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About This Center

In 2015 I was invited to finally embrace the path that I was pulled into at the age of 22. The plant medicine path. The Ayahuasca path. My spiritual path.

At 22, I was in a terminal phase of severe depression from which I had been suffering from since I have a memory.

I spent 3 years living and training with indigenous shamans ( curanderos) from the Amazon in the city of Iquitos in my native country of Peru.

I deeply understand the responsibility of working with the spirit of the plants. Therefore, I am not alone on this path.

As a Shaman, my priority is always to deliver the best to people to help them to reconnect, AWAKEN, HEAL and TRANSFORM and this is how the TAITA INTI ORGANIZATION STARTED.

TAITA INTI is not yet a physical a  retreat centre but a place to connect people. It’s a place to create bridges between shamans. It“s a place to share and gain collective growth. In TAITA INTI we understand that for every person that awakens or heals it’s not just a healing of the individual that takes place but a healing and awakening for the entire collective of our planet. We are aware of the COMPROMISE, COMMITMENT, and DISCIPLINE this path demands, and we RESPECT IT. On a spiritual path, a place where ego and competition should not take part in, but unfortunately exists.

We travel to different countries around the world (EU, ASIA AND SOUTH AMERICA ) to help people that cannot travel to have the opportunity to get in touch with our Amazonian Knowledge. to share it.

TAITA INTI”s mission is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and CONNECT shamans with different backgrounds, stories, healing techniques and abilities and make them available for people in search of healing, knowledge or awakening. It’s a place to share what the universe has shared with us. With the LOVE, COMPASSION, and UNDERSTANDING that every person that comes in as a whole universe and a powerful soul with the capacity of creating healing and miracles by themselves.

We are all just vessels for the great mystery and the power of light and love to work through us.

Because the change begins inside.

Venue Highlights

TAITA INTI is not yet a physical a retreat centre but a place to connect people. It’s a place to create bridges between shamans. It“s a place to share and gain collective growth. In TAITA INTI we understand that for every person that awakens or heals it’s not just a healing of the individual that takes place but a healing and awakening for the entire collective of our planet. We are aware of the COMPROMISE, COMMITMENT, and DISCIPLINE this path demands, and we RESPECT IT. On a spiritual path, a place where ego and competition should not take part in, but unfortunately exists.

We travel to different countries around the world (EU, ASIA AND SOUTH AMERICA ) to help people that cannot travel to have the opportunity to get in touch with our Amazonian Knowledge. to share it.

Our RENTED VENUES are always surrounded by nature and outside cities.


Most of our avenues include BEDS AND ROOMS sometimes private room sometimes rooms for sharing. We always let know participants what are the conditions of our venues and what to bring.

Menu Types

  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


We like to offer vegetarian and organic food, We prefer not to use anything that comes from cans and food that is already procced. We cook our food with love and dedication and tastiness. We follow the diet that is recommended by our curanderos. Be ready to enjoy a tasty and warm lentils soup Peruvian style, we only use fresh spices and herbs. Fruits salads, porridge with quinoa. Organic honey or organic raw sugar cane for your hot beverages.


All participants will receive the information about the venues and meeting points where the participants will be picking up in case they do not have their own transport one week before the event except for participants that may come from abroad we will provide information about AIRPORTS, TRAIN AND BUS STATIONS.

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  • Malin   September 20, 2020

      Thank you

    My first san pedro retreat with taita inti was one of the most profound and healing experiences of my life. I have since then joined them several times and have come to know Darryl and Naysha as very skilled shamans with big hearts. I recommend joining their ceremonies to anyone interested in working with these sacred medicines.

  • Sara Grzeskowiak   September 07, 2020

      Thank you!

    I have now been on two retreats in a row with this fantastic organization. All I want to say is thank you! I experienced the biggest awakening in my life about what life is really about. I feel so grateful for everything you gave of yourselves because the team really gave it all. I am so glad I chose this organization to have this beautiful experience with mother ayahuasca and other plant medicines like san pedro, bobisana etc. A big thanks to the team which made my experience the best memory I have. The love, happiness, joy, butterflies in my stomach and those beautiful moments I have had chance to experience is something I still think about every single day. The team knew exactly what the participants and myself needed all the time, not just regarding to the medicine but regarding to everything - from care to food to understanding. One more time: Thank you! I will definitely come back soon<3 Love, Sara

  • Staffan Thorsell   September 07, 2020

      San Pedro event

    This three-day retreat was amazing. I had been on another retreat with Darryl, Naysha and their team, and I tend to have expectations. But there's no point. This was a journey of love and connection, of getting grounded and finding renewed respect for yourself and for the Earth. A beautiful, beautiful plant in every way. I was so well taken care of, the team is constantly checking in with you and making sure you feel ok all the time. The message was clear: there is nothing to fear, love is what matters, be kind to yourself. I'd recommend anyone to go to this reatreat.

