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About The Teacher

I found immense personal healing and growth through the use of both medicinal cactus and mushrooms. I want to share these tools so that we can help heal our species and world. When we let go of what dosnt serve us, we have more potential for what does. let's clear away some baggage and learn to sense the world without traumatized perception, only then will we stop projecting it.

I offer a contemporary style of ceremony with sensory deprivation being the focus, it is an inward journey to outter space. Even still theres always a place to share with someone or receive assistance.  Groups are always a treat but the dynamic is notably different, typically more humorous and social. Visionary dosing is usually a 1 on 1 experience to maximize the potential assistance and reduce sensory distractions. Depending on the person and interest we may explore anywhere from introduction / microdosing all the way up to veteran explorers / break through dosing. 

We are safe in our approach and never assume to know more than we have experienced, so we incrementally explore these realms to be certain of our position in them. This in turn provides grounds for trust, and with that trust, the experience opens moreso. It dosnt matter if you've never tried plant medicine or if you've been doing this your whole life, i can promise to share something truly invaluable with you.

Specifically, Im here to help those who are seeking Huachuma (aka San Pedro) and or Psilocybin Mushrooms. These are both sacraments and communion with them is a powerfully transformative experience we should all be so blessed to know.

These wonderfully safe healing tools open you to a more limitless state of being. Disease in the body, mind, or even spirit can be relieved or even cured with appropriate use. 

Ive studied both of these medicines for over a decade and the cultural symbolism that ties into antiquated shamanic practice is a bit of a passion of mine. I am quite enthusiastic about the Chavin culture as its archaeological region includes Huachuma dating back 10,800 years. The area has rich cultural history and a museum as well as access to the ruins. I love the area and make pilgrimages there every few years. If you are interested in such a Cactus pilgrimage, Please reach out to me.

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  • Cody de Witt   May 19, 2019

      Maestro Max

    It is really hard to put into words the gift that Max has. he is not only a qualified and experienced alchemist, but is also a lovely person. He is one of those people that has been placed on this planet to help others find their way. Through medicinal plants and ceremonies he has helped me personally in my journey to be a better person. He is patient, kind and considerate. There are many people that are using this industry as a mere means to an end, economically. I can tell that Max's motivations are way, way, way beyond just making a buck. He is very consciencious and when you experience the wide range of what he offers, you will 100% notice the difference. What a prince!

  • JiMena Val   January 10, 2018

      Inner Experience

    A long time ago, I had the pleasure of knowing the sacred plants, I am very grateful to Mother Earth and also to the ancestors for putting this remedy in the way of my spirit. Since I met Max's medicine in the magical Sacred Valley, my life changed transcendentally, not only because his tea is quite pure, but he also feels a deep respect for my own way of going through this healing, which greatly helps for an inner process, life became a constant ceremony and it was a blessing to be able to experience this, that is more than just healing the body. This change has allowed me to find clarity and balance. His passion for sharing this, makes me feel hope that more people will have the opportunity to feel this healing process and find this knowledge

  • Juliet Ruhle   January 05, 2018

      Amazing journeys in the sacred valley

    I had some amazing journeys with maxwell's medicine in the sacred valley in Peru. He knows a lot about the plants he offers in ceremony. Totally recommendable.

  • Jay Ort   January 02, 2018


    I first met Maxwell in a setting of pure magic and fairytale. The Moon was full and ecipsed Red, the location in the heart of the Peruvian Sacred Valley. I was immediatley impressed by his passion and knowledge of the San Pedro Cacti. My last months prior had been in a very tradtional setting with madre Ayahuasca, it was actually rather refreshing to put a new age twist on this sacred medicine.....simply put, Max knows his shit. Our experience was profound....unforgettable.. sometimes the sky can stop....perception dramatically altered.. our minds, souls and essence can trancend into a sence of oneness with the Divine. Maxwells medicine can get you there. I have since done a few more sessions with Max and continue to be impressed. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an experience...a true contact Maxwell. Danke

  • Casey Harris   December 29, 2017

      New Age Medicine Man

    I spent a week with Max when he was working at a center in Cusco, Peru. As he states, and other reviews confirm, the San Pedro that he brews is some of the most powerful stuff you can find, and his connection and knowledge of it is very deep. He is not traditional, but original and independent, which is why I said 'New Age' in the title. I consider that a positive, as life is based on evolution and adaption, not tradition and stagnation, and our mindsets should reflect that. Max himself is a sort of larger than life character, and we had a lot of great conversation and a few antics during our time together. Most importantly, though, is that I remember that week as one of the most transformational and positive times of my life, and it would not have been possible without Max's medicine and facilitation.

