Błażej Czwojdziński "Blez"

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About The Teacher

Hi, thank you for taking a moment to check my profile here. Let me tell you about me in a few words.

I work as a facilitator with plants and local healers in Peru. I am a certified psychologist from Poland. I understood a lot myself thanks to the plant, I healed from depression and found my sense of life thanks to them. That's why I believe in their power, even more than in the power of psychotherapy.

I work and live permanently in the Peruvian jungle and in the second home in the Andes, in our center together with the shipibo healers we run diets with plant teachers and ayahuasca. I focus on working with people in depression, people with traumas, addicts, and those seeking new ways in life, but also those who want to enter the path of work with plants and recognize them as their guides in life. 

I love to cook medicine and share it.

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  • Otto Maier   April 09, 2020

      Authentic, Kind, Present

    Blez was a beautiful guide during my stay at psychonauta. Very warm and inviting during transports from iquitos to the jungle. During my month in the jungle, Blez offered vulnerability, transparency, and levity I deeply appreciated. I never felt that there was a sense of hierarchy, always a level playing field between guest and facilitator. Looking forward to doing more work with him in the future.

  • Maz   December 25, 2019

      Real Ayahuasca experience.

    I'm ever so thankful to be able to attend a dieta with Psychonauta Foundation. A real experience of Ayahuasca in the middle of the Jungle. Rustic place where one is connected to Nature, surrounded by sounds and vibration of the Forest. The staff there is full of passion helping and looking after everyone, full of understanding and love to others. A very safe place, perfect for self-exploration through high quality Ayahuasca brew, other medicine plants and the Jungle itself. Place with space, support and a healthy purpose. I'll be going back to recharge! Thank you ????

  • Jach Little   June 12, 2019


    Hi, everyone. I joined Psychonauta foundation camp at beginning of may for 9 day Amazon retreat and totally changed my view of the world I live in and my life. With all my honesty I feel like my ceremony started from the first minute I step in to the jungle and connect with Mother Nature until I left it 9 days later. First time in the jungle ever, first time outside Europe and the first feeling I get was, “finally I came back home “ Organisers in the camp where so warm,welcoming and helpful explaining everything so good before the ceremony,that when I was struggling during my first ceremony, “I got lost in time and space” I could hear the hints and clues in my head given by them before the ceremony how to work with it witch massively helped me go through. Most important role of course played shamans and their Ikaros, the holy songs that will elevate you to different dimensions,universes,worlds filling Maloka your heart,body,mind and soul with something so beautiful so warm and pleasant that is so hard to describe in words, filling of being privileged sitting in the same room with such holly spirits was unreal. And all above that you will get one to one, face to face individual healing ceremony witch you never want to end. After the ceremony people you just met yesterday become your brothers and sisters, unbelievable. I just wanted to hug them all and thank them for experiencing it together. All the ceremonies took place at night witch help you see much more than you could see during the brightest day. and the simple ,raw and unglamorous way but in the same time so marvellous and beautiful place the camp was set,unimaginably played the massive role,today more than 5 weeks after I left the jungle I’m still Learning new lessons everyday and spreading love and peace of mind wherever I can. I’m not good talker but I’m Hoping that someone will get a little bit of that feeling I did. Will recommend to everybody. Love

  • Urszula Kakareko   June 10, 2019

      Abundance for all

    I love working with Blez cause he gives a lot of Space for you own experience. No mothering and minimum guidance so you can reach for your power yourself. Big heart person with positive and creative approach to life.

  • Ana Madunić   April 24, 2019

      Life changing

    I’ve attended a two week ayahuasca and master plant dieta with psychonauta in the Peruvian jungle. We’ve received a warm welcome from the facilitators who’ve helped and guided us during our stay. I can’t thank them enough for all the support and hard work. It’s obvious to see that they dedicated their lives to help other. Everything was well arranged and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. The ayahuasca ceremonies with the amazing shamans changed my life and gave me so much insight about who I really am. I am very thankful For this experience.

  • Łukasz Brańka   March 16, 2019

      Łukasz Brańka

    I spent only 3 days in Nauta but it was incredible experience. Ceremonies and work with plants gave me a new strong life. The village has awesome pure climate. Błażej was really helpful. He has big knowlegde. This man does what he loves. I can't wait until i can come back to Nauta. Best Regards!

  • Travis Ingram   March 14, 2019


    I have done many Huachuma walks in the Sacred Valley, but they are extra special with Blez. He has a keen sense of the dynamic of the group, and holds space beautifully. My hope is that others get the chance to experience this higher connection with nature, and with themselves.