  • Staffan Thorsell   September 07, 2020

      Ayahuasca in the countryside

    I went to a retreat with Taita Inti -- with Darryl and Naysha and the rest of their team. Naturally I was nervous about drinking the legendary and mystical tea that so many have spoken about. But I was made to feel at ease from the very start. It is a genuine, calm setting and Darryl and Naysha will talk with you about whatever is on your mind beforehand. There was an honest, caring atmosphere throughout all of the days, which I think is hugely important during an experience like this. And although you have no idea what to expect, it sure wasn't like anything I might have expected. I gained insights about previous events in my life that I could not have dreamt of achieving elsewhere. What a genuine surprise it was. The rehearsed phrases I had told myself in my head for so long, and that I truly believed in, were just tossed away, and I saw things and feelings for what they truly are. It was tough at times, but I rank this as one of the most valuable events of my life so far. If it is calling you - go for it. Change is coming.

  • Annica Svensson   August 29, 2020

      5 days that changed my life - Enköping July 2020

    I attended the 5 day Retreat organized by Taita Inti in Enköping, Sweden at the end of July 2020. The retreat included 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies, tobacco purge, breathwork, meditations, flower baths, kakao ceremony, food and venue. Doing Ayahuasca and choosing Taita Inti as the retreat organizer is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had no idea that 5 days could make such a huge difference and have such profound impact to my life! As soon as I heard about the healing properties of Ayahuasca I knew I wanted to do it even though I had never done any plant medicine before. I had never done any psychedelics, drugs or anything that would alter my mindset or perception. I have never even been drunk! Never the less, choosing to do Ayahusca was an easy decision, but finding a great shaman and a suitable location to do it was a bigger challenge. I am very thorough in everything I do and this was no exception. To me it is highly important to do Ayahuasca where it is legal in case anything would go wrong. I was prepared to travel to the other side of the planet if needed, so I researched places everywhere. The energy and skills of the shaman / curandera was super important to me, I needed someone who would safely guide me in case of a dark or scary experience during the ceremoy (which sometimes happen with ayahuasca). I had heard horror stories of how people where having bad ayahuasca "trips" with nobody to guide them through it or with "shamans" that just left them alone in the forest. I did extensive research and found Naysha Silva, the head shaman at TaIta Inti. I watched numerous interviews with her, checked her videos and talks, asked around online by joining facebook and reddit groups, and knew she was the one I wanted to do it with. And it turned out to be the right decision. When I contacted Taita Inti and expressed my interest in attending their retreat, they made sure I really understood all the preparations that I would need to do prior to taking Ayahuasca. They conducted a phone interview, then I had to fill a 5 page questionaire regarding my medical history, drugs & medication, food, alcohol etc. After that I was approved to attend. Taita Inti really takes it seriously and it is for your own safety. Don't trust a retreat center who don't. Do your independant research. For each Ayahuasca ceremony at Taita Inti they had 2-3 shamans plus some helpers/ assistants. It was a very safe enviroment. My first ayahuasca ceremony during the retreat was happy and joyful, the 2nd one was dark and scary while the 3rd one was enlightening and liberating. During the 2nd ceremony Ayahuasca provided me with an incredible dark experience, my worst nightmares times a million. It was incredible traumatic and at times I was so scared that I lost the ability to understand english. If I had been with a lesser skilled shaman or at another retreat center I am scared of what might have happened, but Naysha and the 2 assisting shamans Darryl and Rolf guided me through the whole experience. The team were present with me throughout the ceremony, I was never alone. During the 2nd ceremony I was shocked by the force and darkness of Ayahuasca. It is exactly like they say, Madre Ayahuasca sees no difference between light and dark, she is ruthless in her love but she will heal you. And heal me she did. The 3rd ceremony was equally deep, but not as dark, and it was during this ceremony that I was truly healed and reborn. I highly recommend to do more than one ceremony. For me 3 was the perfect number. One of the things I found amazing about Naysha is that she seemed to know the moment she me us what we would go through. I didn't understand this until afterwards. The morning of the 2nd ceremony, she decided to split the group, she would do a separate ceremony later with two of the participants. I believe she knew how dark and heavy the ceremony would be for some of us. This way everyone who would go through traumatic exeperiences would get maximum support and guidance. Taita Inti really do customize the retreat depending on the participants needs. They gave us a San Pedro ceremony for free, because the group needed it. This was one of the things that impressed me the most - the kindness and generosity of the whole team. Another example is my friend went through a heavy process at the end of the last ayahuasca ceremony, the day before we would leave and she didn't feel well. Naysha offered my friend to stay for free until she felt better. That was so kind! Me anf ny friend drove to Taita Inti together and I couldnt get home on my own without a car (we lived quite far away) so I also got to stay a bonus day for free. The morning after each ceremony we had sharing circles where we could talk about the previous day's journey, I really loved that. After we came home Taita Inti kept in contact with us making sure our integration process went well. I highly recommend joining one of their retreats. If you want to take Ayahuasca but are afraid, then I can't imagine a safer environment. They know what you need and what you have to go through before you even know it and they will guide you through the whole process. I am forever grateful.

