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Casa De La Madre Ayahuasca Healing Center

About This Center

Casa de la Madre has been operating and assisting people heal and learn since late 2009. 

Cielo, the owner and manager of the center has been constantly in Peru working with ayahuasca and the teaching and healing plants of the Amazon since 2007.
Cielo managed the The Temple of the Way of Light assisting in creating the program and facilitating the initial groups back in 2009.
It was there that she learnt and grew to understand to be able to work as she does now. After working with big groups of up to 30 people to set 12 day retreats at the temple she realised that was not the way to work with the medicine. So since then in her intimate guesthouse works with no more than 10 people and is flexible with dates as to allow each person to heal and learn at their own pace. 

Casa de la Madre offers master plant dietas, healings and teaching catered individually to each person.
Cielo is a very down to earth person full of love, compassion and understanding. With more than 30 plant dietas and 11 years of constant experience she is very focused on each person who chooses to come to Casa de la Madre.
The guesthouse is set on the very edge of the lake in Yarinacocha just out of Pucallpa Peru.
From December to April is known as the wet season and contra to belief it does not rain continuously. We may have a day or two of rain then a week or two of dry. But it is certainly gorgeous during this (contact info blocked) green and quiet.
We offer strong clear ayahuasca ceremonies, master plant diets and specific healing work using the medicinal plants of the Amazon jungle.
Included for your stay:
~3 ceremonies a week (more available on request)
~Flower baths
~Airport pick up and drop off
~Private room
~Individual consultations with curenderos
~All meals freshly prepared with fruit and vegetables fresh fish and local chicken
~Fruits and teas available all day
~Translations if required.
~Assistance with tourist activities with english speaking guide such as outings to local villages, markets,shopping,galleries etc if you like.

Master plant dietas are available on application and in consultation.
To prepare for your visit you will need to start cleaning your body so to immerse into the work more easily. To do this it is best to avoid certain foods and substances for at least 2 weeks beforehand.
~Fried foods
~Red meats
~Overly spicy foods
~Recreational drugs
Eat fresh fruit and vegetables chicken and fish cooked simply.
What you need to bring with you.
~Light cotton clothes
~A pullover
~At least 1 set of long light coloured pants and shirt. Mosquitos are attracted to dark colours.
~Personal toiletries
~Insect repellant
~Small flash light for ceremonies
~Books to read ( we do have an extensive library as well)
~Book and pen to Journal
~ Art supplies if inclined
~ Extra cash for tips and tourist activities etc.
$800 US per week
$1500 US per fortnight
$2800US per month
$500US extra for master plant dieta.

$50 Kambo treatment.
We ask for a 30% deposit to hold your space as we are a small center.
Refund is available if cancelled one month ahead of the booking date.
You will be given a questionaire on your health issues at the time of booking.
Im sure you will have questions and im happy to answer you whenever you ask.
Big hugs
Love Cielo Tierra

Welcome to Casa de la Madre Ayahuasca Healing Center.

Venue Highlights

Casa de la Madre is on the very edge of the lake front in Yarinacocha Pucallpa Peru.

We are easily accessable to Pucallpa via 10 minute boat ride in the wet and 10 minute motokar in the dry season.

We work with integrity and authentucally with ayahuasca and with the medicinal plants of the Amazon. Providing strong, safe ceremonies, master plant dietas and healing treatments.


Each guest has their own private room equiped with a 3/4 bed with innersprung mattress and fresh linens. All rooms are completely screened for insect protection.

There is a chair, table, fan and clothes storage in each room.

We have 24hr electricity.

There are plenty of common recreation spaces with comfortable couches and hammocks.

Ceremony space is beautifully appointed and is fully screened in. It has comfortable mats, fresh linens, 2 bathrooms with flushing toilets

Fresh wholesome meals.


  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Tour Assistance
  • Coffee/Tea
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


We serve fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and chicken. Prepared by our trained staff in a very clean kitchen with modern equipment.

