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Sound of Light Sacred Medicine Circle is a doorway to a Sacred and Ancient school of Consciousness and Love. Our journeys with the Sacred Medicine Ayahuasca go beyond ceremonies and into life itself. This is a way of living. We are returning our conscious-awareness to Earth, recognizing the power and vibration that exists in the elements and thus experiencing life on a new frequency, and more connected to the Universe.

Awakening the circle of souls together in a journey into the mystery and well being of life. We are not traditional shamans offering the traditional Amazonian Ceremony with Ayahuasca also known as the Vine of the Soul. We are the Lost Tribe awakening the circle of souls together in a journey into the mystery and well being of life. Sound of Light connects with Beings and Teachers from different planes, on Earth and in other dimensions, from the great Teachers of this world with their clear guidance and radiance, to the Beings surrounding this dimension, to the hidden vibration of life in everything, and to the secret behind this world.

Sound of Light is a RAY of truth, beyond space and time, telling us about the mystery of the world and what is beyond it.  As we sing we pray, we call, we affirm and we release.  Sound of Light is a RAY of truth, beyond space and time, telling us about the mystery of the world and what is beyond it. Guiding us from the unreal to the real, from darkness to the Light. Music is an integral part of the journey and through the music we find many ways of connecting to the one truth. Sound of Light harmonizes through a variety of songs from all backgrounds, beliefs and sources.

We invite participants to sing with us. Singing is a tool for healing. As we sing we pray, we call, we affirm and we release.

As we travel through the music we open our perception to Divine Light expressed in so many ways while going deeper into our own beings finding and answering more questions to the mystery of life.

There is so much beauty in life and yet so many have forgotten the simplicity, the joy, the love and become engulfed by the illusion of this world. The True Medicine of the Forest can help us awaken again. Sound of Light wishes to reach into the hearts and consciousness of the people of this Earth and aid in this time of Awakening, as a Medicine Circle for those who choose to take the steps to transform themselves and walk in beauty upon the Earth.

-Aho Mitakuyasin

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  • Matthew Simpson   June 06, 2016

      Most Special Place on Earth

    Absolutely love this place. Vismay and Nicole do the most transformative medicine work. Pure unconditional LOVE, can't say enough positive words about the growth I have experienced in this remote Costa Rican forest paradise. Highly recommend the Yogahuasca retreat - I attended in Feb '16 and it was likely the most growth experienced in any week of my life. Such a special place - Blessings!

  • Christopher Gallant   October 12, 2015

      A Magical Place!

    How could I ever properly convey all that has transpired? Profound, healing, lots of music and signing, reconnecting with nature, your soul, your purpose and what it means to be human...but most importantly you realize the way they live is all you really need to live a happy life because that is the way we are meant to live. Just know that this isn't a 4 star hotel with A/C. You are out in nature. Think camping or a step up from it. Being there is naturally easy, the hard part is going back to society. Now to the Ayahuasca ceremonies: I haven't had any prior experience with ayahuasca until I came to Sol Circle so I cannot compare it with what a real Shaman in Peru might be able to do. I can tell you though that my aya experience with them was life changing, immense and full of awe. They hold these in ceremonies and it's a real lengthy process full of preparation, prayer and signing. To them it's something sacred. And it was the most spiritual experience I've ever had. I'll be back there soon. Join the tribe. Pachamama esta de fiesta.

  • Robert   October 12, 2015

      Beyond Words

    I have been 2 Sound of Light twice now, and plan to come back as often as I can. The land and the people are so beautiful. I've seen the most incredible sky I have ever seen in my life there, and have had some of my most profound life altering experiences. The river on the land is incredible to swim in, the food is perfect for a week of ceremonies, and the ceremonies are so deep, with excellent medicine. Vismay and Nicole, who lead ceremony, are so solid, so real, so connected, and create such a safe environment to go within and and connect to mother earth, father sky, and all currents that flow within us. If you've been looking for a safe place to explore the medicine, this may be it for you. It certainly has been for me.

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