  • Andrea Del Angel   August 29, 2020

      Love and gratitude

    I’m so grateful with Naysha, Darryl, Dan and Alberta for their absolute love, care and attention during my four day retreat at Enköping, Sweden. They made sure to provide a safe and respectful place for each of our journeys. Forever grateful 💜

  • Jung Nam Li   August 03, 2020

      The Most Epic Moment of My Life Happened In Their Retreat

    Naysha and her team provided us with the safest environment possible for us to receive the healing power of Madre Ayahuasca in the retreat. I went through the deepest healing and spiritual awakening with the guidance from Naysha without feeling judged on my scars at all. She really knew what I needed deep down which I didn't even realize. Much love!!

  • Ulla R.   August 02, 2020

      10 Days Master plants Dieta in Skåne Sweden

    This july I joined Taita Inti for the third time, in my first Dieta with them. We were given both Nordic plants, Ayahuasca and San Pedro. It was an eye opener this one! I had a deeper and fuller connection with the plants, they communicated with me and taught me valuable things about myself. There were some really scary and painful moments, but Naysha, Darryl and the rest of the team couldn´t have taken better care of me, so I was never really afraid. They are amazing beyond words that´s for sure! There were also these precious moments when the Plant Spirits showed me how protecting they are and how beautyful. Humorous also, I can see now afterwards. The food was simple, but tasty. I had never imagined that fx only rice and lentils without any salt or spices could taste so good :-) The other participants were also wonderful people. I felt safe and supported by them. Thank you all!

  • Alisa Marie   July 08, 2020

      Dieta 19th- 23rd June 2020 Sweden

    Naysha and her team created a wonderful space for us during these 4 days of ceremony. I give all thanks to the taitaInti team and helpers, to my co-participants and to nature of Sweden for blessing us with this beautiful surroundings. I can recommend the dietas from Naysha and Darryl because they know what they are doing and saying and why thery are doing it. I felt safe and always welcomed during those days. Getting in contact with the facilitators and other particpants was easy. There was never pressure or the sensation that it is something strange..It was truly as a holiday- with (internal) work- with a family. Food was amazing and just the right amount, though more fruits at the end would have been nice ;) Communication was clear and always respectful, sometimes even really touching and healing I would say, especially in terms of ceremony. Also the incorporation of the sharing circle and the personal talks made it so worthy and interesting. Before the retreat when preparing I felt that it was somewhat short or delayed, but I guess it is normal and had also to do with time management on both sides. For me the retreat seemed really balanced, concerning the cermony/ medicine and also the members and team participating. This is an important point as nothing was tto much or too less. Naysha emanates a pure and natural openness and has a loving attitude. Thank you so much!

  • Ingrid Lidén   May 05, 2020

      Thank you

    I didnt know what to expect when going the ayahuasca retreat. I had never tried ayahuasca before but when I went to the location, I felt a calm and comfortable energy right away. I was excited and nervous and had a scary first time with the medicine, but it gave me so much insight. The day after i got all the help i wanted from the staff. They made me feel safe a soon as i needed it. I couldnt have asked for better people. The other two ceremonies were easier for me and i leraned alot and now i see the world in another way. It is magic how ayahuasca comunicates with you. Both Naysha and Rebecca are very loving and i felt seen for the first time in years. The other members in the staff where also great and i felt much love for them and all of the participants as well. This was the best experience in my life so far and i am already planing on going to another retreat with them in the near future. Naysha also reached out to talk after and help with whatever i felt or had to say. I am so grateful for what they do and that they choose to spend their time helping people. Its not possible to explain with words how grateful I am.

  • Liselotte Ekerhed   March 11, 2020

      Lamas Peru

    I was so lucky to win the raffle for a dieta in Lamas Peru. I had attended retreats with Taita Inti before and since then dreamt about a dieta. In januari of 2020 me and my husband and daughter whent there. It was absolutly amazing!!! To have the time and help to go really deep into yourself gave another perspective of healing. The masterplants was key to this, they are a wonderful help and challenge You to look at Your problems and deal with them. I had never thought I would achive so much, get so many answers and change so much as I did. My intentions were answered and I even know how to go on with my process now when I am home. I also must mention the team of shamans, they did an amazing job. Their knowledge made me feel secure and I could focus on my process. I higly recomend a dieta for everyone who wants to evolve on their spiritual path. I will do it again.

