Tomas Maka

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About The Teacher

My name is Tomas. My journey with healing plants began many years ago when I realized how powerful the plants are and the importance of respect towards them. I discovered new plant based medicines. Then the time has come to transform my life. I went to the jungle for my very first master plant dieta. This was beautiful metamorphosis. One year later I went to the jungle for the second time and stayed there. Being in daily contact with nature is priceless. I received so much from plants and I love to share my experience with people.
My motto: enjoy your life! 

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  • Artur R   September 12, 2019


    Tomas is an inborn Shaman. His eyes are bright and medicine strong. Very highly recommend to work with him if there is an opportunity, and you feel an internal call.

  • Łukasz Brańka   March 16, 2019

      Mucho gracias!

    Tomek is like a sun. 100% pure positive energy. He has a big knowledge. This man does what he loves. Thanks for everything! Best regards! :)

  • Bart Gumowski   February 22, 2019

      Great mind with a big heart

    Tomasz is one of the people that discovered Psychonauta by accident and then... decided to stay. Even though he was the least intrusive host, it would be difficult to imagine this place without him. He combines great knowledge of plants and human beings with an extraordinary ability to listen. A great mind, with a big heart, working in tandem with Blez, they both turned my stay in Nauta into one of the most beatiful memories of my life

  • Jo Fox   February 15, 2019

      'An oasis of calm'

    Being in Tomas''s presence is like being in oasis of calm. He is an amazing listener and he was a great support to me during the whole retreat. I loved times spent together in the kitchen and space he created for me where I could share my experiences after Ayahuasca ceremonies, and Tomas would ask the right questions to guide me through this process of integration and translating it so I could make a better sense of everything I experienced. He is very intuitive, gentle, loving soul with lots of joy to share and gratitude to spread. Highly recommending working with Tomas if you are looking for someone authentic, loving and non- judgemental!


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