Isha Turner

About The Teacher

Hi, this is Isha. I'm particularly interested in working with people who have a history of depression, addiction or people who are just looking take hold of their lives again. Anyone who's interested in exploring their inner urge to expand their consciousness without the fear of being judged will always have my full attention and loving respect.

After living 30 years of my life living with recurring depression, a feeling of not belonging and a general sense of not knowing who i am or why i'm here, i decided it was time to do some serious work on myself and. I started meditating and it certainly helped with being able to witness myself and my behavioral patterns and moods. But why was i having these patterns and moods? What was underneath them? I came across a man called Dr Gabor Mate (An expert in trauma, addiction, stress and childhood development) around 8 years. This lead me to the use of plant medicines. First with Ayahuasca (which showed my the roots cause of my behavior patterns as well as helping me shed my mental and spiritual pollution that i felt society had installed in me. Then with San Pedro/Huachuma which i feel made me complete again and gave me my clear focus, mental strength and a purpose in life.

I decided to focus mainly on working with San Pedro as i have so much respect for the gentle and patient nature of the medicine. I don't claim to be a shaman like in the South America traditional sense. I totally respect the shamanic ways and have work and journeyed with Shamans, but I feel this tradition is a sacred one that is so often exploited and by westerners. Shamanic ceremonies should only be conducted by genuine shamans of which they are few a far between in my experience. I also feel that experiencing your journey with loving support and with as little distractions or interference as possible gives the participants the deepest and most transformational experience. I'm descried as being a gentle giant and a big open heart. I offer plenty experience working with medicines as well as safety and protection. I'm originally from the UK but now living in Portugal where we have the perfect location to truly work with this medicine at it's best.

I strongly believe in everyone's individual reality, and that everything is just how it's supposed to be. I feel that we should try our best to embrace our fears and emotions, not run away or drown in to them and we should always show gratitude to the human experience. Life and awareness truly is a blessing.

Blessing on your travels


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To feed my soul so that I may return to my students with more inspiration and love to share! Jennifer

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