  • Stephen   December 11, 2017

      Excellent Medicine

    I had the pleasure of meeting Max and taking part in multiple ceremonies at his place at the foot of the magical Peruvian mountains in the Sacred Valley earlier this year. Max is an intelligent and respectful young man with a vast knowledge of working with Wachuma. I was particularly drawn to Max as has a unique method of preparing the San Pedro tea. His tea is an extraction of the potent alkaloids with most or all of the plant matter removed, leaving a potent tea without the slimy texture of many other versions. More importantly for me, it allowed me to drink a strong dose without the digestive issues I suffered from other preparations. Of course Max works with you to determine the depth of experience you desire. I sometimes spent time on my own in my room going deep within, other times in the yard gazing out at the mountains or discussing my experience with Max. A wonderful opportunity for growth, highly recommended.

  • Diego Romero   October 20, 2017

      San Pedro

    My experience with max was incredible, it was my third time doing this medicine, but this was the most powerfull ever. I like it a lot, and the way he prepares this medicine is unique, he knows a lot of this sacred plant, and i am sure that he have a strong conection with this cactus, it helps me a lot to understand more deeply some importante things of life. But i think that the answer for all this questions is love, and Max knows that very well. With San Pedro/wachuma you can conect more easy with this vibration or god. I am very grateful with Max and all the universe.

  • Aaron Melendez   December 27, 2016


    My experience with max was like no other! Medicine is extremely powerful would definitely go back with him! Thank you so much and will see you soon coming from Las Vegas Nevada us .

  • Andrés Gosis   August 23, 2016

      An Honest to God Medicine Man

    I have been on the path for many years, being a Medicine person myself, mainly Ayahuasca oriented. I was very impressed. Maxwell goes knee deep into the Work without bothering with pseudofolklore or ethnoturism. An honest servant of the plant, the lineages and Humankind in general. A truly inspirational colleague that has improved the quality of my own work in a single ceremony (and some conversations following up), and with whom I look forward to collaborate as soon as the fates allow. 1000% recommendable to people with or without experience, and of all spiritual allegiances and inclinations. Do drink with this man.

  • William Alexander Baker   December 06, 2015

      An exceptional wachumero, guide and stellar human being

    I have known Maxwell Wieland for several years, brought together and intertwined through synchronistic connections to friends and partners. In our time as friends, Maxwell's earthy insight into the growth and production of entheogenic medicines has proved invaluable. He is both farmer and philosopher, blacksmith and visionary guide when it comes to these sacraments. His knowledge of wachuma (San Pedro) and technical skill in its preparation have been partly passed along to me (I say that with modesty), for which I am quite grateful. Having spent all of May '14 in Peru, and knowing Maxwell's calling is finding full expression amongst its magnificent cultures, I cannot recommend him enough as a medicine man and guide. blessings, Alex

  • Rajit Kishor Patel   October 27, 2015

      A friend of the Medicine

    I've been very blessed to cross paths with Max during my travels on the medicinal paths; it has been a few years and he has been a meaningful ally in the process. Max's knowledge and connection with the medicines is borne from a wealth of personal experience and guidance from plant-teachers he has attained; his understandings are very multi-dimensional and I've had the opportunity to learn many meaningful things in our works together. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and gifted in regards to the crafting of powerful and beautiful medicines and has unique rare understandings of their ways and workings that practically apply a solid grounded scientific awareness to the wider holistic process of healing and personal transformation. I genuinely have a good feeling knowing that Max is sharing his gifts and connection to medicine with a wider community; I look forward to the opportunity of being able to spend more time with him in the coming future. With Max's medicine, I have always been able to trust both its potency/effectiveness, along with knowing that it is safe and well understood by the crafter, that it has enabled me to feel at ease and focus on inner work, gratitude to creation, and connection to the master plant teachers and their spirits/consciousness. He has a genuine and unique relationship with the plants, their expressions, and their chemical intelligence... I would recommend time with him to anyone on a medicinal path...Wherever they're at in their journeys... from someone completely new to the realms to an experienced practicing-shaman of a lineage/tradition for decades, I can say their would be something meaningful gained in time with Max.

