Mama Selva

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About The Teacher

Decades of experience in energy work, guiding sessions with entheogenic substances, leading women circles and empowerment groups. Warm and nurturing personality, maternal archetype balancing the strong male characters she works in team with during psychedelic sessions. One of founders of medicinal community in Peruvian Amazon rainforest and Psychonauta Foundation. She works through intuition and feeling, beyond formal intellectual models of therapy. Believer in action above words, and quite strange to self aggrandisement frequent in contemporary new spirituality, so you can only get the true picture through experience.

Mother of two by blood, many by spirit.


Wiele lat doświadczeń w pracy z energią, przewodnictwa w sesjach z substancjami psychoaktywnymi i bez, prowadzenia kręgów kobiet i procesów rozwoju osobistego. Ciepła, opiekuńcza osobowość, archetyp matki równoważący silne męskie charaktery z jakimi pracuje w ekipie podczas sesji i retreatów. Współzałożycielka medycznej społeczności w peruwiańskiej Amazonii i projektu Psychonauta Foundation. Pracuje poprzez intuicję i czucie, poza formalnymi intelektualnymi modelami terapii. Wyznaje działanie ponad teorią, nie jest skłonna do autopromocji swojej osoby, powszechnej praktyki we współczesnej nowej duchowości, tak więc pełen obraz uzyskać możecie jedynie poprzez bezpośrednie doświadczenie.

Matka dwójki z krwi i wielu z ducha.

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  • Barbara Kaniewska   October 11, 2020

      Thank you Mama Selva

    I've met Mama Selva few years ago on one of my first ceremonies in Poland. When falling apart, she was the one who helped me to gather all the pieces back to it's place. Never judging always open and supporting. Almost like a spiritual fundament behind it all. Later already in Peru I had a chance to meet her again. She was the one who helped me to understand the power of acceptance and female presence more silent and observing but always there to catch you.

  • Evi Gaya Chmieli   October 09, 2020

      Healing presence

    Do you know that cozy feeling of returning home when everything is just like you left it and how you like it? The smell of the fire place that has been burnt last night? Or the bedding still warm from beautiful dreams? Such a familiar feeling Sulvia's presence creates. I have lived, worked, constructed, suffered, laughed, drank medicines, gone throught sicknesses, deaths, rany and sunny seasons with her. All along those extreme experiences she has been warm, wise, nurturing, super funny, easy going, feminine creature :) Her never complaining and no judgemental attitude has been always big inspiration. When I put too much salt in long prepared meal she was there to save it. If I was emotional she gave me space to be. Feeling sad she sprayed me with crazy Saggitarious humor or funny story. I had my doubts about medicine she always offered her wide experience. She knows when to speak and when to stay silence. She admits her mistakes and enjoys little snippets of everyday life. She shines with humbleness and grace. She is an example of true sisterhood spirit. Just look how she creates the space for her daughter to grow freely or how she talks to animals... Just to be around Mama Selva is pleasure, is lesson, is medicine!

  • tomasz maka   October 07, 2020


    Being around Sylwia I could always feel real presence of wisdom and see amazing connection with plants and her creativity! Adding to it her cooking skills and non-invasisve presence - so to say - makes her the top host. Be blessed!

  • Lewis Tangi   October 06, 2020

      Awesome Human

    I spent months with Mama Selva and fam during the quarantine. She is an awesome human. A behind-the-scenes space holder who brings balance and peace to the chaos of the jungle. I'm thankful that Sylvia was there. She was like a constant reminder that everything is ok, through thick and thin.

  • Maryjan Szhare   October 03, 2020

      Protective Spirit

    Welcome. I want to write a few words about the wonderful Mama Selva. I met her at an ayahuasca ceremony where she was a curadero helper. It was my first meeting with medicine 5 years ago in Poland. Selva was like a protective spirit, full of calm understanding, female energy. Somewhat withdrawn supporting the ceremony chairman, giving me more confidence that I am going in the right direction, redacting fear and anxiety. Her care of fire, singing, voice and natural beauty made this experience wonderful. She is very knowledgeable about the spiritual realm of life, the true nature of reality. She has such a gift that when you meet her, you feel trust and the strength of her peace. Marcin from Poznań Poland Aho

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