Ayahuasca healing center-Colombia

Doña Martha is from Mocoa, Putumayo and now lives in La Gran Via a few hours outside of Bogota. She has been working with yage for more than 50 years training with various members of her family. She is a western-medicine trained nurse and a traditional Inga curandera. 

"Doña Martha holds a space between worlds, a bridge between the old and the new, indigenous and modern, mind and heart. As a result, her ceremonies carry a deep relevance for those of us raised in Western culture and yet also serve to connect us deeply to our own indigenous nature and to our place in nature and the cosmos."

For those who are interested in doing a cleansing before the ceremonies or for those who are not planning to do the medicine we offer two types of celansing. 

Colon Cleansing 

During  6 days we offer a complete natural colon cleanse which includes accomodation, fresh and healthy meals.

Thyroid cleansing

It is special for those who have been exposed to radiation and after chemotherapy..

The prices:

1500 dollars which includes a hotel type accomodation with three meals daily, and transportation from the airport and back to the retreat, and 5 sacred or ayahuasca ceremonies.

We offer individual treatments of detoxing, depression, anxiety and other emotional unbanlance.  Our Mission is focused on the permanent healing the medicine can provide.

We organize two montly retreats..One in the beguinning of the month and another in the end of every month.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questons in regards our healing center. Thank you.  Maria.

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  • Mia Josephine   October 19, 2015


    Gorgeous, magical property with very loving and attentive healers. The ceremonies are personal and powerful. The food is divine. I have been twice and will certainly return!

  • Tomas De Yage Con Martha Ayahuasca   October 14, 2015

      Best place ever for aya in Colombia

    Dona Martha Elena is one of the fewest medicine women from the amazon. As a medicine woman she provides an enchanting ceremony full of mystic, magic and love. She sings the most beautiful Icaros and plays the harmonica very beautiful. A very responsible place and the safest in the whole world to drink ayahuasca, Dona Martha brews her own medicine too. The energy of the place has a high vibration. Small ceremonies are don in a very detail oriented attention to all assistants, I highly recommend this place because the facilities and accommodation are very neat. I can't wait to come back.

  • Jude Stanion   October 17, 2015

      Beautiful Gardens, Wonderful Family, And Delicious Arepas

    I'm so glad I made time during my trip in Colombia to visit Doña Martha and her family at their retreat center. Doña Martha has created a place of serene peace and natural beauty (I could sit in her garden for days!). She is a gentle soul but a powerful healer and my time with her both put me at ease while also challenging me spiritually. If you are looking to connect with an ancient shamanic tradition, you will not be disappointed. PS: Doña Martha's husband is an excellent cook!

  • Aroma Compass   October 17, 2015

      Gratitude from Singapore

    At a time when I was at a major threshold of my life, I was facing a major business decision. There are 2 choices to be made... I have conducted a due diligence from a financial and operational perspective. I can choose status quo, or restart with a new set of business partners. Restarting will be challenging, I needed: - clarity of propose - wisdom to make the right choice for growth and transformation - courage to see through the transition I have the blessings to spend 4 short days in the healing centre! The ceremonies helped to renew my body, rejuvenate my mind. I got all the answers I was looking for. All these in a healing and supportive environment filled with so much love. Dona and her husband and their family took me in...Taking such great care of me... I feel like I am really part of the family! I am eternally grateful for this loving connection. 2 years on...I have achieved the major business milestones... Now Oct 2015. I reflect on how these 4 special days in Colombia has helped me become very clear in my purpose... And also inspire me with tireless passion to see through the inevitable day to day challenges! Muchos Gracias Hong (Singapore)

  • AN Mareas   October 18, 2015

      Answers in the right place

    Find a good place to synchronize your mind with your spirit is hard, but here, I swear you´ll find it. Doña Martha and the people who work there are amazing, always ready and prepared to give you a hand. You will be embraced by the mountains meanwhile you go forth to a great experience with Yagé and other rituals of spirit healing and illumination with Doña Carolina. If you go there, dont worry, they take care of many details , like food, the lodging, the transport and the ceremonies. And an advice, take advantage of a place leaded by women , their magic is so focused to help and protect you, more than other places where could be found the same practices.

  • Marco Hollander   October 18, 2015

      My best ayahuasca experience and Wonderful people with curing/caring power!

