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Iboga Wellness Center, located in beautiful Costa Rica, offers spiritual retreats and detoxification (including drugs, opiates, suboxone,heroin, methadone, etc.) programs to provide people with a rich opportunity to heal themselves on three levels: body, mind, and spirit.

Toll Free Phone # for USA/CAN – 855-339-2859

Our emphasis is on the spiritual because healing is much deeper when problems are resolved on the spiritual level first. Physical problems are often the result of deeper underlying spiritual issues.

Iboga / “Ibogaine” treatment center in Costa Rica

Our center has been designed to create an environment that will support your healing process. Located in the northwestern corner of Costa Rica, we are about 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean with magnificent views of the Pacific from our facility. Our beautiful guest rooms provide an extremely comfortable, beautiful, and friendly place to focus on healing and spiritual growth. We have many areas where you can just be alone or have a conversation with another guest or a member of our staff.

We work with the powerful plant medicine, Iboga. This medicine comes from a small tree that grows naturally in western equatorial Africa, primarily in the country of Gabon. Iboga has been used by the people of this area for countless generations as a tool to heal the body, mind, and spirit. These people are called the Bwiti. All of our Iboga providers have been trained in Costa Rica and Gabon by a Bwiti shaman and have been initiated into the Bwiti through ceremony.

We do NOT use the pharmaceutical, Ibogaine. Ibogaine is extracted from the Iboga tree (Tabernanthe Iboga) but the extraction process causes it to lose many of the amazing properties of pure, natural Iboga. Chemically, Ibogaine is 1 of 12 alkaloids that occur in the Iboga tree’s medicine. We believe that Iboga in its natural form, with all of its alkaloids, is the best way to use this medicine. It is the way Nature made it and it contains organic keys that provide access to the spirit of Iboga.

Our providers perform ceremonies that are similar to those done in Gabon, but oriented to people from North America and Europe. Most of our staff is from the United States, but we have worked with people from all over the world. Everyone on our staff shares a common goal to provide an experience that will truly help you and allow you to be able to know yourself better.

Iboga has been found to be extremely helpful in 2 major areas:

- people with addiction, depression, or anxiety problems.

- people who are seeking to grow spiritually.

For opiate addicts, Iboga can eliminate the need for more drugs and significantly reduce the effects of withdrawal. For people with other addictions, Iboga can be used to eliminate the need for alcohol, weed, tobacco, or other substances. For depression and anxiety, Iboga is very effective at revealing the underlying causes. For spiritual seekers, Iboga can reconnect you with your soul/spirit and allow you to experience spiritual discovery.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about our center or the way we do things here. We are happy to answer your questions.

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  • Francesco Philip Brown   September 23, 2018

      Iboga Wellness Center Review

    If you want to work with Iboga, this is a safe and supportive place to do it. The ceremonies were well run. The surroundings are peaceful and the staff are all very nice, approachable and friendly. The accommodations are comfortable and clean too. And the food is good. I really appreciated the fresh fruit and coconuts which were always available. You have a lot of quiet time to process whatever you may be going through. I would suggest bringing things to keep yourself occupied during quiet time like books, art supplies, music to listen to, edifying videos, card games, running shoes if you want to take a jog.


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