  • Anne-Marie A   January 04, 2020

      A liberating experience

    I had my first experience with the plant medicine in an amazing retreat with Taita Inti. The retreat and the ceremonies were in many ways a liberating experience, and I believe I was able to do profound work here mainly because I was very well taken care of by Naysha and her team. Throughout the retreat I felt 100% safe. I would highly recommend Taita Inti to anyone who wants to embark on a healing journey.

  • Sandra Camacho Garrido   January 03, 2020

      Rivers of love

    I've been in 2 retreats with them and they're always the same: attentive, full of love, caring, fun... There's nothing to be afraid of if you're with them, cause they'll be with you during all the process, even when the retreat is finished, they'll be there. Just follow they're advices and be truthful

  • Luísa Álvares   December 31, 2019

      3 day retreat in Enköping, Sweden Dec 2019

    I embarked on this journey many months before the actual retreat. It was a first time and it was very important that Naysha was available and patient for my multiple, anxious questions. I was very afraid of doing this. And I wanted to be sure that Ayahuasca would help with the healing of my history of violence, abuse and its eternal returns of self-propagating chains of actions and reactions. But as I said, I was already working on myself, but I needed a deeper intervention, open it all, confront it all. And I couldn't have made a better choice or be in better hands or fall into a better group of persons. Because we all did my journey together and I did theirs. I didn't know what to expect, despite hours of studying, and I certainly did not expect the main outcome, which was nevertheless linked to my intention. Therefore I considered it a success. It was reliving, releaving and eventually peaceful nevertheless. As some human dinosaurs sing: if you try sometime you find you get what you need. In hindsight, I found the flow of the 3 days very well thought through. In terms of dosage and administration. While the brew itself works in its mysterious ways and one can only feel it, as second hand knowledge was simple not productive for me, the time with Naysha, Yuri and Rebecca and their very engaged volunteers/helpers/angels, the beautiful, sometimes soothing, sometimes evocative, live music, the outstanding quality of ingredients and cooking, the feeling of safeness, the connection with the dark, cold nature around, it was all important to dare going into deep waters and then share the joy of finding my own personal Taita Inti. Everyone had experiences to share and we laughed our hearts out when we were not puking. It was however disappointing that I did not see any snakes. Everyone was saying that everyone sees snakes. I saw 2 other animals, and they were both vertebrate ;) I had the best Christmas of my adult life with my family reunited again after 10 years. All was not ok, and that's ok. I will definitely come back to work with Naysha and the Taita Inti team. There are other paths in need of exploration. Beyond my personal experience, I share the vision of what they are trying to do and feel like continuing playing on jumping Bohr's orbits... Thank you Taita Inti.

  • Anders Ek   December 23, 2019

      “A retreat with heart”

    The main curandera Naysha is very warm, accepting and knowledgeable. During my retreat she working together with the very wise and intuitive Rebecca and a large team of very kind, helpful, professional and genuinely caring assisting healers. The retreat has helped me a great bit with fulfilling my intentions. The ceremony setting gave me very positive and magical vibes. I felt very safe. Naysha and her assistants was able to help me as well as others through some very intense and challenging experiences, and it was very clear that they were professionals who knew what they were doing. The food was great. During this retreat we all slept in a very large room. This was not a negative experience, but I would had preferred a single room or a room shared with less people. Please note that during most of the retreats organized by Taita Inti you don’t share a room with that many people, and at some retreats you get your own room, AFAIK. The medicine was great and the dosage seemed to be optimal for most participants. I will gladly come back for another retreat; the staff seems to have a genuine interest in healing people.

  • Steve Sst   December 21, 2019

      4 amazing days retreat with TAITI

    I went for a 4 days retreat with TAITA INTI ORGANISATION, and it goes way above my expectations. The people there were nice and help me a lot during the retreat, the food was really good, and the 4 days were the best inner experience I've had. I will definitely book another retreat with this amazing and dedicated crew, helping the world to bee a loving placee

  • Ulla R.   December 19, 2019

      Another retreat with Taita Inti

    This december I had my second retreat with Taita Inti, with the same wonderful crew as last time in october. For me it was like a continuation of the first one. Ayahuasca goes right on what is important. In a way it feels like a year of psychotherapy. It starts a healing process, but also makes you very vulnerable. So it´s crucial to feel safe. The team is very competent, so caring and loving. One is completely looked after. There also is a group of volonteers who are likevise wonderful in helping. The ceremonies , the singing of Icaros. It´s so powerful and beautyful. The food also is great and the practical things work fine. Sometimes people only need one retreat to feel healed or to get the answers they need. For me I guess it will take some time. At first that made me a little disappointed even as I got answers and understanding. But I also can see that some things can be too much to experience at the same time. I need to get home, rest and process what has happened. Thank you Naysha, Rebecca, Yuri, Niklas and all the others who are helping me to make this journey.

