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Offering ceremonies and diets of Tobacco and other teachers plants (MASTER PLANTS) for healing and learning In Urubamba, The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru.

This work is suitable for- -those who wants to embody the values that Tobacco promotes and incorporate them into their initiation process with other Master plants such as San pedro and Ayahuasca,

-for those who need grounding, or help with integration of other types of spiritual practices,

 -for individuals that are feeling the call to create a positive change in their lives and connect with their needs through Shamanic work,

-for students of plant medicine who wants to learn, heal and connect with Master plants. 

The work is held in small groups and individual sessions with attention to the personal needs and goals of each participant.

 About Tobacco/ Nicotiana Rustica

The tobacco plant is a central plant in the Shamanic traditions of the Americas and in the healing traditions of the Amazon jungle. It is considered a teacher and guide to the spirit world and to the cosmic knowledge. A benefiter and a protector.

Tobacco is called with affection ‘The grandfather of all plants’,the plant from which all plants sprang. In the Amazon jungle the Tobacco plant is considered a universal medicine by most indigents groups and it is used by the Shaman or the traditional healer. Indigenous medicine men are using the Tobacco to induce a strong physical and energetic cleanse, to promote prophetic dreaming and to protect and regulate the energetic body.

By the world view of the Indigenous people every life form has a spirit, including plants. The plant’s spirit teaches people how to live in peace and harmony with themselves and their environment. These thechiengs helps us recognize the truth of who we are and better understand our relations with the world we live in.

What is Tobacco ceremony

A Tobacco ceremony is a powerful physical and energetic cleanse. Participants in Tobacco ceremony are drinking a juice made from the plant’s leaves. (it is not obligatory to smoke) The type of Tobacco is called, Nicotiana Rustica. This is not the same Tobacco that is used in commercial cigarets. Rather it is a wild and potent type of Tobacco with no chemicals or additives that is used by medicine men of the Amazon.

The Tobacco is not a psychedelic plant it doesn’t promoting visions. It does works in the dream world inducing lucid dreaming. These dreams are different from the everyday dreams. They may illustrate the way the plant is working in our body and it’s teachings.  During a Tobacco ceremony participants often experience a sense of presence in their body. The Tobacco is a grounding plant. It works to bring us back to our body and connect us to our heart, intuition and our higher self.

The Tobacco juice is a strong purgative. It works to collect and clear toxins on all levels from our physical, emotional and mental bodies. The process could be challenging at times as the body is releasing held tension, blocked emotions and physical toxins. It often involves vomiting, defecating, sweating, alternating between feeling hot and cold. Afterwards our body feels clean, light and energized and our mind relaxed and clear. 

The best way to be in a ceremony is to surrender to the medicine and let it do it’s work. The more we trust in the medicine and in the process and just allow things to be, the deeper the healing and the connection we will experience. When we give up control life happens. This is true in life and the same when coming to the ceremony.It allows us to listen deeper into our hearts, get a better understanding of our needs, be kinder to ourselves, give comfort and care to the aspects inside of us who are hurt and afraid.From this place healing occurs, behavioural patterns can be released, answers to questions becomes clear, wounds heal. If we just allow it.

How does Tobacco works in our bodies

On the physical level the Tobacco cleans the blood, intestines, stomach and sinuses. It cleans from mucus, toxins and parasites.  

On the emotional level Tobacco supports clearing held emotions, behavioral patterns and believes that do not save us any longer.

On the energetic level Tobacco helps open energetic blockages so energy may flow freely in the body.

What is a plant diet

What is called ‘plant diet’ in Peru is the way of the Shaman or traditional healer to create a bond with the plants spirit and learn from them. These plants are big trees, shrubs, and plants with medicinal qualities which are known to the indigenes people as ‘ Doctors’ and ‘Teachers’.They are also called Master plants.  Each master plant has different healing properties and different knowledge. Every one of them has the ability to help us embody the qualities and values it promotes.  All master plants connects us to the field of healing and to the cosmic knowledge. The plants are teaching what they have mastered in million years of evolution, how to live in harmony, peace and balance with ourselves and our environment. The healing brought by the the plant’s spirit has a central roll in work of the healer. 

