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Christopher Laurance, Iboga Root Home, San Pancho, Mexico.  I have over 13 years of experience as an ibogaine provider, as well as being a former addict. I am also initiated into Bwiti, the traditions surrounding iboga use in Gabon, Africa. I work with my wife Mari Smith, one healed by iboga, iboga supporter, and artist. Other than ibogaine the cornerstone here is a family of former addicts, and the strong community support that this creates.  We are located in a quiet and relaxed town , surrounded by jungle and only 3 blocks from the ocean. Our work and screening is fully supported by a doctor expierienced with ibogaine. All of our work is also supported by some of the traditional elements of Bwiti, including the live traditional music (ngombi harp) and preparatory low dose work, and offerings and cleansing,  and follow up root medicine work for closure (boosters). The program is 2 weeks, including the ibogaine process, aftercare/reintegration, and follow up booster work . Cost is 5500 dollars. Sliding scale work is availiable.  We work with addicts striving to get free as well as anyone seeking this root medicine for healing and growth.
What is Iboga and Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is the primary active component of the iboga plant. Iboga is a plant from West Africa that is used as a visionary medicine by the Bwiti and Pigmy cultures as an initiation into adulthood and a powerful healer. In the 1960s a heroin addict named Howard Lotsoff accidentally discovered this plant's incredible properties to physically and neurochemically interrupt heroin addiction and other addictions. Since that time, a movement of former addicts treating addicts with iboga has spread worldwide. Ibogaine works like nothing else with regards to addiction, especially opiate addiction. It neurochemically resets the brain to a pre-addictive state. Addicts are able to arrest their drug addiction without, or with minimal withdrawal symptoms, and emerge from the ibogaine experience free of cravings or with cravings greatly reduced. Many people are set free from a lifetime of drug addiction with a single ibogaine treatment.
How and Why Ibogaine Works

Ibogaine resets the neurochemistry of the brain to a pre-addictive state. Ibogaine promotes the brain's ability to produce GDNF, which is a growth hormone that promotes neuroplasticity and neurological regeneration. This allows for a great deal of pattern changing and new growth that for many people did not seem possible before their ibogaine experience. The period of time after receiving ibogaine is something akin to a neurological second childhood, a place of freedom where old habits can be shed and new patterns can be created. This being said, ibogaine is primarily an addiction interrupter. As important as the ibogaine itself is what we do with ourselves in the weeks and months after treatment as well as the patterns we make out of the space that iboga offers in our lives and in ourselves. Ibogaine interrupts the addiction, whether lasting recovery is built out of this opportunity or not is largely in a participants hands and based on the work done on one's self after the process. Aftercare is key! Ibogaine has also been found to be useful for many people with depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder as well as other conditions. The neuroplasticity promoted by ibogaine promotes the healing of the brain.

Venue Highlights

We work out of our home that includes a spacious garden, fruit trees and cats, a dog, lots of music and art. We are located in a very beautiful, quiet and relaxed town in the jungle and only 3 blocks from the ocean.


We have two guest treatment rooms, an open-air recreational room, kitchen and dining room, guest patio, a back patio, and a backyard garden. We are in close proximity to the beach so you can enjoy the sunset over the Pacific ocean.

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  • Elisabeth kula   April 09, 2019

      Highly recommended

    Christopher and Myrhha are wonderful. I felt very well cared for and was able to make huge life-style shifts after two Ibogaine treatments with them. I have been sober since leaving their clinic but have also noticed huge shifts in my mood and symptoms of bi-polar disorder. I truly believe Ibogaine heals mental illness, whatever it may be. I’m honored and grateful that I was able to share the time I did with these two. They are not only very well informed and capable providers, but also incredibly empathetic and kind.They will always have such a special place in my heart. My experience with them truly saved my life.

  • Richard Hughes   January 16, 2019

      Great People doing Great Work

    I used to be a volunteer here and I sometimes still help out on occasions and I would just like to say that these guys are the real thing. That the care for the people in their hands and guide them through there detoxes and journeys well. These are not like the fly by night horror story ibogaine detox centers you sometimes hear of, here people are treated with respect. The medical side is taken care of as is the spiritual, with elements of the Bwiti faith combined into the three different iboga ceremonies people typically experience. I can recommend Chris and Myrrha as caring and experienced with integrity. You will feel a part of the family and be taken care of as such.

Why Retreat?

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So that I am rejuvenated to be the best I can be in my relationships - personal, work and in Society - offering and giving to be of benefit to others! Laura

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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.