  • Saban Hrnic   November 27, 2019

      LIfe changing 5 days experience

    21-25 september I spent 5 days in retreat with Naysha Silva and this experience change my life! I have been learning every day since and I`m so blessed to know them. I fell I`m a better person in every aspect of my life. Environment was very good, team was very open,skilled and supporting!! From my personal expirience I only can tell that Medicine Plants safe my life! I`m so grateful for wonderful experience and I can say I`m mind blown how much I change my life in 5 days!!!? They show higt level of support,humanity,wisdom,guidance and love from first day. This was truly an amazing journey and I`m looking forward to see you again in nov/des-19. I would highly recommend you Ayuhuasca and Master Plants reatret with Naysha and her team.

  • Mihaela Marcu   October 17, 2019

      Woderful transforming 5-days retreat with TAITA INTI

    I have spent 5 intense days with Naysha and the Taita Inti team. Working with plants is a deep and transforming experience, sometimes hard work; working with the right people is therefore very important. Naysha is a very experienced Shaman, she was always in charge of the situation despite the large number of participants. I felt safe all the time and loved how she mastered the energy during the ceremonies, including by singing Icaros which influenced much the visions i have received. The team members were very helpful, extremely kind and understanding and most importantly not judgemental. Two days after the end of the retreat I feel like a different person: i feel lighter, more aware and able to put things into perspective. With Ayahuasca I have experienced immense beauty and the death of my own ego; San Pedro brought up the darkness inside me and Kambo helped me release big (I hope) part of this darkness. Very grateful for the entire experience!!!

  • Ulla R.   October 16, 2019

      A path with a big heart

    11-15 oct I visited my first Ayahuasca retreat at Enköping with Taita Inti. That was the best decision I´ve done in my life. I understand now why it is good to try not to have expectations. Because if you haven´t done it you can´t possibly imagine how it will be. I discovered clearly how all my experiences and emotions that have been too frightening to fully feel and integrate have been stored in my body and how they have continued to hurt me. I relived some of these and could connect them to where they belong. This gave me very important insights.The staff is amazing, so loving and supporting. They helped me and took care of me when I had a very hard time. Through the whole retreat there was always someone who checked to make sure you were ok and there were always people at hand if you needed help. That made me feel very safe. Ayahuasca works wonderfully and knows what you need the most. That also feels very safe. I am so happy that I started to walk this path. I wish it for everyone.

  • Fredrik Iversen   September 18, 2019

      A growing experience

    I recently had two ayahuasca ceremonies with Taita Inti. Everyone was super friendly, the food was good and the accomodation was cozy. I have no complaints. As for the experience itself I can only say that I arrived at the retreat with one outlook on life and I left with another. The medicine works.

  • Barbarella La Bella   August 27, 2019

      So blessed to know them

    I do Retreats with the Tainta Inti Team since two years now. They are really amazing. The last Retreat was a 12 days dieta, and this was, once again, lifechanging for me. They do their Retreats at very carefully selected locations with a lot of nature around. They provide nice organic food, wich is prepared with lots of love. And the Retreats are super organized. I always felt save and well guided, wich is very important for me. I can feel, that everyone does the work serious and with their heart, and also they are aware of their responsibility all the time. They create a warm, loving and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone can do wonderful development. I can highly recommend working with them and will for sure continue to do so. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you, Naysha, Celia, Darryl, Mae and Yuri for guidance and being so wonderfully open hearted. <3 Love Barbara

  • Josephine Sörman   August 23, 2019

      Lifechanging & best environment

    Almost one year ago I went to my first retreat; The Holy Trinity in Stockholm, hosted by the Tainti team. I had no expectations but remember feeling atleast it couldnt get worse. Now looking back, i’m so happy that I came in contact with just Naysha, realizing the potential danger when exposing yourself so vulnerble and open to such powerful medicine. Luckily the environment Tainti creates made me feel very safe, supported and always surrounded by very lovely people. The 5 trinity days changed me forever. I remember it felt like i was a different person afterwards. I always dissociated myself much, and the medicine made me see this, and helped me start with the integration process. Since, i’ve been with Tainti to two more retreats. Every cermony has been different, it always knows what I need and are ready for. The healing made possible for me through this I’m forever thankful for. And the incredible amount of self knowledge i received & continue too. So thank you thankyou thankyou Tainti for your amazing work, i wish eveyone could get the chance to experience this. ❤️Lots of love❤️ // Josephine S

