Sacred Plant Ceremonies

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  • Every Sunday at 5:30 pm
  • Group size 2-8 people

About This Event

Shamanic practice holds that living in accordance with nature is medicine, and that people are capable of receiving wisdom, healing and knowledge through working in symbiotic relationship with the earth, plants and trees. In keeping with this tradition, the Curanderos of the Amazon have a long history of using ayahuasca in ceremonial practice; in the Andes Mountains of South America, the priests use San Pedro, and in Mexico and the Southwestern United States, shamanic practice often centers around the use of peyote and psilocybin mushrooms.

Here in Hawai’i, we find it spiritually significant to partake of the ancient, psychotropic plant teachers of Hawaii and the Pacific Islands in their original habitat -- in the middle of the world’s largest ocean, the ocean named after "Peace."

Although our brew is comparable to ayahuasca, the plants we use are gentler and less physical. Our ceremonies are not to imitate those of Peru; rather, they are a unique, ceremonial opportunity for people to experience and celebrate the Master Plant teachers of Hawaii and this part of the world -- in the native locale in which the plants have been breathing, growing, rooting, propagating, and contributing to indigenous rituals and ceremonies for thousands of years. 

With the assistance of Hawaiian and Southwest Pacific Master Plants (i.e., psychoactive plants that teach), it is accepted that people can receive knowledge, teachings and insights about themselves, their Divine nature, and their relationship to their True Self. This is the within self, which is otherwise often perceived as being separate and external as "other." We offer our sacred, indigenous, organically-grown, earth-based plants in our HANDS-ON SESSIONS and group ceremonies to open the opportunity for healing, personal growth, and the experience of sacred plant interaction in an accessible, well-groomed, upcountry, Hawaiian jungle setting

By accessing a super conscious state, with the enhancement of these entheogens (literally, "becoming one with divine"), those that partake of these sacred plants generally receive visions of the energetic world. Traditionally, they have been used for thousands of years to acquire inner knowledge and wisdom — in other words, the ability to “know oneself.”

This is an incredibly blessed and sacred place, cared for by two extraordinary shamans and healers. -- Guest, 2015


Upon receipt of your completed no-obligation application for one of our programs and donation* submission (where requested), we will email you a list of nearby lodging options. (Application forms are downloadable on our website.) There is no camping or lodging on the shamanic grounds though (depending on the season) an abundance of free fresh fruit is often available in the environs for picking. Nearby rooms (.8 to 2.4 km / .5- to 1.5-miles from us) generally have kitchenettes and/or access to restaurants, grocery stores and a well-equipped shared kitchen for preparing meals and snacks. You are also free to find your own accommodations elsewhere, if you prefer, and to commute back and forth to our area.

A few neighborhood room rates that we suggest are listed as follows:

$40 per night / $198 per week (off season)
$42 per night / $252 per week year round
$69 per night / $414 per week year round
• DOUBLE ROOM OPTIONS (add $3 per night)


Muaisa Hale Pule ("As I Aum" Sanctuary) is located on the healing Kona Coast of the island of Hawaii. This is the Big Island, the "real Hawaii" with a population of only 45 people per square mile; it is not to be confused with Honolulu on the island of Oahu where the population is over a million. Rather, our serene location is at approximately 1600 ft elevation, only 3 miles above the shoreline. The bay below us, "The Pathway to the Gods," is the #1 marine life preserve in the State of Hawaii. It is where Captain James Cook first discovered the island in 1778 and where dolphins continue to come almost daily to feed, play, rest and nurture their young. You will want to be sure you are flying into Kona International Airport (KOA), which is about 19 miles (30.5 km) north of our locale.

Along with your program booking details, we will also send you ground transportation guidelines to our locale from KOA. The best means of getting to us from there is to arrange for Uber, a rental car, a taxi or a shuttle in advance of your arrival. Taxis charge about $65 O/W; shuttles are closer to $46 - 51 O/W, and Uber drivers generally negotiate their own fares.

On Mon - Sat, the “Hele-on Bus” operates a regular schedule of $2 intra-Kona and $2 across-the-island bus routes from where we are located. The bus, however, does not go to many of the scenic hotspots, nor does it service this area from either of the 2 island airports at a time which is conducive to most people’s itineraries.

You'll be able to get by easily enough on foot and via bus as long as you're comfortable staying fairly local and walking .8 to 2.4 km (.5 - 1.5 miles) to shopping and environs. A rental car or scooter is advisable, however, for seeing more of the island and for ease in getting around.

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