It is usually the healer that administrates the diet that determines which plant will be beneficial to diet, and about the duration time needed. Most of the master plants are served with Tobacco. The tobacco medicine activates other plants that are mixed with it and helps to ground their work and integrate it in our body. Usually the first plant we would diet would be Tobacco. It is considered the pillar of the shamanic house for his cleansing and grounding qualities. It helps as to manifest ourselves in the materialistic world and before we can travel to other dimensions with other master plants Tobacco teaches us to walk the earth. Tobacco gives us the stability and grounding needed in order to work with other plant teachers that the work with them opens a window to travel in other dimensions.

Every night during a plant diet plant medicine is served in a ceremonial manner to each participant in their private space. In the daytime participants rest and eat light food consisting of fruit and vegetables. To make the best out of the experience it’s best to avoid others company and to stay in one’s energy. It is also recommended to abstain from any sexual stimulation. These recommendations were made to allow the participants to undergo a deep process of detoxification on all levels, physical, emotional and mental. To help slow and calm their mind’s activity and to open us a spiritual channel.

The roll of the healer

The healer’s roll is to hold a safe and loving space where healing can occur for the participants, to guide  them in their process, to be a bridge between the western world view and the plants world. The healer meets with every participant before the beginning of the diet for a diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis the healer determines what plant should be drank and for what duration. During the ceremonies and diet the healer directs the medicine and supports the process of the participants.

Merav Artzi. A healer working with medicinal plants from the Amazon jungle specializing in Tobacco plants medicine.

I would like to share a little about myself. At an early age i left my home land of Israel in order to study Fine arts in Europe. For 15 years i lived in Amsterdam, in those years I did my Masters in Fine Arts and lived in a squat with a community of artists and political activists.

In 2009 while travelling in South america i heard about Shamanism in the Amazon jungle and Ayahuasca and decided to go there.  The work with Ayahuasca was a gate to the magical world of the medicinal plants of the Amazon jungle. It is truly the pharmacy of planet earth.

It is over eight years that i have been living in Peru. Out of that time i spent seven years living in Iquitos in the Amazon jungle. In my time in Iquitos i went trough a long initiation to become a healer specializing in working with Tobacco, studying with a local healer and Tabaquero called: Ernesto Garcia Torres.

As a healer i work and help patients suffering from, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma and more. In addition i give diets with master plants and teach students who are interested in learning to heal with Tobacco.

Tobacco is the medicine of my heart and i am here to share this medicine with the world.

I invite you with a lot of love to ask any questions you may still have and to take part in the upcoming events.

Phone & What’sApp- +51931154425

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  • Anne   September 17, 2018

      Grandfather tobacco

    Completed a tobacco diet with Merav in sacred valley earlier this year. It was a deeply insightful experience, I received a lot of clear guidance on my life path. Merav is a very intuitive lady very committed to her work as a healer. I found it really useful to talk though my experiences. Merav held a very safe space for me to reflect and understand the echoes of my soul. Her home is set in the most tranquil of settings, she so thoughtfully and lovingly prepared food, attuning to my needs. Her relationship with the plants and food is really inspirational. She really works directly with the plant spirit, intuitively divining what my unique needs were. She also really listened to what my inner voice had to say and really built my confidence in my own intuition and sensitives. It was so beautiful to relate, walk the mountain roads, with streams at our side and talk with Merav. A very definite gift. I value her friendship and gifts and insights she graciously shares. The final ceremony was so beautifully prepared for. I felt throughout the diet, I had connected deeply with my lineage and my life and left with a much deep resolution on the strengths and gifts I can bring to the world. As well as a beautiful friend. With love and gratitude. Anne

  • Linda Nguyen   September 02, 2018

      Thank you Merav!

    Merav is an amazing Tabaquera and wonderful ally to have on your medicine journey. She has a strong presence, nurturing nature, and powerful icaros. I would strongly recommend her. During all my medicine journeys with her I have always felt safe and trust her with any friend or family member. I can say this because I’ve had family members experience powerful healing and transformation. Thank you Merav for your fierce love of scared medicine and your service to the greater good.

  • Yotam Ben Dror   July 24, 2018

      Deep cleansing, grounding, empowering and crown chakra opening experience with Merav

    I attended a Tobacco ceremony Merav held in Israel with 4 more attendees. I have to say that I felt super protected with the way Merav held the space and frequency and had the opportunity to really surrender, go inside and work together with the mapacho and my physical, mental, emotional and astral bodies. I got great gifts for life in this ceremony and will always remember it. Merav work within the realms of the spirits of Tobacco, other medicinal plants, light beings and angels is inspiring and unique, a true connection and cooperation where real healing is channeled and deep rooted inside where it's needed most. Highly recommended!

