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About This Center

ALMANUNA is a spiritual, holistic and sacred plant medicine center.


ALMANUNA is a gift from the spirits, an opportunity for a connection between you and the spiritual world.

Our approach is aimed at the spiritual reconnection of our being with the creation. This reconnection is carried out at different levels, physical, mental and emotional.

PHYSICAL, through sacred plant medicine from the Peruvian Amazon to help cleans your body and mind from toxins and restoring your physical and energetic body.

MENTAL, guiding you back to your heart, your true source of wisdom and spiritual connection, learning to use your mind as a tool, rewiring the conditioning, doctrines and negative behavioural patterns that may block and stagnate your path and life accomplishments.

EMOTIONAL, understanding and clearing behaviours that are blocking you from living a fulfilled life.

To reconnect, we need to deepen our inner being. Heal ourselves. Cleanse ourselves. Free ourselves from the different burdens that we have imposed and that have been imposed throughout our existence.

We cannot find our life purpose, without first being healed. And we cannot be healed, without first having freed ourselves of our negative thoughts, negative emotions, our fears and our prohibitions.

Liberation comes with the understanding of our being, with meeting and truly loving all inches of ourselves. But to do so we need to know from where the negative patterns derived and to bring them from our subconscious to our conscious. By understanding our personal reality we become aware of our existence and that is when we can take action to bring true change in our lives.

At ALMANUNA we are aware that healing does not come quickly. Healing is a process that takes time and space in our lives. Healing is a process of reconciliation with the inner being, of gathering and understanding of all the lessons accumulated throughout our lives. To achieve this purpose we work with different tools that help us focus and work with the different parts of our being.

At ALMANUNA we unite ancient and modern consciousness raising techniques combined with philosophical and spiritual practices for energy clearing and reaching a higher vibration.

Our approach is focusing on the integration and unification of the experiences and messages to be settled in the body, the mind and spirit.

We create a safe space for introspection, opening the heart and the channel to connect you to source.Here you can find the serenity and calmness to go deep. Blockages or traumas that are preventing you fulfilling your purpose.

Your journey with the plant medicine is guided by our experienced Shipibo shamans, combined with integration and clearing from our healers.

The shamans and healers will help you find the blockages and help you release them. Our healers will help you connect your higher self with your consciousness.

We incorporate a truly diverse array of spiritual, shamanic, and philosophical modalities to create a uniquely enlightening oasis.

Please visit us on Facebook @almanunacenter or instagram @almanuna_

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I've have had the privilege to work with the wonderful and powerful curanderas Rebecca, Naysha, Celia and Don Pedro. These immensely powerful shamans can speak to the spirits, clear and shift energies and is dedicated to help heal you and guide you -

Venue Highlights

ALMANUNA is a spiritual, holistic and sacred plant medicine center, that does not have a physical place yet.

We travel to different countries around the world.

Our RENTED VENUES are always surrounded by nature and offering the most comfort for your personal experience and well-being.


Our venues includes bungalows for sharing, private rooms and private bungalows. We always let our participants know what are the conditions of our venues and what to bring and ask for your preferred choice of rooms available.


  • Free Wifi
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping
  • Ceremony Space

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free


We are offering vegetarian and local organic produced food.


All participants will receive the information about the venues, meeting point and pick-ups as soon the booking process is completed.

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  • Charlene   July 24, 2020

      Life transforming healing!!

    Almanunas healers have made a profound impact on my sons life and well-being and we will be forever grateful. The team of healers helped my son to heal from a closed heart, depression and trauma that caused him to feel irritability and a lot of anger which caused him to make poor choices that held him back in life. After two weeks of treatment from the team of healers my son is more content and motivated to care for himself and explore his spirituality. His relationships have grown deeper and this shift has manifested positive things in his life. I am forever grateful to Almanunas healers for there wonderful work🙏🏽

  • Ava Rein   July 05, 2020

      Wow! Love, Light, Clarity and Healing.