We offer vegan, vegetarian as well as gluten free.

We are happy to provide for individual requirements.


We provide pick up and drop off from Pucallpa airport, which is an hours flight from Lima.

internal peruvian flights operating to Pucallpa
Peruvian Airlines
Star Peru

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  • Mike Johnson   May 24, 2018

      It is not possible to express in words the beauty that this location holds

    I spent 2+ months at Casa de la Mardre in 2015. It proved to be one of the most pinnacle turning points of my life. Cielo is the most kind and caring person I have ever met. Her knowledge and experience with the plants and medicines of the Jungle is astonishing. I took part in 2 plant dietas while I was there as well as Ayahuasca ceremonies every other night. The ceremonies we very powerful, healing, and transforming. Cielo would tirelessly make sure myself and the other guests were comfortable and looked after. She made herself available to talk if I needed help with anything. It is not possible to express in words the beauty that this location holds. Every night the sunsets would blow my mind. The guest house tucked away on a little inlet of the lake provided a sanctuary for rest and reflection. My time at Casa de la Madre really changed my life. I am eternally grateful to Cielo for the healing and lessons I learned while I was there. If you are thinking about visiting Casa de la Madre, I highly suggest it.

  • Zoot Nel   May 20, 2018

      The House of the Mother Ayahuasca

    Hallo, traveller, I highly recommend The House of the Mother Ayahuasca! Safe and clean space, delicious food, strong medicine. Great hostess that runs the accommodation and healing like clockwork. Amazing view of the river and all that comes with it. :)

  • Stef Wagner   April 18, 2018

      Home away from home

    I went to Cielo's retreat at a time in my life where I really needed some healing. Getting there was an incredible adventure in itself, getting greeted at the airport with a big hug and a ride in a tuk tuk followed by a beautiful ride across the water in a boat during the wet season made it instantly magical. We pulled up to the house and being greeted by Cielo on her dock waving her arms and yelling "hello" made us feel so welcome. She has beautiful dogs, monkeys, a cat and most importantly a beautiful heart. It was my first retreat ever and I was extremely nervous and she calmed me down by patiently answering my million and one questions. The rooms were very clean, large and comfortable, the food was second to none, now that I'm home, I realize I can't feed myself half as well as they did. The staff is so kind and loving, does your laundry for you and they are constantly cleaning so that you have a tidy space. The medicine was extremely strong and pure and she made sure to give us the right kind and amount that we needed. You will always feel safe during ceremony and Cielo is there for all of your needs. The Shaman was out of this world and you felt you had a friend in him instantly! I cannot recommend this place highly enough, I met some of the most beautiful people and was graced with an experience I'll never forget.

  • Lynne Ann Boles   April 03, 2018

      Home away from home.

    I've been to many retreat centers and this by far is one of the best in the jungle! Cielo is the perfect Host. Right down to having a very cool library. Best food in the Amazon. Say how you want to eat n as long as its ayahuasca diet you're guaranteed it to be delicious! I sleep incredibly well in the jungle at Cielo's. Beds are so comfy. Thank you for n incredible stay!

  • Matt Dell   March 25, 2018

      Absolutely incredible healing and getaway

    I came to Cielo's space for my second plant dieta, and I will without a doubt be returning for many future diets. The space is immaculate, situated perfectly outside of Pucallpa, with incredible accomodation and a well treated and cared for ceremony space. The staff are absolutely lovely and the feeling of family is strong. William, the Maestro running ceremony and dietas out of Cielo's center is the most adept healer I've been lucky enough to work with, assisting me in my process of clearing my body parasites and deep disease. A truly spectacular experience, thank you so much to Cielo, William, and the staff involved for making me feel safe and comfortable enough to achieve the depth of medititation I did during this dieta. God bless x

  • Hume Wilkinson   March 24, 2018

      Es bien

    I stayed at Casa De La Madre for a week in October 2017.Cielo was welcoming& very gracious in answering my numerous questions.To have a fellow Aussie, with her experience and down to earth humour was a blessing for me while staying in Pacallpa. The Medicine and curanderos i worked with were of the highest quality and i learnt a lot during my short visit.. The accommodation was clean& comfy and the meals were delicious. I recommend..., Sincerely Hum Wilkinson (Australia)

  • Freddy   March 23, 2018

      A true experience without the BS...