    After 7 months of ayahuasca ceremonies in Iquitos, Peru being fooled by charlatans pretending to be shamans or curanderos I've lost my faith in ayahuasca. A friend of mine recommended to try ayahuasca in colombia at this place. I only had 2 weeks left of my trip. Once I arrived here they gave me a warm welcome, and took me in like I was part of their family. I never expected that they could give me so much healing in such a short amount of time I've had 2 ceremonies, one during the evening and one in the morning just after waking up. After these ceremonies my faith in ayahuasca has been restored because of their awesome sessions. Really caring and loving persons with some serious healing power! I feel so much better right now at home, with balance and peacefulness in my life. The food is also very good and the way they treated me is filled with love and care. Thank you for this wonderful experience, I'll never forget 💜 and I will be back!

  • Zeyad Gasser   October 26, 2015

      A piece from heaven

    I went for 2 days, had one ceremony. It was a life changing experience. Plus the place is so magical, it's like a piece from heaven. Very peaceful and relaxing :)

  • Nayi Kushi Huni   October 27, 2015

      Great shaman and guide

    There are many retreats through the South America. I visited many of those but this very different. Doña Martha makes this different. Her ceremonies are full of light. Place and facilities are very simple but you will feel there welcomed. All family members are such a nice people.

  • Jeff Hall   October 27, 2015

      Amazing experience

    The grounds for this center are truly magical! Everything from the plants, trees, colorful birds, and ceremony facilities. The housing is also very nice. My only complaint could be (but it's not) are the showers or bathing facilities (not heated U.S. style showers.) The food was prepared and served in a very clean professional manner. the food was delicious. The ceremonies were amazing. I felt very cared for and guided into an amazing comfortable life changing space. I will absolutely return soon to continue my journey.

  • Priscilla Bonnen   October 28, 2015

      The opportunity is such a blessing !!! esta oportunidad es una gran bendición !!! <3

    Dona Martha and her whole family are like family to me. I met them two years ago when I went for a visit with my boyfriend and a good friend. We were skeptical and apprehensive about participating in an ayahuasca ceremony, but Martha and her family quickly put us at ease. The family's sense of humor, hospitality and cooking styles were very reminiscent to my own Colombian family. Being of Colombian descent and a female, I was very excited to meet a female shaman working with her two daughters in ceremony in the beautiful country of Colombia. I can't say enough good things about this precious and magical family. They are pure love and all things good. You would be very blessed to have the opportunity to step foot on this property, in Dona Martha's ceremony and be even more blessed and refreshed upon leaving. I've learned so much from the handful of ceremonies I did the first time and the few I did upon visiting two years later, just a few months ago. I'm still integrating thing's I've learned from ceremony and from the wise women themselves. I find myself reflecting and reminiscing on my time from years back to recently on a weekly basis. I can't wait to go back and know that this family will always be apart of my life and in my heart. <3 Doña Marta y su familia son como mi propia familia. Los conocí hace dos años cuando me fui para una visita con mi novio y un buen amigo. Estábamos escépticos y preocupados acerca de participar en una ceremonia de ayahuasca, pero Martha y su familia rápidamente nos pusimos a gusto. Sentido del humor estilos, hospitalidad y cocina de la familia eran muy reminiscencia de mi propia familia colombiana. Ser de ascendencia colombiana y una mujer, yo estaba muy emocionada de conocer a una mujer chamán que trabaja con sus dos hijas en la ceremonia en el hermoso país de Colombia. No puedo decir suficientes cosas buenas acerca de este familia preciosa y magica. Son puro amor y todas las cosas buenas. Usted sería muy bendecido por tener la oportunidad de poner un pie en esta propiedad, en la ceremonia de doña Marta y ser aún más dicha y fresco a la salida. He aprendido mucho de las pocas ceremonias que lo hice la primera vez y los pocos que hice al visitar dos años más tarde, hace apenas unos meses. Todavía estoy integración de lo que he aprendido de la ceremonia y de las propias mujeres sabias. Me encuentro reflexionando y recordando en mi tiempo del año nuevo a poco sobre una base semanal. No puedo esperar a volver y saber que esta familia siempre va a ser parte de mi vida y en mi corazón.

  • Dardi Kunz   October 29, 2015

      Finding the beauty within

    I have been on a journey to find self love and peace within for a long time. Having spent time here at the Ayahuasca Healing Center has given me one of the most profound experiences I could have ever imagined. I found my Goddess within and can own it and love myself for being that! I went away being so much more aware of myself and the world around me. The love and care that these women gave to me while in their care was very touching and deeply appreciated. The retreat center itself is of such amazing beauty, Mother Earth is truly alive and part of the healing qualities. My life has and will never been the same!