  • Linley Barba   October 22, 2015

      Botanical Wizard

    Max is wonderful! He has an extensive knowledge of and love for the plants he works with, which immediately puts one at ease and inspires confidence. The medicine is brewed in-house, and is the most powerful experience I have had. But do not be daunted, it is conducted with expertise, in a pristinely tranquil environment! Each ceremony feels personal, and Max is great at helping people navigate all parts of their journeys.

  • Zach Gittins   October 21, 2015

      Life healing experiences

    Max has been doing what he loves and knows for a long time. I have personally seen many third eyes opened resulting from his medicine, and he even assisted me in opening my own exponentially. He guided me through purging a strong addiction with the assistance of Iboga and I will forever be appreciative of this experience. His extensive knowledge of yoga and interactions with the body are things we can all benefit from. ThAnkyou , max!!

  • Cassandra Elizabeth Diegelman   October 21, 2015

      Absolutely life changing

    Maxwell's connection to, dedication to, and love for the medicine was apparent from the moment I met him. I believe this is the reason why my ceremony experience with him was unlike any other ceremony experience Id had before! A powerful and enlivening healing journey guided by a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend any medicine experience with this Guru.

  • David Walton   October 20, 2015


    I've taken San Pedro many times, in the jungle of Iquitos and in Cusco. It'd alway's been a dry powder mixed with various different types of juice and it has been very unpleasant to consume, purging was easy. Retreats buy the powder as it is easy to store. The only reason I persevered was it is a powerful medicine. Then earlier this year I met Maxwell. His San Pedro, or as he prefers to call it, Wachuma, is liquid and he makes it himself, fresh for every ceremony. He explained to me that he extracts the celulos that the body finds difficult to absorb and causes the purge. Also, although this is a bit above my head, he said his alkaloid % is higher that generally found in Peru, that means it is stronger. Well strong it is. I have had some wonderful experiences with Max's medicine, so much better that I have ever had with the powder and I don't purge. Yes it is still unpleasant to drink, but less unpleasant than powder. I can certainly recommend Maxwell's medicine, highly. It's taken me on some wonderful journeys of discovery.

  • Kyle Devlin   October 19, 2015

      The infinite, magical world of creation within

    These plant medicines penetrate deep into the consciousness, revealing our own natural healing ability. When used with intention, breathe and yoga, bring forth an awareness of what 'healing' truly means. Realizing the importance of self-love, gratitude, and releasing attachments is but a glimpse of what these plants have done for me. Now I know, healing is a choice, and its only made now. After living in physical/mental pain and discomfort (the result of many injuries, including traumatic brain injury) for 10+ years, the discovery of these medicines revolutionized the quality of my life. Thank you Max for sharing this awesome healing love and light!

  • Andrew Fleming   October 19, 2015

      A very valuable teacher

    I have been a friend of Maxwell's for about 5 years, since his beginnings as an independent shaman/healer. Through the course of several months, he taught me how to harvest and prepare Wachuma (San Pedro cactus) using traditional methods of skinning and cutting the cacti by hand, brewing a tea, and drinking it properly, using a proper diet. I have used Wachuma tea several times with Max as part of personal ceremonies which we set up ourselves under his overall guidance. In all of these experiences, his advice and teachings were always intimate, professional, and most importantly, effective! I can personally vouch for his ability to encourage people to find their own direction. Max has always believed in unadulterated, pure experiences with natural substances prepared in a way that emphasizes respect for the plant and it's spiritual relationship with the earth. During our experiences and subsequent talks, Max helped me to give up my pack-a-day cigarette habit, and introduced me to yoga, kickstarting my own meditation/yoga practice, which I have kept for several years. He has also shown me the proper way to prepare and employ various other natural medicines, including Syrian Rue and Calea Zacatechichi. Max has a profound respect for nature and the love which comes from the Earth, which can be found through the ceremonial plants he uses. I would consider it a difficult challenge to find someone more passionate and respectful towards plant medicines and the ability they have to shape and solidify one's individual spiritual paradigm.

  • Pat Blackwelder   October 15, 2015

      Life Healing

    Maxwell has put he's heart in soul into being a great personal teacher for his practice of strength and well-kindness! Theses retreats are the best way to a beautiful reconnect to our basic sanity and spiritual reality that cannot be achieved unless completing a retreat from a professional spiritual leader as Maxwell teaches in most beautiful place of Peru! (Life just doesn't get any better!)

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