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Phillip JoseyAyahuasca Shaman, Long time practitioner of mantras and meditation. From his long journeys throughout the americas he has received and now shares wisdom from the Andean & Amazonian Worlds, Mayans, Native North-Americans and other Pre-Columbian traditions . He is a BioMagnetism Therapist, Shaman and Devotee of Unconditional Love. As all Sacha Runa Healers he works with Love, Devotion and Surrender; utmost respect and care for his patients

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  • Michaela Bimanova   June 10, 2020

      Deep powerful healing

    Phillipe is a very sensitive guide. I spent 11 days in the Jungle at Wizard´s Mountain Healing Retreat Center where I used the Master Plant and a special diet under his guidance. During the ceremonies he was able to gently and firmly create a space free of distraction, where I felt safe, able to get connected easily with myself and to experience deep inner visions. Each ceremony I was able to dive deeper into my subconscious, observe and allow things which I encountered. Ultimately I began healing my wounds, reconnecting with myself, feeling happy, inspired and loving. Thank you for having me, Phillip, ahoou <3

  • Silvia Sosio de Rosa   January 26, 2020

      7 days retreat in the jungle

    We had an amazing experience! Deeply cleansing and healing week of clean diet, peaceful reflection, meditation and of course the other-worldly ayahuasca ceremonies. Friendly people and beautifully environment in the jungle. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a time of peace, self-reflection and healing.

  • Andre Re   April 18, 2016

      Retreat in the Bolivian Amazon - Wizard's Mountain Jungle Lodge

    The Wizard Mountain Jungle Lodge, located in a beautiful patch of dense forest in the Bolivian Amazon, proved the perfect setting for my first real ayahuasca retreat, and I couldn't be more happy to have begun here. The retreat itself comprises a few large, and key, huts - a dormitory, bathroom, the kitchen and eating area, and that of the ritual - each of which perfectly served the natural simplicity and beauty of the position and its surrounds. And whether at night or during the day, one could always feel or sense the proximity of a range of beautiful and exotic creatures and flora, with all their strange scents and sounds - something that no doubt contributed to the 'authenticity' of the ayahuasca experience that was to come. One thing about the way in which Phillip, a warm and personable Chilean, prepared us for the ceremony that I liked was the quiet walk, complete with guided tour of the various plants and animals along the way, that ended with a very tranquil meditation amid the steps of a soft, trickling waterfall somewhere deep in the jungle. The ceremony: At no time did I feel unsafe during the ceremony. I felt as if I was in very capable hands and could therefore relax and give myself over to the experience of the ayahuasca. And now, after having undergone several ceremonies, I can say that Phillip definitely did a very good job of leading our group through the various stages of the journey. One thing that was particular to Phillip's ceremonies, too, that I also liked was the variety of instruments, sounds and icaros (songs) he put to use, each of which brought on and carried us all to new sensations and revelations. Overall it was a very beautiful and healing introduction to ayahuasca for me, one that I would recommend to anyone. As well, I would also recommend hanging around a bit longer at the retreat afterwards if you can - walking around through the forest, swimming in the river or hiking up the mountain felt great in the days that followed (much better than going straight back to reality). Thanks Phillip and everyone for everything and I hope to see you again someday! Andy (Australia)

  • François Perico   October 21, 2015

      Le chaman du serpent

    J'ai pu contoyer Philip pendant quelques mois dans la jungle où se trouve l'eco hotel Wisard Montain. Durant les plusieurs cérémonies où Philip m'a emmené, j'ai pu observer la force intérieur du chaman qui l'habite ainsi que la puissance de ses Ikaros. L'expérience vécut était unique pour moi, entrer sans crainte dans le temple de Philip, c'est un Chaman sérieux qui offre de belles guérisons avec l'aide du puissant esprit du serpent!!! En plus des guérisons des cérémonies, je reste enchanté par le cadre et par la beauté du chant de Philip! Je conseille vivement cette expérience à ceux qui se sentent appelé par l'esprit de la liane... Périco