  • Alex Korjavine   November 01, 2015

      Gracias Mamita Martha. Power of Female curanderismo

    I have been working with Ayahuasca Medicine (YAGE in Colombia) for many years and in different countries...but this place holds a significance to me like no other hence my 3rd visit and more to come... Dona Martha is from Inga tribe and has a wealth of knowledge and many decades of experience. Her ceremonies are very personal and feel like a family affair. What makes her ceremonies special is a motherly touch which is incredibly important while working with Madre (the medicine that embodies female spirit). Other unique aspects are ability to do day ceremonies which are never offered in Peru.. as well as working with other plants during ceremony..such as chondur (that helps to induce visions and purge) and ortiga (the stinging nettle that you are whipped with for cleansing during the ceremony). Epic!!! And for many of readers who already works with medicine-very important aspect-medicine is POWERFUL....very POWERFUL!!!!! Its brewed within family.. and different types of vine is used. At no point she uses dangerous additives such as datura or tobacco..so its a safe experience. Bottom line-highly recommended for a newbie or experienced drinker alike. If you have questions feel free to write to me....korjavine@gmail.com AHO🙏

  • Erin Bishop   November 06, 2015

      The beginning of a new life

    Within 2 minutes of walking into the family kitchen with Martha and her daughters I was enveloped in a sea of laughter and there was a plate of home cooked, hot, delicious food in front of me. I had no idea what to expect for the next two weeks. The grounds were well designed and incredibly beautiful. Each morning I walked down to the house that sat in the middle of the pond with a wobbly bridge across the water to access it. In here I did yoga and gave lots of bodywork sessions. Next to that was the little house where we held sacred ceremonies and up the hill, covered in jungle plants and flowers, were the guest houses and the house of Martha and her family. We all lived together in this little community like a family. While I was there I fully enjoyed myself. The stories, the laughter, and the eye contact with the women where they could peer into my soul if they wanted to. I had no idea what was happening to me under the surface. I have not let a drop of alcohol touch my lips since being there. My body image has greatly improved. I am living with my mom and getting along swimmingly, and I feel much calmer than ever. For the first time in 5 years I have opened up into intimate relationships again. I am plugged into the flow of life and I feel such clarity now. It wasn't until I was talking with some of the people I was there with that have also experienced profound changes, that I realized that all of this started to happen around the time and shortly after I was there. The changes were so subtle yet so grande, and Martha, Carolina, and Maria are so humble and wise that they just smiled in the background as I unknowingly went through major transformations. I am eternally grateful for the direction my life is going since spending time with these women. Martha harvests the medicine herself and puts her gentle energy into it. For me it was not some crazy, intense, earth shattering experience. It was gentle, kind, subtle, nurturing, yet so big in the end. Thank you so much for providing this space to heal. I didn't even know so much healing was possible, but here I am, fuller than ever.

  • Andrea   November 21, 2015

      Beautiful land, beautiful people!

    Visiting Doña Marta the first time was such an "arriving home" feeling. The family is very friendly and comfortable to be around with. The nature and the land's peace is perfect for reflecting within and smiling out. After having a great time on the first visit, I came back for more family time with Doña Marta, Don Jaime y Maria. I learn a lot about myself and the world surrounding me. Natural healing and joyful attitude is how I can describe my experience with Doña Marta and her cordiality. Very close from Bogota in the rural area, amazing mountains and hikes are a plus to all the warm energy at Ayahuasca healing center. I still have a "third visit" on my to do list.

  • Jason Darger   December 09, 2015

      More than just Ayahuasca!