  • Pia-Veronica Åström   August 18, 2019

      Taita Inti

    A retreat through Taita Inti, regardless of which plant of devotion cannot only be recommended but as well provide ,as for me and many others’ with whom i connected with on the sites, a life changing experience. This professional crew of highly experienced knowledgeable Curandeiras/Shamans/healers , Naysha Silva , Ceila, Darryl Guy will if needed through heart and pure wisdom guide and support you to make an authentic connection to the plants. This team is open, flexible, light, attentive and truly powerful in their individual attentions and skills, providing tools for people who seeks them. If you are ready to meet your real self and get to the root of your problems this is the team to go by . I cannot say enough thank you to them . Pia-Veronica ❤️⭕️

  • Maya Konrád   August 18, 2019

      Dieta - discover Your island

    It’s been quite a while since I took my first steps with the Sacred Medicine Plants, and last year I took my first 2 Dietas. In my personal experiences, a proper Dieta has not much to do with a „usual” Aya or San Pedro retreat. Or just the same way as to visit an island or to move there. During a powerful weekend or maybe 5 days retreat you can do really valuable journeys to your own consciousness – body, mind, and soul, and you can have wonderful and interesting observations, what are getable in some short trips. The Plants of the Sacred Medicine will be your excellent tour guides, and you can learn a lot about yourself and about the entire universe. But if you want to know yourself thoroughly, and seek for deep transformation, Dieta is your way. During a personalized and well built up Dieta you have a chance to meet your very own inner universe step by step, level by level. You proceed in your own direction and speed, and you can discover every hidden corner as deep as you wish to. During the Dietas you are not just guided by the Medicine Plants, but you can build up a lifelong alliance with Them. You get know Them on their different levels as you work with your personal Medicine every morning and night in an untroubled, super-quiet natural environment, and doing so, you are getting know yourself and your entire inner world on different levels. While cleansing your physical, mental, emotional, fine-energetical and spiritual body, the Plants are also sharing Their special qualities, power and wisdom with you. I found this kind of inner work very intense and deeply transformative, which required my strong intention, dedication and focus all way long. Therefore, to close out every noise of the “world” made my processes deeper and more complex. I can’t say it’s easy, but a very effective way to heal our hidden wounds behind our painful patterns. To see myself throughout the “eyes” of these wise and powerful Medicine Plants made me humbler, more compassionate, more cooperative, and so much more connected what’s here and now. I was a so-called lonely wolf or an ever-fighting amazon, without trusting really anyone. With my beloved plant-allies, I found peace, deep and honest connections, lovely company and a remarkable way to walk back “home”. If you considering walking this path, you must know something else. Besides the magical plants and your dedication, you need to have a safe environment to work in: a powerful, clean space provided by the wisdom, gentle strength, loving and caring attitude of the Shaman/s. Naysha, Celia and the Team behind them, provide exactly this to you. Their widespread expertise can help you a lot in different situations. For me, Naysha is like Mother Earth – immovably strong, yet gentle; loving and caring yet not “too much”; a powerful “healer”; an open-minded, honest, wise yet a real 3D Woman with a great sense of humor. Her voice is rich and strong, flowing through space and time, hold you safe even on the surface of the stormy ocean. Whilst Celia is The Spiritual Grandmother for me – carrying so deep and widespread knowledge and wisdom, power and love, that she doesn’t even need to say a word to teach you. There is a tangible natural bond between Her and Mother Nature through which She heals powerfully, and you just wondering the ageless strength of her soul. Her voice is like a subsurface stream, finds the smallest and deepest point in your inner world to be cleaned and healed. And if you’d still ask, yes, I definitely recommend You to work with Taita Inti Team.

  • Fernanda Pires   August 18, 2019

      Truly a life changing experience

    It's been 10 months since I went to a Taita Inti retreat the first time, and all I can say is I'm mind blown at how much I've been learning every day since, and how much my life has changed for the better. The retreat venues are carefully chosen to be surrounded by lots of nature, the food is excellent and handmade from healthy ingredients and the shamans are very easy to feel comfortable around and will instantly feel like family. The medicine will for sure guide you through what you need to be working with, regardless if your intentions are long and intricate or short and more all-emcompassing just like mine was "teach me everything I need to know" - the medicine will help you. It will show you parts of yourself that you need to see, and it will do so in a way that you're never actually seeing stuff that you can't handle or aren't ready to process yet. It's all done in the perfect timing. I've been to a Holy Trinity and lately a Love Retreat. I highly recommend them both as Holy Trinity is what cannonballed me into having a massive spiritual awakening - from being a hardcore science based atheist, and it has changed my quality of life entirely for the better. The Love Retreat is INCREDIBLY recommended as it helped me process away a very painful and toxic attachment I had to a person I wasn't in a relationship with anymore and that kept hurting me daily and kept me depressed and stagnated in life. As soon as I asked the medicine to work on my unhealthy obsession, it got released and I got to see and understand why it had happened through an entirely different lens, and it all made perfect sense. From that point my heart just opened up and I could finally meet and connect with my soulmate that was waiting quite literally just around the corner without me being aware of it before due to my blinders in regards to this other person. Now we are in a relationship that is absolute bliss and everything I've ever wanted and I'm so SO grateful to Taita Inti for helping me release a trauma that had been following me for 5 years, in just a few days. Now I'm finally happy, and I'm finally FREE. You guys are absolute magic and I'll always be grateful for your fantastic team. ~Fernanda

