8pm)

At the beginning of the ritual, the ceremonial leader or his assistant explains how the ceremony is conducted and responds to any questions. Around eight in the evening, participants and the ceremony leader drink the Ayahuasca brew. Then everybody rests on comfortable mattresses in the ceremonial space, waiting for the effects to manifest. Candles are blown off.

As soon as the medicine starts to function, the ceremonial leader begins to use instruments and starts to chant visions-modulating songs, guiding participants on this inner journey. He cleanses any negative energies that are purged from the participants and call spirit guides who provide compassionate, loving and healing energy for all who are present.

Later during the night, participants are called one by one to come and sit in front of the healer to get cleansed by leaves gathered in the rainforest and by singing. The healer also uses blowing, sucking and other techniques aimed to help the patient. This cleansing ritual or “limpia“ is an important part of the ceremony, where energy of the participants can be balanced, and where different illnesses can be removed from the body. In case there any serious illnesses, the healer can deal with them towards the end of the ceremony.

The next day, the ceremonial leader opens a space where participants can better integrate this experience by asking questions or sharing the details of their journey or ask for guidance. If necessary, anyone can ask for a private conversation with the leader. A special diet will be prescribed for the following days. The support in the integration process can continue over the internet and makes sure that all participants properly understand and integrate their journey.

Supporting the environment and local communities

Jan Rostlinka actively supports the efforts of local indigenous organisations to defend their ancestral land.

Important part of the earnings from the 2-day Ayahuasca retreats go into the Rainforest Conservation and Ayahuasca reforestation project making sure there are forest full of medicines and food for future generations. With each ceremony, every participant automatically puts one square meter of the rainforest for protection and contributes for planting of new Ayahuasca vines.

The center also closely works with several indigenous Kichwa families, supporting them to preserve their traditions. The center organizes cultural activities such as dances and workshops which strengthen the identity of the Kichwa people.

Natural eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or quickly growing small trees are preferred while building the facilities. The center runs its own permaculture garden and is on the way to the self-sufficiency. 

What differentiates us from other practitioners and centers

Welcome to our kichwa family! Our work is a life mission and we have an experience of 10 years with hosting such events. We strive to be at service on your spiritual journey and help you to achieve more balance and improve your mental, physical and energetic health. Our events are not "tourist" experiences. Our private center is build specifically to be in harmony with the plant medicine work. The jungle that surrounds the lodge is the home of the Ayahuasca plant that that we grow reciprocially. While you stay at the center, you will not be disturbed by noise of civilization, community or workers, only thousands of hectars of beautiful nature. Groups are limited to 12 participants allowing the work to be very personal. In our ceremonies, women are respected and the environment is free of sexual advances. No use alcohol is permitted at the lodge. The ceremonial leader deeply cares for the wellbeing of all participants, follows ancestral traditions and is and expert in leading Ayahuasca rituals. The leader drinks ayahuasca together with participants and sings "icaros" during the night. The medicine is properly brewed, using only two plants, the Ayahuasca vine and an admixture leaves, which results in strong healing experience. Translations to/from English, Spanish and Czech are available. With us, you are on the safe side from the moment you board the private bus until the moment you arrive back at your airport hotel.

Beautiful and tranquil space for deep work with sacred plants

Venue Highlights

You are wecome to visit our newly built center "Sacred River" located deep in the Amazonian mountain forest in the province of Pastaza, Ecuador, about 4 hours from the Quito Airport. It offers quiet, beautiful and comfortable space for Ayahuasca ceremonies and healing therapies with rainforest plants. It has been founded by Jan Rostlinka, ceremonial leader who is passionate about the protection of rainforest and runs own Rainforest protection and reforestation project.

The center owns 23 hectares of private land bordering with the Llanganates National Park. It sits on the banks of the Piatua river, one of the cleanest rivers on the planet, surrounded by thousands of hectares of pristine forests. This location is unique, energetically pure and isolated from the distractions of the civilization.

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Double-bed and private rooms in beautiful wooden cabins made from natural materials. Mosquitoe nets, comfortable pediatric mattresses and thermic blankets. Hot-water showers and flushing toilets.

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  • J.P. Grant   November 08, 2018

      Transformative, but not psychedelic

    I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Feather Crown. Although I did not have any "visions" the two times I used ayahuasca, the experience itself was transformative. The retreat was serene and beautiful, the people were wonderful, and the ayahuasca made me very mindful. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for peace and spiritual healing.