    I am so grateful for my experiences here! I have been here two separate times! The space they hold here is incredible, spiritually and physically. Intention for me is everything and I although I knew that ayahuasca had called to me several years previously, I was waiting for the right "person" and place to speak to me as well. When I heard about Dona Martha, I knew she was the one to assist me in my journey. I certainly found out "why here?". Both Dona Martha and Carolina are not only very skilled and spiritually gifted as "curanderos" but very passionate, caring and dedicated. I am continually amazed at their acute awareness, especially spiritually for what is transpiring with participants and the amazing abilities they have to facilitate a personal journey into self discovery and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual and mental levels. Their understanding of where each person is in their journey within a given ceremony, their ability to see individual needs and their dedication to support each individual is incredible. For me it more than met my expectations! I am so grateful for these people and who they are not only for me but the gift they are to the world. Their incredible knowledge of the plants and other things is hugely beneficial in your safety and protection is always considered, and the energy here is so conducive. For undertaking such a sacred journey I highly recommend them and this beautiful peace of heaven in the mountains of Columbia. Additionally, the graciousness and assistance of Maria and Hyme and everyone involved from the time one arrives from the airport, to seeing you to the beautiful grounds, to the wonderful meals absolutely makes for a first class experience where you are not only comfortable on all levels, but also fit and ready to undertake a journey that is far more than one could imagine! The grounds are beautiful and the intention that has been instilled from the grounds to the muloka to the the ayahuasca can be felt from the time you arrive. It is peaceful, serene, and powerful. Their knowledge of not only ayahuasca but many many other plants is very useful in assisting the experience. You will definitely feel part of the family here. The ayuhuasca experience itself is beyond this realm and therefore beyond words to fully express but suffice it to say for me it has been life changeing on many levels. Of the ten plus ceremonies I have done, there is no experience the same as the one before it, and I have seen my resistance on so many levels and how it shows up in my life and affects my life, I been given direction, understanding, but most of all found a love for myself that is still changing my life and what shows up into my life. Their is no doubt about the power of the plants, but combined with beauty of this place and the people there could not be a better place to experience the plants. I believe this particular place is a very sacred place for the healing and transformation that takes place there. Experience the magic!! Jason

  • Brian   January 09, 2016

      If you go there with intent, you will walk away changed forever.

    DECEMBER 23rd - DECEMBER 29th We stayed over the Christmas holiday and were very pleased to receive a quick response and that Maria speaks very good English. My wife is Colombian and I am American. There were someone there from Germany and from Canada also. While doing a lot of research about the Ayuhuasca/Yage journey we were both pretty nervous for the first ceremony. Our nervousness was without merit because everyone here is full of love and good energy. We chose this resort specifically because the ceremony size is smaller and because Martha is a nurse. If this will be your first journey or you have some of the same concerns we did; then rest easy knowing that you will be in good hands here. The villa is literally on the side of the mountain with spectacular views. If you go there with the intention for healing, focus, and re-connecting then you will walk away as changed as us. Although we did listen to some music to pass the hours, I would not recommend filling your time with electronic media. Part of this journey is re-connecting with yourself. Our 1 week stay literally felt like we had stayed several weeks. We will be going back. It will not let me post extended links so just do a search on Facebook for: "Centro de sanacion-healing place Villa Maria"..... OR you can goto Youtube and search: "Yage - Ayahuasca - Resort in Colombia"

  • Kirsten Roberts   June 23, 2016

      One Of The Most Beautiful Experiences Of My Life

    Coming from Australia, this was a massive trip for me and also a leap of faith. The experience was beyond anything I could have imagined. The warm hospitality of Maria, Carolina and Dona Martha was exceptional. The ceremonies were intense, pure and incredibly sacred and I always felt safe and nurtured with Donna Marta, Carolina and Ricardo The love that was showed was beautiful I could not recommend this more highly and I would never experience a ceremony anywhere else now. Thank you xx

  • Brigham Darger   June 15, 2016

      Martha is the best!

    Dona Martha is truly gifted and very good at what she does. She holds an impeccable space physically and energetically. This is a space where one can experience the medicine as it is meant to be, and the feminine energy is unparalleled and truly adds to the experience of the goddess. I have taken yage with male Peruvian shaman and it doesn't even compare to the space Martha holds. Set and setting/ space and intention. The two most important things when shamanic journeying, and my experience has been That Martha holds the best of both. I know there has been some transition in assistants lately, so I cannot speak on that aspect positive or negative. in any case, Martha is the best.

  • Dan Durda   September 19, 2016

      Great place and wonderful in every way!!

    Was a wonderful place to visit for the soul and the spirit. I highly recommend in every way and would certainly return!!