  • Chris Coll-Beswick   July 21, 2018

      Caring Heart, Powerful Healer

    It was so amazing to work with Marev. It was my first time in the Sacred Valley and Marev made me feel very welcomed. I really appreciated and valued the way Merav worked. Her approach was refreshing and really enhanced my dieta experience, compared to my previous dieta experiences in the more challenging jungles of Iquitos. Her presence and kind honest nature made me feel incredibly supported through my dieta. I feel the safe and secure container Merav created enabled me to work with and heal deep patterns and believes, I may not of been able to access in a different setting under a different person. Merav mixture of deep wisdom and caring nuture was a powerful guide through a very challenging process. In addition to her wonderful personality, her cooking will make you feel so loved and the beautiful peaceful Oasis of her garden will make you not want to leave, especially when you relax in the hammock!!! I am really grateful I got to work with Merav and I definitely recommend her for those seeking authentic and powerful experiences. Truly an amazing opportunity to work with someone real and true to what they do :)

  • Yulia   July 19, 2018

      Merav is a wonderful healer!

    I did a plant diet with Merav of Camalonga and Aho Macho. After my experience with plant medicine such as Huachuma and Ayahuasca, I found that this diet with Merav worked in a much needed gentle way, on a very subtle level. The challenge lay in the inevitable confrontation with myself, where I could not escape into the throes of a plant ceremony. The diet, and even more so Merav's wisdom, support and loving approach, helped me a great deal with depression and enabled me to see the light from the dark place I was finding myself in. Merav's house is a beautiful safe haven, and every meal was a delicious creation from the best local ingredients:)) Finally, I am forever grateful for the bond and friendship that came out of it - what a precious gift!

  • Janneke   July 16, 2018

      A Sanadora from the heart!

    Deeply grateful that Merav And I crossed each other path... I did Tabacco ceremonies and a dieta with her. From the Tabacco ceremonies she did a very resonating diagnose for me what would be best for my healing... from there I did a dieta with 2 plants with her and that was exactly what I needed. Merav inspires me, she is a true Sanadora/ healer with a pure heart, strong intuition, very passionate and knowledgeable in what she does. She guides and hold space with love, humbleness and authenticity... Truly grateful for my healing with Merav and the beautiful Plants! This woman has a place in my heart!

  • Anna Gavrilova   July 15, 2018

      Она стала моим Хранителем ❤️❤️❤️

    Я встретилась с Мерав в очень не простой период своей жизни, переломный. Она восстанавливала меня после не очень корректно прошедшей Ауяски. Меня пришлось "очищать" во всех смыслах и балансировать. В её прекрасном, живописно расположенном доме я пробыла неделю; до гор можно было дотронуться рукой, а в саду медитировать в раздумьях у Небольшого горного ручья.. После бережной, тонко подобранном травотерапии и По настоящему сердечного участия- я смогла вернуться на "большую европейскую цивилизованную землю" уже способным жить дальше человеком. Мерав, я считаю своим Хранителем 💚🙏🏻, И это бесценно, спасибо!!!

  • Ana Margarida Pereira   July 15, 2018

      Incredible Mapacho dieta

    My husband and I did our Mapacho dietas with Merav. They were both life changing experiences, it gave us both important basic tools for our work with other sacred medicines and influenced very positively our lives. We only have good things to say about the tabaccera Merav, she is strong and gentle, extremely focused. Her icaros in Hebrew are incredibly powerful. She was a great example for us and we thank her for that.

  • Sunchild Wanderer   July 15, 2018

      Such a powerful yet loving woman and curandera

    I did a Rosasisa & Camalonga dirt with Merav. She totally connected well with my needs, because since I may have not chosen flowers.. it was just what I needed!! She is so humble and really won’t stop until she connects whith the root cause of the issue that you truly want to work on, combining on her chinese medicine knowledge. Her food is deliciuous, truly food is medicine with her!

  • sarah sherman   July 15, 2018

      Powerful & Transformative

    Tobacco is so beautiful. Tobacco is so powerful. It can get into the deepest places of trauma and help transform them. My ceremony with Merav was beautiful, deep work. I felt safe and protected and her relationship with this master plant is amazing. Thank you.

  • Florian Sekula   June 23, 2018

      A wonderful healer and friend

    After working extensively with ayahuasca and huachuma and feeling less and less grounded I was led to doing a dieta with mapacho at Merav's beautiful house a little outside of Urubamba. Merav not only provided a safe and loving environment to step into a deep process of healing but also offered wise and compassionate support whenever it was needed. Her great wisdom about medicinal plants, spirituality and the western mind makes her a much needed guide and bridge between indigenous healing methods and the sicknesses of our culture. I am very grateful to have found such an infinitely patient and humble healer and teacher which I will surely continue to work with in the future. Thank you Merav!