    Casa De La Madre, Ran by an Australian lady Cielo, is just what I needed, I have been to two other 'retreats' prior to here and as much as I tried I couldn't break through, I'm feeling like the reason for this is because in the back of my mind I wasn't being held as safely as I wanted and couldn't let go of my strong mind. As an example I was up to two and a half cups of medicine elsewhere and it only took one cup to get me where I needed. If you want all the fluffy stuff like Reintegration, extremely strict diets and days filled with unnecessary activities this isn't the place for you, but you really need to ask yourself, are these the things that make your Ayahuasca experience better? Cielo runs a simple but beautiful centre close to Pucallpa and I highly recommend this place. NB: during the summer months May-August (I'm not positive of these months) the area around Cielo's can get pretty busy and possibly noisy when you are in ceremony, hence they're building a new moloka away from distractions and I'm lead to believe it will be ready in the upcoming months. Thanks for the great experience Cielo xo

  • Taylor Addams   March 21, 2018

      Safe and Genuine Place for Healing

    I went to Casa De La Madre in August/September 2017. Before this, I had participated in a couple ayahuasca ceremonies at a retreat center in the States; however, I knew that I had a lot more healing to do and wanted an authentic experience in Peru. I wanted to find a place that had private/small-size ceremonies and a personable feel. I didn't want to feel like I was just "customer" coming in and out. I came across Casa De La Madre and knew that this was where I needed to go. I had consistent communication with Cielo and some of her helpers from beginning to end. From the moment that I got off the plane, in the mototaxi, and to the location, I was supported without confusion. Cielo has good connections with people across Peru and was able to connect the others and me with great experiences to learn some of the Peruvian culture as well. For instance, I was able to see the Shipibo Women's markets where they show their artwork and clothing. I was able go to a beautiful art gallery, markets, and restaurants. Cielo connected me and another person staying there with her good friend who took us through the jungle and to the Boilng River in Mayantuyacu. I also received Sapo from one of Cielo's helper/facilitators as well as a deep muscle massage from her good friend who comes from a family with a gift for healing. Furthermore, the food was AMAZING -- my vegan diet was accommodated and the meals did not disappoint! All of those experiences only enhanced the deep and powerful ayahuasca ceremonies. Cielo works closely with a Curandero, William, and his voice alone (and heart) has healing power. No, the ceremonies were NOT easy for me; however, I was deeply supported and assisted from start to finish. I left Casa De La Madre a lot "lighter" than I had originally been, and I am so appreciative of that. Thank you! 100% would recommend! P.S. The monkeys, pups, and cat definitely helped with me missing my own cat back home!

  • Serene King Ma   March 21, 2018

      Special Space with a Beautiful Heartfelt Shaman

    This is my second trip to Peru & my 4th retreat spot to visit & this is definitely my favorite. I spent three weeks at Casa De La Madre in Pucallpa September 2017 ~ my room was perfect & spacious & had a beautiful view of the lake. The food was amazing & I loved going with Cielo to the market to do the shopping what a treat. William the Shaman works from his heart with such integrity & love & WOW his singing & playing of musical instruments is just spectacular in the ceremony. I felt safe, held & contain whilst working with the medicine. William & Cielo work with love & integrity. Cielo organized for us to go & visit the Pablo Amaringo Museum in town & that was a huge highlight for me. It is important to find a space that works with love & integrity & Casa De La Madre is that. Marisol cooks for us & Wichi took care of all the maintenance & essentials, lovely local people who open their hearts to us. Casa De La Madre is on the lake & we often saw pink dolphins in the water which was such a treat.The Ceremonies were powerful, hugely transformational & many lessons to come home & integrate. I will definitely be back soon.

