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I pass as all things do
dew on grass

– Banzan


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  • Aura   December 18, 2014

      Yin and Yang Mythic Voyage

    Wow, what a journey! this was the most unbelievable experience during which I truly reconnected with myself. According to the standards of the society I had everything and yet I was not a happy person. I felt like some things were missing from my life. The Mythic voyage was a voyage deep within my soul, allowing me to see my fears, the beliefs holding me back. This is not an easy trip and it would not have been possible without the constant help (sometimes very confrontational) and lots of love offered by Mikis and all the Tierra Miticans. After hours of workshop during the day, which were pushing me to confront my deepest and well hidden beliefs, the ceremonies created the space to feel, to really feel and see my fears, deepest desires and beliefs. The magical icaros singed by the shamans transported me, encouraged me to search and never give up. So, did the loving help offered by the Tierra Miticans assisting us. If you feel stuck in your life, with no direction, then Tierra Mitica and the Mythic Voyage is the place for you. It is sooo much more than just an Ayahuasca experience. It will not be easy, but the experience and the results are magical and worth everything. As, for me...I know I will be back. I want more, I want to be happy and I will do everything it takes for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tierra Mitica family!

  • Matt   December 16, 2014

      Yin & Yang

    Wow, what a journey. I have just completed a 15 day Mythic Voyage at Tierra Mitica and the it was both an epic voyage and absolutely mythic! I came here not really knowing what I wanted from the voyage and not knowing what to expect to get from the voyage. I knew that I was not content with where I was at in my life personally, in my relationship with my partner and in my health. I had been looking for answers in many places for the last few years through spiritual healers, "professional" therapists and health professionals with varying results from none to limited outcomes or to outcomes that would be beneficial but only for varying amounts of time. Mikis and the Tierra Mitica team have helped me finally look deep into myself and identify the barriers, belief systems, behavioural patterns and other crap that I had spent a lifetime building. This was me, on a platter, and not a me I enjoyed looking at. He showed me who I really am, as hard as that was to confront, but more importantly he showed me who I can be. Not only that but, crucially, he helped me understand the reasons how and why I had built these ingrained behaviours and belief systems that had led me to where I am and that were holding me back. I'm not going to lie, it was a journey that was one of the most difficult I have ever had to face up to and there were many times I was rattled to my core and doubted everything, including my ability to get to the end. I'm glad I did though as the revelations I have had and the confidence I have gained in who I can be is amazing. The beauty of it all was that once I got it and stopped resisting and opened myself to the love Mikis was giving me, I understood that the concepts and belief systems Mikis presents are so simple to thier core and all designed to give you choice, happiness and pride in who you are. FUCK! What a revalation! The ayahuasca ceremonies were also amazing taking you to an unforgettable place where all can be revealed, but if you want it and are willing to work for it. Held in an epic jungle sanctuary with amazing shamans singing their ikaros it was a magical experience for sure. The Tierra Mitica team also stepped up and gave us a week not to forget with their love and hospitality. The food was epic, the lodgings super comfortable with all the amenities, and after backpacking for months felt like a five star hotel, the jungle setting is stunning and the facilities amazing. Not knowing what I was really coming for but getting more than I could have ever hoped, I am eternally grateful to Mikis and the Tierra Miticans for the Mythic Voyage they have taken me on and the mythic life that now awaits. Bring it on!

  • Jessica West   December 16, 2014

      The Mythic Voyage

    I have just completed the Dec Mythic Voyage and am feeling amazing. It was one of the best retreats I have done and am really happy with what has come out of it. I have always been lost for direction but now know where I want to head and have confidence in the fact I can get there, it has also helped me feel a deeper connection with my family which is something I will always appreciate. The location is amazing! It is a beautiful spot surrounded by amazon. The accommodation is really nice, comfy rooms, beds, hot showers and amazing food. The staff were all really beautiful people and they looked after us really well and supported us on our journey whenever they could. I was hesitant about trying Ayahuasca for the first time but here they created a safe nurturing place and I always felt well looked after. On my last ceremony I had a fairly rough night with everything that was coming up. Mickis laid with me most of the ceremony making sure I was ok and pulling me through the ceremony with amazing outcomes, for this I will always be appreciative. If you are wanting to change your life, experience ayahuasca and still enjoy the comforts of the western world, this is the place for you. The love is abundant and the work is hard, but good.

  • Ariel Arias Molina   December 16, 2014

      Experiencia inolvidable

    Quiero expresar mis más profundos agradecimientos a Neils Y Zara por ser parte de una vivencia única, quiero agradecer por toda la buena energía que tuve en el Sagrado Valle. Es difícil expresar la energía pura y limpia que me transmitieron durante toda mi estadía, es difícil sentirme más vivo que el presente del ahora. Este no fue un viaje más como cualquier otro, fue un viaje que me gustaría repetir una y otra vez y millones de veces más, no importa si sea un viaje difícil a la larga es un viaje sagrado que me llevo a lo más profundo de mí. La atención que recibí fue única, me sentí como si estuviera junto a mis amigos más cercanos, pude aprecia que el mundo es brillante y hermoso. Estar en el medio del Perú y sentirme querido no es una sensación que se de tan fácil en cualquier parte del mundo, en Perú no conocía a nadie no conocía del idioma y de la cultura que existe pero gracias a ustedes me sentí genial y vivo!!!!


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