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Latest Reviews

  • Review for Alana Roach Yoga

    Alana Roach   October 24, 2014

      A student of mine who would rather stay anonymous

    Alana has the yogic essence which is a rare quality In yoga teachers.When taking her yoga classes I knew I was with someone who loved teaching and had so much knowledge on the postures and understanding of how the positions work on your body. Alana's teachings is in tune with all three aspects of yoga: body,mind and spirit. She brings the wonderful energy to her classes that exudes warmth and makes yoga a relaxing and challenging experience. I miss her but I know wherever she goes she will bring joy with her teachings -Anonymous

  • Review for Alana Roach Yoga

    Elizabeth Vaughn   October 24, 2014

      Alana Roach--An Old Soul

    Alana's love for mind, body, and spiritual health is evident in every yoga pose. She's passionate about mind/body connection and conveys this with ease to beginners as well as advanced yogis. Alana is able to teach and inspire, while staying grounded and down to earth. She is encouraging and always reminds her students to smile. Alana showed me how to love yoga--it will always be a part of my life because of her!

  • Review for El Purguero Ayahuasca Healing Center

      Yes Ron is a gringo, but he's also the very real deal - by Greg Yanick-Thompson

    Starting early spring 2013 I had my first ayahuasca experience , it changed my life as it does with most folks ,,, now 150 plus ceremonies later, (yea that be on average 2 a week) including lots of own personal self sittings! (usually the most powerful ), I feel I have at least a grasp of what this incredible medicine can do for people … that said I did go down to peru after xmas this year to sit with Ron Wheelock for 2 weeks… all I can say is yes Ron is a gringo, but he's also the very real deal. in fact I know that the temple of light gets a lot of there brew from him as its know in Peru as one of the strongest !!! Plus as far as cost goes, its reasonable compared to most others. I would say to most folks just follow your heart, mother ayahuaska will call to you from that place!!!

  • Review for Luz Cosmica Spiritual Center

      Très belle expérience pour moi qui a changé ma vision de la vie avec un nettoyage interne - Sofia

    Je peux te conseiller le centre Luz Cosmica du chaman James Arevalo Rojas où je suis allée en juin. Je suis totalement d’accord avec le post plus haut qui décrit très bien le centre. Tu peux y aller soit lors des séminaires de groupe soit en individuel à des dates qui te conviennent car Luz Cosmica est ouvert toute l’année. J’ai été très contente de mon séjour et du travail effectué avec la plante et biensûr le chaman qui est très accessible, de confiance ce qui est très important voire primordial lors des cérémonies, des icaros à son image, doux et puissants et une immersion magique et pleine de surprises dans la selva. Très belle expérience pour moi qui a changé ma vision de la vie avec un nettoyage interne ( à tous les niveaux :)) très puissant!

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