  • William O'Connell   July 23, 2018

      The Real Deal!

    The two-week retreat at Feather Crown was a remarkable and life-changing journey for my wife and me, both senior citizens from the States. Jan, a veteran shaman, is an incredible healer and counselor. It is clear that being a shaman is not a career for Jan – it is a calling. He is a genuine spiritual adviser who has dedicated his life to helping people replace dark energy with light. The temple and huts are located in Ecuador’s beautiful and amazing rainforest, a two-minute walk from a spectacular fast-moving river populated with huge boulders. Jan was available to discuss our experiences in the days after each of the four intense Ayahuasca ceremonies. Jan has surrounded himself with an unbeatable team that includes his wife, Erika, their angelic 7-year-old daughter, Sharon, and the coolest puppy ever, 9-month-old Chaupi. Jan’s right-hand man, Omar, speaks little English, but his efforts speak volumes about how much he cares for Feather Crown guests. Omar was available at a moment’s notice to help during the Ayahuasca ceremonies; he was our guide/protector on numerous jungle hikes; and he even walked us through an art-and-crafts class. The meals, crafted by Carlos, Romel and Omar, with an assist from Erika, were outstanding. The chefs created some of the best soups I’ve ever tasted. Go to Feather Crown with the confidence that you will be in the capable hands of a true shaman and his caring staff. Bill from USA

  • Martin   January 16, 2018

      Sacred River, Holy Sacrament

    I recently had the good fortune of sitting in Ayahuasca ceremony with Jan. I am delighted to say that most of the details of the retreat ceremony met or exceeded my expectations. His staff of four local Kichwa helpers were kind, helpful and very dignified. The personal attention that Jan afforded to us during the journeying was greater than I had hoped. Jan was careful to use several different synergistic medicine plants during our ceremonial retreat. The combination of sacred medicine plants Jan introduces provide a most genuine healing experience based on proven wisdom traditions from the jungle. The cleansing that Jan preformed during ceremony was for me the most high holy sacrament that I have ever ever been party too. For anyone ready to work with the spirit vine and look into the vast depths of their own life, I can highly recommend the Sacred River.

  • christoph   January 05, 2018

      Sacred River

    Jan is not a talker, but a contemplative; Jan is not an oracle, but a shaman. Jan holds the ceremonies or the Ayahuasca retreats offered just as genuine as he is in person. Rather than a philosophy, the sacred is beholden in the way the Ayahuasca retreats or the ceremonies that Jan holds are conducted: with respect and humility, gratitude and appreciation. Thus, Feather Crown or Sacred River can be recommended without any reservations, if you, the reader, is called to do such a retreat. There is make-believe, just as there is the genuine; the latter speaks to Feather Crown or Sacred River in the absence of adding any additional words other than that neither Ayahuasca nor Jan are bound by nationality...

  • Ainars   January 03, 2018


    Highly recommend this place! Jan is serious Shaman who really knows his job.And his team are responsible people.Very tasty food. Strong Aya tea.The place is wonderfull!Near by is river.Hope to come again.Thanks a lot,Jan.

  • Adam   December 30, 2017

      Finding peace in the Amazon

    I recently attended a 2-day retreat with Jan. I am a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, where I served as an infantryman. For nearly a decade I have struggled with the heavy burden that war brings to many. I tried everything I could find in an attempt to find healing, from traditional psychotherapy and EMDR to Reiki and shamanic work. Through my exploration of shamanic practices, I first learned about Ayahausca. I did research for two years, and even lived in Ecuador for a year before I decided that I was ready. One must be very careful when looking for a place to work with Ayahausca. I had read a lot about Jan before I decided to give Feather Crown a try, and I liked what I had seen. Jan is a gifted healer. I highly recommend Ayahausca to anyone in search of healing, especially to my brothers and sisters suffering from PTSD. I trusted Jan and felt safe during the ceremony. My girlfriend, who did not partake in the ceremony, was allowed to be there by my side. It is difficult to describe my experience in words, and in favor of brevity all I will say is that my mind was opened and I was shown what I can do to continue my healing. For the first time in nearly a decade, I am feeling emotions again and have a positive outlook on life. Ayahausca opened a door for me, and I will continue my work with therapists and others, but I will be back to do some more work with Jan. I am truly grateful for this experience and cannot thank Jan enough for his guidance and compassion. I highly recommend Jan and Feather Crown to anyone searching for healing.

Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Love of life. Tamara

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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