  • Ilse Vd Walt   February 28, 2019

      Huachuma Hike in the Sacred Valley

    I was very blessed to have found this event on Facebook when I did. I have worked with medicinal plants before in the past, and it was my connection with Ayahuasca that really freed me my from sadness and gave me back my life. I have only worked with Huachuma once before in the past in a ceremonial space, but the experience that Blazej offered in Pisac was something far beyond what my mind could ever comprehend. It had as a big impact on me as my Ayuhuasca experiences, maybe even greater. The way he involved the local community and showed us a special hidden gem of the Sacred Valley - that I did not even know existed after being here for almost 5 months. I truly felt a deeper connection than I have ever felt with nature and myself. We hiked passed many lagoons, we were washed by the sweet rain, and witnessed waterfalls and water streams running down the mountains like veins of the earth, and hundreds of free roaming Alpacas running down the hills - it was truly magical. A little girl from the local community running through the fields in excitement when she saw us, because the remoteness of the scenery was broken with our presence for a while.We sat down to observe the astonishing beauty. It was a special moment indeed. It was as if the whole group was drawn together and everyone shared a special and safe space for laughter, healing and self-discovery. It was like ten years therapy done in one session. There are not many words that can express the profoundness of this experience. It gave me back my trust, in life. It assured my that just as nature takes care of every functioning aspect of the universe, so does it take care of us. Thank you for an amazing experience. Highly recommended!

  • César Mendoza   February 27, 2019

      muchas gracias

    So for me particularly it was a very deep and dark beautiful acceptance experience as i consider darkness part of my natural being and as wise as the light side. It all started in the kinsakocha laggon and then we all drank wachuma for the group hiking.So My sensorial experience was very sleepy and sensual connecting to my femininity mostly. I decided to add cannabis to my experience so i had some puffs here and there aside from people cause at the beginning there was the typical tabu comment about ganya( not acknowledging it varies on each individual) so i just gave space to the group. Observing the beauty of the apus was such a great inspiration reminding me the epicness and sweetness of life. The rain started and naturally it was very cold so the group and i went down to the gathering point and had some coffee break or something. It was a nice reunion full of random jokes and reactions. After that, we all went to Santiago's house and sat in front of the fire while eating or drinking tea. What i felt was learnt for me was this beautiful black flower of strong femininity through my body memory and i embraced that flower to receive the message of pure grounded love. Later on, Santiago and his son played a nice song for us in a sense of gratitude and friendship, it was amazing. I really appreciate the work and effort of Blazej and the people who supported his purpose. Just keep going!

  • Travis Bennett   February 20, 2019

      Blez with Psychonauta foundation

    Blez is a good-hearted kindred soul, a great teacher and friend, as dieta facilitator he is very knowledgeable of plant medicines, the dieta process, and the general human condition in relation to this particular form of therapy. I remember remarking to him after our dieta that he has to be incredibly brave assigning himself responsible for so many people going through such rapid emotional and physical transformations, it's quite bizarre actually! I'm very happy with Blez and with the Psychonauta Foundation! I Would recommend him and the foundation to anyone seeking the genuine Shamanic-healing experience!

  • Jeffrey Koot   February 19, 2019

      Very good Ayahuasca

    I have had done many Ayahuasca ceremonies. And seen many Sjamans. This was not only one of the cheapest retreats. It was one of the best.

  • Linoy Sana Raichman   February 19, 2019


    I spent 2 weeks in the jungle retreat of Psychonauta Foundation for master plant diet, that was organized by Blez, and it was one of the most profound and amazing experiences of my life. He served good medicine, and his approach is very professional, yet down to earth and shamanic. I'm in gratitude for this experience and really recommend.

  • Trust Kadwell   February 13, 2019

      Retreat review

    Interesting. I learned many new personal healing techniques. I could tone with the teachers, the icaros stay with you, become you. I entered this space in a relationship and it taught us what love was, is. Now. Intense. Resonance energy brings instinct that then activates an emotion that the mind tries randomly to translate. Chuchuasi was a creative definition of passionate anger, a release of great str. Bogansana was already strong empathic abilities made stronger, vivid dreaming again, funny thought id lived all my dreams already. Blazej might have given up smoking weed however he is a permanent pot-head punk guru. I could not have picked a better experience, traditional yet open of the mind. The shipibo we worked with. Matilda and Phillipe in particular amounted to the most effective ceremonies of my 88 ceremony rich life in terms of healing my relations and all aspects of my being. I am going to go chew on some Ajo Sacha.

  • kamil kleczar   February 13, 2019

      Strong Dieta experience with thanks to Blez

    I was on Diet Chiric Sanango with 4 Aya ceremonies that Blez care after. It was verry strong experience for me, and when I had dificulties Blez helped a lot. Big support and a lot of love! All reatreet was done verry profesional in amazing place deep in the jungle but not so far, so I didnt forget that there is outside world. A lot of changes in my life thanks to this retreat. Thank You!

  • Jennifer Hou   February 11, 2019

      Great person who really cares

    I have met Blez as a heartwarming facilitator who really cares about you, your wellbeing and healing process a lot. It doesn’t matter if he has to put more time into you, or even go to the market to buy some special plants that you need in addition...he gives his best, and his intention is not money driven, he has no interest in luxuries. Instead, I feel that he has a strong sense of purpose to help you and the local Shipibo people, and in having the best impact on the environment and the planet. Great person, fully recommend!