  • Ben Ji   August 14, 2019

      Life changing Dieta 12days

    Taita provided me a safe environment in a comfy farm in Switzerland I recommend them if you look for a close small circle (20people including organizers) you can trust The rules are flexible and the planned schedule is adapted through the journey The chef did a great job with food, keeping us hungry to get the best of the medicine I felt supported and was able to trust the plant once I surrendered and let go of my resistances I didn't expect the San Pedro ceremony will be so heart-opening I feel so grateful, thank you DARRYL GUY for his wise advice, I have a lot of respect for this shaman Naysha Silva is creating a light atmosphere, she surrounds herself with beautiful people and make sure everyone can do this work, accessible for sharing helpful advice Celia was leading the ceremonies with authenticity

  • Bart Harzing   August 13, 2019

      A family review

    Me and my wife went to a retreat for the first time in may 2017, with another organisation. It was a mixed experience, but good enough to decide to go again and this time taking our 16 year old daughter with us. A relative recommended Taita Inti. So in october 2018 we went to the first Holy Trinity held in Sweden. The environment that was created by the team was professional and felt really safe because of the high level of knowledge of the shamans. We really appreciate that the main focus of the shamans is us working on ourselves, because that is our leading reason for attending the retreats. But of course we also enjoy the atmosphere, nice people, laughter and the feeling of connection between everyone there. For us as a family the retreats have helped us on every level possible, even the ones we didn't know existed. It´s hard being confronted with the parts of you that need work. As a family experiencing this together frustration can build up. Fights and discussions are more frequent after a retreat, which is only natural. At some points it can be really hard, but those are the fights that lead to great conclusions, to acceptance, to unity, to spirituality, to laughter; to the meaning of the word family.

  • Christin E.   July 31, 2019

      10 day dieta in The Amazonas

    I joined a 10 day retreat with TAITA INTI in april 2016. I think it was (one of) the first retreats TAITA INTI organized in Peru. The location was a rented space a boat ride away from Iquitos. The retreat was lead by 3 Peruvian shaman, 2 Curanderas and 1 Curandero. I had traveled solo in South America for over 5 months when I made the decision to join the retreat. I had an online friendship with one of the shamans that had worked in Europe with some friends. The retreat was also a short Dieta with Bobimsana, a beautiful plant with pink flowers, known to open your heart. So in addition to Bobimsana-Dieta, all together we had 4 ceremonies with Aya, an optional number of Kambo (I had 2) and a ceremony with San Pedro as an end to the Dieta. We followed a strict diet of 1-2 meals a day every other day, consisting only of lentils and rice, drink was water. I had a life changing experience during and after my journey in South America. The finale, the Dieta, the ceremonies, the connection with the amazing masterplants of Amazonas of course played a major role in this. I felt very well taken care of by the crew, and still, 3 years later, feel strongly connected to them and their healing, the whole experience. I will most probably choose TAITA INTI for my future ceremonies/ Dietas. Their heart is in the right place, working with light, but powerful enough to handle when its dark. I trust their knowledge, both intellectual and intuitive. I recommend everyone who is willing to put in the hard work to achieve life changing results with plant medicine to join a Dieta with Taita Inti.

  • Linda   July 27, 2019

      Life changing!

    There are no words to describe the time spent with Taita Inti, it has completely changed my life! I am so happy and grateful ❤️ I was at the Dieta in Hungary, which was at a stunning location in the country side. The team is absolutely amazing, they showed me so much care and love and I felt supported the whole time. It didn’t feel like a retreat, it was more like family. I love you guys so much and I am so thankful for the amazing work you are doing. I will definitely be doing more retreats with you and hope to see you soon :) Much love, Linda

  • Annika   July 26, 2019

      What ever you need, where ever you are.

    If you are not in the position to go all the way to South America and Peru but still want to try the Amazonian medicinal plants, I would highly recommend to join Taita Inti, Naysha and her fantastic team at a location more convenient to you. I am so greatful to have had the opportunity to attend both a weekend, a holy trinity and a 12-day dieta retreat. The team is experienced and they all have very big hearts. You will feel safe and well looked after while in the loving care of the team. You will receive the attention and help that is best suited for you. You are not just another participant. And since they all have their different specialities they are able to offer you a great variaty of medicines. Feel the rythm of Darryl's beating drum, listen to the sweet icaros of Celia's or the beautiful relaxing music playing. I found the retreat a perfect mix of tradition and modern ceremonies. They really want you to have a good retreat, and leave wiser than when you arrived. And although a diet of bland food is customary at any retreat, you are very lucky if you happen to attend a retreat where Yuri is rattling the pots, as he masters the art of making any meal into a pice of art for the eyes and heart.