  • Jo Hn   March 20, 2018


    i would recommend everyone who's interested is getting to know one self better to do this! Me and my girlfriend had a very powerful experience with Cielo and her people! They truly know what they are doing and we felt safe and held all through our stay! Beautiful location/housing and friendly people. Thank you Cielo and we will be seeing you again! :-)

  • ILona Dovey   March 19, 2018

      Beautiful place with very friendly and beautiful people

    I stayed at Casa de La Madre in September, 2017. I am so grateful to the Universe for aligning me with this beautiful place and everyone involved. Cielo is very experienced with the Medicine and she also has an extremely open heart. I felt very welcomed and calm during the whole stay at the retreat. The house is very clean and has breathtaking views over the river. The ceremonies were held in a lovely round house which is at the edge of the lake. At night you can hear lots of interesting animal sounds, which to me personaly was very transforming during the ceremonies. William, the currandero is very experienced and compassionate towards his work. The space he holds is pure, empowering and the music he plays and sings is just beyond this world. I am extremely lucky and grateful to have been able to share the space with Cielo and William and other lovely people in and out of the ceremonies. I would highly recommend this place and it is somewhere I will definitely go back one day. Oh and if you are a big animal lover like me, then you will be welcomed by few dogs, kitty cat and a monkey :)

  • Antonio Hernandez   March 19, 2018

      Amazing place, amazing medicine

    Before going to Casa de la Madre I already had experience with medicines from the jungle but the experience was the most intense and life changing of my life. Cielo takes really good care of all the guests, so generous and nice with everyone, she's just a medicine women. I can't thank her enough for the opportunity she gave me of staying at her center and how she has devoted her life to the sacred medicines. The maestros that I had the honor to sit with in ceremony where amazing: Abraham, Jose, William...they are teachers and brothers that I'll keep in my memories forever. If you have the chance to visit this place don't miss it, you won't regreat it :)

  • Estelle Arlaud   March 19, 2018

      Cosy Ayahuasca retreat center

    I was there last September, I really enjoyed the cosines of it, simple and charming place. Good fresh food cooked by Marisol, a Peruvian woman with a big heart, fruits always available. The Ayahuasca ceremonies were also in a wooden nicely built round house, clean and for small groups , you could have a nice mattress and a few pillows and blankets , 2 bathrooms. Cielo is a good person that does her best to accommodate you in your most comfortable way. The ceremonies with curendero and musician William are beautiful has his heart is pure and music a nectar for the soul. I will for sure go back on my next trip to Peru. Oh, and if you go during the wet season you may see real mermaids!! Also the lac has pink dolphins. One love

  • Jeff Carpenter   March 19, 2018

      Personal Evolvement magnified!!

    My personal experience at Casa De La Madre was amazing ....... since experiencing Ayahuasca my mind has expanded to a multitude of possibilities ....... my self awareness and evolution as a spiritual being has blossomed and I now can see realities that I never could have imagined. If self awareness and personal evolvement spiritually,physically, mentally and emotionally are your goals then Ayahuasca is definitely for you. Ayahuasca is definitely not for the faint hearted ...... there can be some tough moments but if your intent is pure the rewards are so .... so worth it.

  • Jirka Liba   March 19, 2018

      Perfect calming place with lovely people & animals

    I returned to Casa De La Madre after two years, because my first visit made me happy and very satisfied. For the second time, i spent there one week and it was pleasure to stay. Owner Cielo is lovely woman, place is perfect for calming both inside and outside on the terrace with beautiful view on Ucayali river (with pink dolphines!). Fully equiped kitchen, wash machine etc. They can prepare healthly food for you. Healing house is very close to that where you will live. You can meet monkeys, dogs and cat in Casa De La Madre. People and animals lives there in peace and love together. Hope i will see all of them soon :) <3 Recommended!

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