  • Demetri Vallejos   June 15, 2016

      My Vision Quest in Colombia with Dona Martha and Alidio

    To begin, I want to graciously thank and honor Mama, and Tio. Gracias. Muchas Gracias por su hospitalidad. Te quiero mucho mi familia! This is the retreat to go to if you want true healing. True understanding The energies here at this center are one of a kind. The ultimate place to realize oneself. Dona Martha and her brother Alidio are the most profound people that I have ever met. Their connection with the plants is unmatched in my experience. I have a deep gratitude for the ceremonies that are held here. The work that they do is extremely powerful. The most beautiful thing about it is that they have learned and balanced their power with love, fully. They have an extreme sensitivity to the cosmic energies that exist in this universe. From my understanding they have been working with the medicine since they were very young. They have been studying the cosmic information and have been listening to the Maestro and the plants and what they have to teach and have managed to hold this relationship with unconditional love and impeccable integrity for what it is that they believe in and place trust in. They have developed an unwavering faith in the commitment to the work that they do. It is beautiful to see. To be a part of. To breathe. To simply just be inside of the walls of this retreat, one will come into a blissful state of being. The property is beautiful. Absolutely stunning. With fruit trees that bear the most delicious fruit to pick from, including Cacao trees. (speaking of which the Cacao there is absolutely divine to share a conversation over.) One will never go hungry. The hospitality and the warm loving energy will help you to regenerate and to slip gracefully back into homeostasis while learning about what it is that took you out in the first place. This is the place if you want to become knowledgeable surrounding your personal motives. What makes your body sing. And how to play that song with the grace of god with you always. Choice is one of our most powerful allies. Start with choosing this retreat. ----------------------------------- Bless yourself with this place. Honor your self and your space here. Trust and allow the universe to guide you home. And find the divine beauty of who and what you are! Te quiero Mama! y mis familia en Colombia. BLESSINGS.

  • Ricardo Valbuena   June 24, 2016

      A Truly Beautiful and Magical Place

    I have known Doña Martha for 26 years since my first Ayahuasca experience when she took me to the Putumayo region of Colombia to take the medicine with the Shaman that she was working with at the time. Martha is truly a remarkable woman. Not only does she have a 50 year experience with Ayahuasca, but she was also a professional nurse which have turned her into the nurturing, caring, loving and wise woman that she is today. She has created a magical and beautiful retreat very near Bogota, which really is the most safe, comfortable, nurturing and loving place you could dream off to have an Ayahuasca experience. She and her wonderful family will make you feel at home and take care of you so that you can fully focus on your journey of healing, transformation and awakening. The garden she has created and nursed over 15 years if really stunning, a beautiful slice of paradise. Fruit trees pregnant with fruit, gorgeous flowers every where you walk, delightful hens with their flocks of chicks, birds all over, an enchanting place indeed. Having had many Ayahuasca sessions with male shamans I can say from experience that the loving, female, nurturing, motherly energy that Martha provides is an absolute blessing. This truly is the Goddess energy at work, you are in the best hands and heart you can possibly be. And she has a fantastic sense of humor which is a real delight!!! Since January this year I am working on a regular basis with her and the human transformations that I have witnessed and experienced is nothing short of miraculous.

  • Ken   September 02, 2016

      Loovley friendly and homely

    I had a few weeks in this retreat and I was treated like one of the family, I highly recommend this place as a place for inner transformation through Ayahuasca, through a very friendly environment and lovely people! :) They will take you on a personified journey of cleansing and spiritual awareness to get to the core of your issues and transform them. Very greatful for my experience there, Thank you very much ! :-)

  • Juan Carlos Torres   September 18, 2016

      Una experiencia que transforma

    Si una palabra repetí durante mi estadía en el Ayahuasca Healing Center, en Tena, y he seguido repitiendo desde entonces, es: !GRACIAS! Gracias porque los tres días y dos noches que pasé en ese paraíso natural, en ese centro mágico ceremonial, transformaron mi vida y le dieron nuevo aire cuando más lo necesitaba. Son conocidas las propiedades del yagé para generar experiencias de expansión de conciencia, pero lo que Martha y Carolina ofrecen en las ceremonias de la maloka -con el apoyo siempre presente de María y de Jaime- es más que eso: es reconectarse con uno mismo y con la energía del universo, entender (o mejor, vivenciar) el amor y la unidad universal, pero todo en un ambiente que solo ellas pueden proporcionar: un ambiente de verdadero amor, de cuidado maternal, de sentimiento de familia, de seguridad, de "estar a salvo", que estoy seguro no se encuentra en ningún otro rito de yagé del mundo. Y no es solo el yagé, sino también otras ayudas como los cristales, el tabaco, el tarot, la limpieza con ortiga, el baño sanador... Fueron días que cambiaron mi vida, y que me devolvieron renovado al mundo cotidiano, como si me hubieran limpiado desde adentro hacia afuera de tantas culpas, miedos, inseguridades, prejuicios que contaminan nuestro espíritu. La estadía fue maravillosa en todo sentido (la hospitalidad, el cariño, la comida, los árboles frutales) pero yo resalto, sobre todo, la extraordinaria experiencia espiritual, una experiencia transformadora que solo mujeres mágicas, con su poder y amor innato, pueden guiar. ¡Gracias! Esa es la palabra que brota de mi corazón como agua en un manantial. ¡Gracias!