  • Ugis Vilcans   June 09, 2019

      Love, people, healing!

    I've been to two retreats organised and held by Taita Inti. I'm grateful to have found them in my life. A lot of revelations, healing and wisdom besides that - humanity, openness, simplicity humour and trust are the words I would use to describe this team of plant medicine healers!

  • Natalie   May 21, 2019

      Safety, Comfort & Clarity

    I really enjoyed the retreat hosted by Naysha, Mae and Miguel of Taita Inti. They created a beautiful healing atmosphere filled with love, music, attention and care. It was my first ceremony ever and I felt completely safe and secure in their hands. Miguel played guitar and other instruments which was so important for me for grounding. Mae and Naysha sang beautifully and were always there whenever I needed them. No one was left unattended or alone until they were finished with their journey. I would highly recommend you to do your aya retreat with this group!

  • Elizabeth Chen   May 20, 2019

      Completely blown away!

    I had a 5 day Ayahuasca retreat in Bali with Naysha and her crew. Naysha the Shaman, Mae the Tarot card reader with healing powers, and Miguel the musician and Naysha's assistant in many ways. The environment was beautiful and safe. They are all so loving and caring. I had 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, each of them were difficult (not what I anticipated at all). Each night I was the last person to retire to my room (till 3-4am in the morning). They were all there holding my hand, helping me get through. Naysha and Mae did a lot of work on me so I could come out alright. I won't talk much about what I saw or experience because it was private and personal. All I can say is I am very grateful for the Shaman and her crew, without whom my experience couldn't have been so meaningful and rewarding. They dragged me back from the brink of despair and gave me confidence to go on from the 1st ceremony; they identified what was bothering me and gave me courage to get rid of them and cheered at my success and re-birth. The last night, when I was in total anguish, they gave me their healing powers and empathy, their shoulders to cry on and embrace to feel love. This has been a life changing experience and Naysha is in touch with us to help with our integration. I feel lucky that I met such wonderful people for my first Ayahuasca retreat!

  • Daniel Hakmeh   May 19, 2019

      Taita Inti Bali May 2019

    Reconnect, Heal and develop. Ayahuasca and san pedro ceremonies leading participant to tap on eternal love of the divine. What an amazing journey

  • Santiago Rayo   May 15, 2019

      powerful, authentic and broad

    I participated on Taita Inti's holy trinity retreat which was hosted in Switzerland. It was not the first time I joined Taita Inti and again I had a wonderful experience and can highly recommend working with them. The session with Mae helped me to gain clarity, to set my intentions and in addition she gave me some good advice for my preparation before the retreat. To have the opportunity to work with three master plants during one retreat was unique, they perfectly matched together and enabled a very profound work and experience. Naysha and Darryl are two powerful and wise shamans which always hold the space and are very supportive during and after the ceremonies. At any times they know and advice what is needed to support your process. One can feel their integrity and connection to the heart. The combination of Naysha's wonderful singing and Darryl's powerful drumming during the ceremonies is just mind blowing and a strong companion going through the process. Lost but not least I love their humour and good vibrations they spread out during those days so one feels always in good hands.

  • Juan Carlos Dunick   March 06, 2019

      Open and Understanding

    I have had several encounters with Naysha the head of Taita Inti and a few with her team that follows. Together as a group they are very powerful, each playing to the others weaknesses and strengths. They utilze every available asset and problem solve together. I found them to be straight forward and honest, speaking with integrity and from the heart. During my time with them I was witness to many events from expelling of negative spirits to contagious unstoppable laughter. They really work when they have to. It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend Taita Inti to those seeking this plant path. They will direct you, tell you no and show you compassion when you need it.

  • Leili Ali   February 16, 2019


    With all my heart I am loving this amazing organization! During the ceremonies with TAITA INTI team, I feel very safe and protected and that I can do my work. Their love is genuine and they are always ready to give all they can in order to help you through your healing. Whenever I need some advice, or talk, or any kind of help, Taita inti team is always there to support. For me it is always important to feel that I can trust the person, and all Taita Inti team members are very honest, and their work and all actions come from love, and from there comes the trust.


Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

My last retreat at SMC was so inspiring and so relaxing. But i'd love to have more time there to spend at the Stupa, visit the Kami shrine, and generally interact with the beautiful enlightened society happening on that entire land. Brett

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.