    I participated in a private ceremony with Almanuna. It was the best Ayahuasca experience I ever had, I've even been to Peru to do ayahuasca but this is something else! The shaman, Rebecca is so present and on point when setting my intentions for the ceremony and the reading she gave me, knowing exactly where the journey needed to go. She works with different types of Ayahuasca and depending on the need I had, she made a special brew just to take me to the specific journey I needed to go, to brake the barriers that I still hadn't really been able to go though and go deep in previous ceremonies with other shamans. I felt embraced by the space, the room filled with love, light and music. Her voice is amazingly beautiful and together with the other singer it helped me connect and go deep. There was no fear, she was always by my side, helping me, guiding me, making me feel safe to go even further. This experience Ayahuasca took me to such a beautiful and healing place. This is the shaman to do a ceremony with. She is pure light and her ability to see my problems and how to work with them is nothing I've experienced before. Love!

  • Charlene   June 07, 2020

      True liberation!

    This experience exceeded all of my expectations of what is possible to achieve when it comes to healing and self discovery! The Almanuna team created a loving and safe space for me to do some hard and beautiful work. Rebecca is the most engaging and caring shaman I have met. She has a way of making you feel safe and sane as she guides you through your journey. I felt so completely cared for, and my soul and body was nourished by the loving team, the gorgeous venue, the surrounding nature, the excellent food, the beautiful live music, the morning yoga, the wisdom of the spiritual teachers and the sacredness of each ceremony. I was able to heal and grow In a way that no other experience has enabled. Forever grateful!🙏🏽

  • Ingrid Lidén   May 26, 2020

      Magical retreat

    I just got back from a 4 day Almanuna retreat in Sweden. It was an amazing experience. I will never forget it and will definitely go again. We were a small group of people and i have never felt this much love before. There is nothing negative to say about it. The food was amazing and the location was perfect. We practiced yoga in the nature just by the water and could hear the birds while meditating. Rebecca is a wonderful person and took such good care of everyone. She has so much love and knowledge about everything it seems like. Rebecca made me understand what my feelings meant and what i went through with the plant medicine. Even now after the retreat she still continues to guide me and keep in touch with the group. I can't understand how someone have time to help so many, but she does it. I can go on forever about how protected she and the other staff members made me feel and how the retreat has changed my way of thinking and opened my heart.

  • Ayşe Nazlıhan Beşiktaş   February 09, 2020

      A very enlightening experience! ????????????

    We had a video call with Rebecca and it lasted until we talked everything concerning my blockages, my past, present and future. Thanks to her I could express how I have been feeling and the reasons behind those feelings. Thanks to her I have resolved many issues and can now clearly see what I want. She saw and pointed the issues, showed practical ways to heal them. After I had a session with her I have been feeling much much more positive vibrations, even the dialogues with the people on daily basis changed in a positive way, it is like everything is clear in front of me and I am on my way on my right path, I started to love to learn and practise for my own expansion. I feel a deep gratitute for her. She made me meet my true self, led me to the way to love myself, to trust myself. I hope anyone who needs her help can get connected with her. ????????????????????????

  • Kristina Kallasmaa   February 09, 2020

      What A Beautiful Soul

    Rebecca really could find out a lot about me by only reading my energy without knowing my background, without having a word with me, just being together with me in the same room for few minutes. Rebecca was 100% accurate about describing my relationships, fragments from my childhood, my behavioural patterns and showed me where I’ve been mostly struggling in my life so far. What Rebecca saw and explained me was so true, and it wasn’t just general open your heart-love more yourself-blablabla, but all was detailed and very personal aspects that she saw. I’m very thankful I had a chance to meet that mysterious, kind and beautiful woman and I hope our paths will cross again. She is simply an amazing woman!

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Having our beautiful baby boy 3 months ago gave me a new perspective and outlook moving forward. Liana

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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.