  • Warren Kramer   October 19, 2015

      The International Shaman

    It is really hard to describe the experience with Phillip in words, but I can answer a few questions that everyone has before choosing a Shaman and Healing Center. On the first meeting in town at his little office, Phillip's energy immediately reaches out to you and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. His knowledge and instruction is very clear and he'll answer any questions you might have. Going from the hot, sweaty town to the healing center 10 minutes by boat up the river is a welcoming change and you are greeted by lovely trees, a swimming hole and we were fortunate enough to meet two really amazing people who were volunteering there. It is a beautiful jungle setting created for beautiful healing. Hanging out and listening to the sounds of the Jungle calms one down and helps you prepare for the ceremonies to come. As the time for the ceremony arrives, one is greeted by a nervousness and unsurity of what is going to happen. This is where a good Shaman is very important. Instructions on the ceremony is given and a little bit of his style, using buddhist, shipobo, native north american and Mayan traditions, is explained and one is made to feel at ease and ready for the ceremony. The ceremony starts, it is pitch dark and the powerful voice cuts through the darkness chanting a buddhist mantra. From here Phillip leads one through the ceremony with grace and great power! Chanting Icaros, singing songs and doing some personal one on one healing is all part of the well put together ceremony. Phillip is talented, humble, kind, compassionate and his knowledge of working with the mother of plants becomes evident in his ceremonies. We feel very blessed and happy to have found ourselves in his loving care. I hope this helps anyone interested and looking for healing at the hands of Mother Ayahuasca, the jungle and a truly excellent Shaman! Thanks again Phillip for an amazing, healing experience!!!

  • Crystal Deva   October 08, 2015


    Wow what a brother and such heart so thank you for that! Guided and lead ceremonies masterfully.. Invocations POWERFUL! Many beautiful songs from the heart and thank you for such healing and guidance in all ceremonies! Much Love Namaste

  • Zen Fabrice   October 06, 2015

      The heart of a curandero

    Phillip! Your ceremonies are such a beautiful fusion of cultures. You create a space of trust and love wish allowed me to surrender. No wonder you are surrounded by many butterflies. I look forward to sit with you again and deepen my journey of the heart.

  • choi   June 16, 2015

      retiro chamanico 3 semanas

    Mi experience de 3 semanas de retiro chamanico con Felipe, Wara y Wayra fue realmente extraordinaria. Los dos sitios de la selva y de Allmakiri estan grandiosos para hacer el trabajo con las plantas maestras, y la peregrinacion en la isla del Sol... indescriptible de belleza. En la selva, mama Ayahuasca aceptanos en su casa. Todas la vibraciones de la medicina, y de los seres de la selva permiten una armonizacion despacio y profunda de nuestras vibraciones. El proceso del retiro me dio mas respuestas que creia llegar sobre mi vida spiritual y interior. Cada ceremonia se desarrollaba en total seguridad fisica y mental con nos chamanes que acompanaron nosotros. Ellos adaptaban el contexto con nuestras capacidades de recepcion y de comprehension. Sus corazones abiertos que se expresen en los maravillosos cantos nos guiaban en los planos sutiles con una cuerda de seguridad. No es posible de faltar la peregrinacion en la isla del sol, este sagrado sitio con el abuelito San Pedro, que abre nuestra conciencia a proposito de la magnificiencia de la pachamama que podemos sentir en todo nuestro cuerpo. La ceremonia final de la baila con el San Pedro y que termina con el temazcal en el sitio de Allkamari, es el mas grandioso momento del retiro, con un real renacimiento al mundo que habiamos preparado durante todo el retiro. Terminé el retiro, regenerada, como una otra persona, me sentio mas cerca de lo que soy, mas cerca de mi ser real, con una nueva vision del mundo. Los otros hermanos de nuestro circulo y los chamanes han participado por mucho a todo el proceso, y redescubrimos los lazos invisibles pero tanto fuerte que nos unen. Solo puedo anadir gracias a las personas que participaban a este cambio, a esta iniciacion, que quiero profundizar mas... el trabajo nunca esta terminado!!!! Allaya! Caroline C.

  • Juan Macome   March 22, 2015

      The Heart Maketh thy Blood

    The first glance betrays not his secret. He seems quite mundane. Of course, what sort of veil withstands the jungle? Just some beads leer from his neck, indiscernible in their affiliation; Hindu or Christian? Surely, one must wait for nightfall to see the shaman. It is then when the Mother of the Vines will claim his body and knowledge. He has done enough to be worthy of possession by the master plants: his training at the hands of the Shipibo and the North American natives collides perfectly with his esoterical knowledge of the secular christian and Vaishnava faiths. His seemingly brownian interests collapse at night into the most cohesive Ayahuasca ceremonies I have attended. His signature is the comnbination of hindu mantras and shipibo icaros, deeply trance-like vocal intonations that direct the ceremony at his will, or, better said, at the need of the ritual. He has the utmost respect for what he does, feeling himself a vessel, and this sacrality towards the ritual extends to everyday life, in which I myself have been inspired. What is not a ritual, anyway? Even cooking pizzas seem to be part of the divine play (btw, they were delicious!). Under his care, 30-day diets of rice and raw bananas are a healing processes that all undertake with his direction as inspiration. I have nothing to say of this man that meeting him could not reveal, but I hope that my sincere recommendation for this new breed of international shaman, finding in Phillip one of the most genuine embodiments, goes out to at least one that may be seeking his wisdom.

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