  • Dani Love   December 12, 2018

      ** DEEP BOW FOR BLEZ **

    In this beautiful place in the middle of the Amazon I ended up in a warm bath of love. The center is Raw! exactly what I needed. No nonsense. Do not expect luxury or a well-designed commercial center where you will celebrate your holiday. In this place you get 'the real deal', so that you can really connect. Because of the pure energy I could go deep into the diet. With so much love these 6 weeks where over before I notice. Where Matilde had already called me to go into depth with the dieta, I was so lovingly guided by "Blez". It was precisely because of its pure purity that I could surrender completely. Although it is not an easy task he has accepted, he does the assignment of mind with so much surrender, very carefully and thoughtfully. His strength lies in his caring and approaching. With so much dedication he lives the medicine. You see that in everything. When you are in his hands, you know that he will do everything to help you put you in your power. He really makes you feel at home and comfortable during your Dieta. He also puts suggestions and positive criticism into action, making him an example for many. Deep bow for his share in the whole. Grateful for his friendship, he is really a great asset to the medicine world. He is making the difference.. Thank you from the deepest from my heart dear Blez.. ♡

  • Diana Wadolowska   November 12, 2018

      Yes Blez :)

    Being in a jungle for the first time in such raw conditions only with medicine and yourself can be hard and surprising. But with a host like Blez everything was great. He helped me very much at the begining of my dieta when I had the biggest doubts. I felt that I could trust him and share my thoughts with him. The right person in this beautiful place.

  • Bart Gumowski   November 03, 2018

      Fantastic host

    Blez is a trained psychologist and currently has years of experience working with plants. But that doesnt matter to be honest. What matters is that he is a great person that will make you feel comfortable and guide you through what would be the most profound experience of your life. A brother that you always wanted to have, even if you didn't know it.

  • Tania Skryhanava   October 31, 2018

      Like an elder brother:)

    I wish I had an elder brother like Blez) My dieta process wasn't facile and I'm grateful to Blez for being next to me in this journey, for his shoulder, gentle care and open heart. I'm grateful for my gratitude.. sounds strange.. but this feeling was one of the most healing and impregnating during my process. You are beautiful, dear Blez, fly as high as you can:) Greetings and my warmest hugs. T.

  • Magda Pruszyńska   October 22, 2018


    Błażej to pierwsza osoba która opowiedziała mi o tym miejscu, zasiała ziarno zmian które pielęgnuję do tej pory. Jako opiekun jest naprawdę zaangażowany, pomocny, zawsze jest kiedy potrzebujesz pogadać, pośmiać się albo wypłakać i wykrzyczeć. Marzył o tym aby to robić i udaje mu się spełnić marzenia.

  • erez kramer   October 20, 2018

      Real brother

    Staying in the camp for two months and a half, I had the chance to meet Blazej after the first month there, after my isolated dieta. His open heart, generosity and no bullshit no drama attitude was an important part of my dieta integration. You can trust this man with eyes shut. Thanks brother for being ????????

  • Paweł Krzemiński   October 17, 2018

      Be like Błażej

    Be like Błażej. His next two names are Serene and Calmy. When you go with Błażej on a journey, that two features will definitely be accompanying you. Slowly, without hurry and unnecessary tension, you will be discovering yourself. As much as you need. If you want comfortable walk to yourself, take Błażej with you Paweł Krzemiński Bądź jak Błażej. Jego dwa następne imiona to Spokój i Pogoda. Gdy wybierzesz się z Błażejem w podróż na pewno będą Ci towarzyszyć. Powoli, bez pośpiechu i zbędnego napinania, będziesz odkrywać siebie. Tyle ile będziesz potrzebować. Jeżeli pasuje Ci spokojne wędrowanie do środka siebie, weź ze sobą Błażeja Paweł Krzemiński

  • tomasz maka   October 03, 2018

      Shipibo Plant Dieta

    Last year, in May, I participated in Shipibo Master Plant Dieta faciliated by Blez in Nauta. I spent 11 days in seclusion, eating 2 meals a day (no salt sugar etc, plain food), drinking master plant (ajo sacha) daily. During 11 days I participated in 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies with 2 Shipibo shamans - Matilda and Pancho. Blez participated also as a translator and carer. Everything what I experienced during 2 weeks in the jungle was life-changing experience. Now, almost 1.5yrs later I see the benefits and gifts I received. The quality of my life simply became much higher. I'm healthier, happier, I discovered much more about myself than ever before I.e. before retreat I would never sing or play any instrument but during my dieta Blez borrowed me his spacedrum and after one of the ceremonies I just started playing and singing. Now I can play a few different instruments and sing and still I feel it's just the beginning of my discoveries. My relationships became much better. There's much, much more. Complete methamorphosis. Blez did amazing job co-creating this beautiful space for healing. The jungle is amazing, dieta huts, shamans live in the neighborhood. All you need is already there. From simplicity to the complexity. I highly recommend to anybody who wants to know him/herself, or heal, or just experience peace and joy in off-grid community.


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Reconnecting with myself after a very crazy few months with a new baby! Just having that feeling of being grounded again. But also having an opportunity to connect with new amazing people. Getting exposed and Inspired by new (to me) yoga instructors (and community). Being in the presence of real, authentic and raw emotion (the whole spectrum).. So many reasons! Alyson

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