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Latest Reviews

  • Review for Sean West

    Tamara Gonzales   November 26, 2014

      massage and body work

    If you are in Pisac don't miss out. Sean's massage is is the best and has lasting results. Can't wait to return.

  • Review for The Ayahuasca Foundation

    Chris Battis   November 25, 2014

      Very Satisfied AF Retreatant

    I've now done two three-week retreats at the Ayahuasca Foundation camp; this year (2014) and last, and would recommend their programs to anyone with a sincere interest. My initial decision to attend an AF program was entirely driven by intuition, and I would return there again without hesitation. There were several factors that influenced my choice: first, if I was going to spend $$ thousands to visit the Amazon and do an ayahuasca retreat, I didn't want to fool around, and the combination of nine ceremonies in three weeks seemed as though it would be a good start. Second, and importantly, Carlos Tanner insists that each retreat be limited to ten participants, and as the first retreat got underway the logic of this became apparent, for we were able to create a mandala of trust and caring that simply wouldn't have been possible with constant comings and goings of drop-ins or tourists, which seems to be the norm at many other centers. Third, I wanted to experience ayahuasca on its own terms, in a traditional setting, with ceremonies led by trained shamans and observance of the plant dieta throughout the retreat. The leaders of our retreats, Helm and Skye, were simply impeccable and provided a balance of commitment and lightheartedness that kept everyone on track, and I can't overstate the depth of my respect and admiration for both of them. Likewise the indigenous staff, Ari, who helped Dona Wilma lead ceremonies, and Sylvia, who prepared all our meals. The facilities are very well kept up and comfortable and, In short, there was no aspect of the retreat that wasn't well thought-out or that could have been improved upon.

  • Review for Center of Mystic Arts & Sciences

    hari devi dasi   November 24, 2014

      Authentic medicine process

    I am fortunate to find this place and family. My life changed since i came here. This is a place where you can experience authentic medicine process. I know many people changed their life and encounter their path here. If you are looking for serious and safe place to have medicine process, ( Also a lot of fun) this is place for you.

  • Review for Luz María Ampuero

    Maru de Aliaga   November 24, 2014

      Strong and sweet

    Luzma is a very special person, who combines the strength of a warrior and the tenderness of a Mother. With fierce love and clarity she helps you in your journey to your true self addressing the things that you have to address. She is patient, direct (which for me is much appreciated :-)) and above all a great friend. She is always available when you want to talk and understand your process. When in ceremony she is really focused on her patients and is a loving present. I highly recommend her ceremonies.

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