  • Celesta Beynon Palmer   September 19, 2016

      Celesta palmer

    I am so glad I made it out to Colombia to this retreat. I love this family Dona Martha and her family are some of the kindest and truly genuine people I have met, they make the experience truly amazing with absolute love and no judgement! I cannot wait to go back, the beauty of the retreat in the Jungle and what the jungle gives you in the experience is "amazing". All the facilitators were so helpful as well. See you again soon!! Love you guys... Celesta Palmer

  • Mariana Gonzalez Arboleda   September 20, 2016

      Awesome Experience

    Martha and Carolina are amazing human beings that will not leave you on your own during the whole yagé experience. They are respectful and give you your space but don't fail to assist you if you are seeking further guidance. I am really glad I found this place, specially so close to Bogotá, and a beautiful retreat environment surrounded by a lot of nature. Everyone at the retreat were very attentive and wanted the best of their guests. Highly recommended place, very safe.

  • Jonathan Mueller   September 20, 2016

      One of the most worthwhile experiences of my life

    This place is really very special. Doña Martha (along with her daughters) create the most absolutely magical, inspiring, and safe atmosphere for drinking medicine. The wisdom and experience shared by these women has carried me through the most difficult ceremonies and left me full of joy and much deeper understanding. This is a home that is full to the brim with love and nurturance, if you are looking for a place to experience monumental growth, this is it.

  • Christian Liebhart   September 25, 2016

      opening new doors in our consciousness

    an other new path in our live,... if i start to search for new things in my life i´m very focused to find a stabile base and save surroundings. i feel save finding myself in a familiar and harmonic atmosphere. i met this lovely family on 1 of my travels and we planned and realized a meeting with a medicine ceremony in their magic garden and finca 2 hours south of bogota. the ceremony is probably the main reason to go there but even on the way going there you will recognize that you choose the right way. we humans deserve a mother who takes care about us in the beginning of our life and so i see martha like my medicinal mother who took care about me. Martha has the same origin like the plant and so they know each other and you will feel during the ceremony that you know each other too. with this trust you will loose your fear and your insecurity before you start your first ceremony. i hope i could help some of you interested humans a bit telling you my experience with this divine medicine and now start to open yourself and see this light which we are looking for and it will help you to change many questions to answers. enjoy this opportunity with love, peace and the rest of all

  • Carola Alondra   October 15, 2016

      Wonderful retreat centre!

    I was very concerned about my first experience with El Yage. I chose this place by a pure accident. I met Marta by chance in Santa Marta. Dońa Marta and Carolina were very kind and informative. I felt well looked after and very safe. The place itself is amazing. Silence, nature and good food lead to a daily good trip. Night was tough but it was worth trying what it feels like during the day time. I recommend this place and definitely want to come back.

  • Julian Lindemuth   January 11, 2017

      Ancient feminine power

    Martha, Carolina, and Maria opened their doors to my partner and me for two ceremonies. The personal attention they gave us was so comforting. The property is a Colombian Eden; wild and plentiful food and medicinal plants abound in astonishing displays of scent and color. You will absorb the nutrients and the energy they have fostered on the land to gain strength and connect to the space. All elements come together to make this spot an epicenter for magic, transformation, and healing. These women have all dedicated their lives to the path of teaching self-healing through the plants and one's own power, rather than through force. They were mothers for me during the phases of my rebirth and reawakening. The medicine itself is extremely powerful and clearly brewed well. The ceremonies generally take place during the daylight, which makes for a very different experience and is something to consider. They have my highest recommendation.

  • Erin Morrill Holt   February 21, 2017

      Say YES!!

    I had an AMAZING experience here. I knew I would grow and release coming here and my actual experience was 100% better then I imagined. I was so FULLY supported by the wonderful women here, felt 100% safe to go to the places I got to go to release old/dark stuff, was loved on and fed really well. The energy of this place is sacred. I definitely recommend going here to expand into much higher levels of yourself. It is hands down one of the best life experiences I have ever had and I will be going back and bring people with me!


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