Catherine Pawasarat

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About The Teacher

Catherine Pawasarat has developed awakening for the alleviation of suffering for all beings by training daily with awakening master Doug Duncan Sensei since 1997. She helped found Clear Sky after helping establish and develop Kyoto-based Dharma Japan. In particular, Catherine focuses on dharma training, a methodology for speedy unfoldment for those strong of heart and will, and how sustainability figures in the practices of awakening. Through AkasaVision Consulting she pursues her keen interest in the fertile ground where awakening and social entrepreneurship meet.

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  • Duncan Cryle   September 26, 2020

      Deeply wise and visionary teacher

    I've worked with Catherine for over 15 years - she is one of the most compassionate and honest people I know, and a highly skilled teacher. From doing many retreats with her, and working with her closely as one of my root teachers, I've found she has a tremendous ability to see the most fruitful areas of growth for a person, whether that is addressing blind spots or stuck patterns, or uncovering hidden talents. She's helped me become conscious of and heal many deep patterns, and I'm profoundly grateful for her wisdom and care.

  • Elizabeth E MacLean   February 20, 2020

      Inspirational teacher

    The past five years of studying with Catherine have been life changing. Catherine is able to cut to the core of what you need to hear in the moment. I find her teachings light a fire under my aspiration for awakening.

  • Geoffrey Haynes   February 08, 2020

      Compassionate and skilled teacher

    I have had the fortune of having several one-on-one meetings with Catherine. She has excellent communication skills -able to be direct, yet still gentle and compassionate, as she tunes in to our needs. She is also very perceptive about the kinds of patterning that keeps us stuck in our old habits. We also share an interest in ecological restoration!

  • Dan O'Brien   January 11, 2020

      Master Teacher at Clear Sky Meditation and Study Foundation

    I have known Catherine Pawasarat for over twenty years. As the Clear Sky Board Secretary, I have experienced her teaching and insight and been amazed at her level of clarity and compassion. Her deep level of insight coupled with a learned and expertise has been very helpful in me professionally. In addition, her leadership has taken many beings forward as she and her co-teacher, Doug Duncan, are on the leading edge of making dharma relevant in the twenty-first century. Their on-site courses are fruitful and their on-line courses professional and accessible to learners of various levels. I recommend her without reservation.

  • Dean Nicholson   December 14, 2019

      Cutting Edge Teaching

    I have had the great privilege of studying with Catherine Pawasarat Sensei and her partner Doug Duncan Sensei for over 5 years at the Clear Sky Meditation Center. Catherine brings a wise and compassionate energy to her teaching, while also having a no-nonsense directness that has helped me cut through some of my resistance to growth. In a spiritual world often dominated by male teachers, Catherine is proof that awakening, insight and compassionate teaching are equally a woman's domain.

  • Michelle Heinz   November 25, 2019

      Compassionate, wise and funny!

    Catherine Sensei cares very deeply about what will help each student, the community and the teachings to thrive. She teaches with wisdom, humour and leaves no rock unturned.

  • Irene Arriaza   August 20, 2018


    I first met Sensei Catherine when she was a student. Watching her become a teacher and flourish has been a great source of inspiration. She has a very clear and practical way of explaining things and her kindness and generosity are evident in every moment. It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to learn from her.

  • Maryline Fortier   May 31, 2018

      Beautiful heart and soul!

    I have the amazing opportunity to consider Catherine Pawasarat has one main spiritual mentor in my life. She really wants the best for has many people has possible and is really walking the path. I always get a great deal of love and courage when I can spend time with her. She is very inspiring and one kind of soul that is committed to our growth. A person that brings you up, that sees the best version of yourself and will do whatever she can for you to also see and embody it.

  • Richard Nathaniel   April 15, 2018

      A kind and wise teacher

    When Catherine Sensei explains things in her classes, it is wise and always makes sense. Her advice and teachings are invaluable in navigating and getting through, at times, an unforgiving world. She is a very warm and kind-hearted person and is dedicated 100% to helping all beings and eliminating suffering. If you are looking growth, guidance, and support on your spiritual path, you cannot go wrong studying with Catherine Sensei.


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