  • Gemini Adams   August 06, 2017

      Incredible healer, incredible heart ......

    I came to Peru to work at a treatment center in the jungle with an intuitive message that I'd be going to the Sacred Valley to work with a female healer. Sure enough ..... through a series of synchronistic events Merav's name came to me a few times. I knew I was being called to work with Mapacho but wasn't brave enough to work with an indiginious shaman where the language barrier would be an issue. However, it became clear during the dieta that this wasn't the only language influence. For me personally there was something extremely powerful about dieting with a women, who understood my trials and tribulations, could speak the inner language of womanhood while I was seeking to deepen my relationship with this more masculine plant and my wounding in relation to men. What an incredible journey it was. She nurtured when needed and nudged when it was necessary. I didn't go with any specific ailments, but I had seen how much she nourished those who did. The dieta wasn't overly challenging for me, although there were a couple of moments, and she was right there by my side when needed. Her knowledge, deep wisdom and dedication to healing others is what really shone through. And, the benefit of being surrounded by beautiful mountains, crisp fresh air, here delicious cooking and very cute dogs really aided this, particularly as it was my first forray into the world of isolation diets. She has a real gift. Thank you Merav!

  • Martina Chvatalova   July 09, 2017

      A life changing experience

    I was lucky to experience a private retreat with Merav. It took place in a little village called Llanchama surrounded by the jungle, about an hour off Iquitos. We spent a week in that little paradise. We only ate fruits and vegetables. Every night there was a shamanic ceremony during which Merav sang healing songs and I had to drink a medicine that Merav prepared for me. My diet was based on Ajo Macho (male garlic). During the day I had to fulfil various spiritual tasks, I practiced yoga, mediation and we also swam in the Nanay river. I could never remember my dreams, but during the diet I had a very vivid, sometimes magical dreams that I remembered and each morning I discussed them with Merav. The diet helped me to clean my body, my mind, to connect with my spirituality and to get rid off some negative memories. I was also able to forgive myself for the bad things that I have done, and to forget other people that somehow hurt me in the past. Merav is an experienced and empathic healer. I felt great in her company and trusted her completely. It was indeed a life changing experience that I can strongly recommend to everyone.

  • Noelia Albanesi   July 07, 2017

      Amor de persona

    Conocí a Merav en 2015 en Iquitos. Volví a visitarla en 2016. En ambas oportunidades tuvimos charlas y recomendaciones sobre puntos a trabajar que fueron acertados. Sin dudas es una mujer que sabe lo que hace. Sensible, clara, experimentada, dispuesta a ayudar y brindar su saber. Una maestra.

  • Caden Middleton   June 04, 2017

      A wonderful, loving and and compassionate healer

    I not sure where to begin with my expression of gratitude for Merav. What a wonderful, wonderful women who has helped guide me along my journey of healing and compassion. I met Merav the first time that I went to Peru and new as soon as I met her she was the Shaman for me. I had the incredible opportunity to live with Merav for three months as I was working with the plant medicines of the Amazon. I also had the blessing of meeting many other Shaman's on my journey and can say with all of my heart that she is one of the best... I think of my experiences we shared together on a daily basis. I plan on returning in June of 2018 to continue my training and healing and can't wait to see her again. Merav, thank you so, so very much for the things that you taught me. If you are looking for a healer, look no further than Merav. Much love.

  • John Breitbart   May 14, 2017

      Profound Dieta Journey

    I met Merav in Iquitos, Peru and was blessed to be guided in a Tobacco ceremony with her there before heading to the Sacred Valley. After a beautiful and healing experience, I later joined her again for a 7 day Tobacco dieta in Urubamba. It was a deep and profound journey inward and I am beyond grateful for her guidance and protection throughout. Her Tobacco medicine is powerfully strong and intense but nicely balanced by her calm and nurturing spirit. I came through after the week feeling more clear and focused than any prior point in my life. So much programming and conditioning had been released liberating me from patterns that were clouding my judgment. One of the most healing experiences of my life by far <3

  • Josh G   May 05, 2017

      Amazing healer and tobaquera

    Words cannot describe just how amazing of a healer and person Merav Artzi is. I came to her in the midst of a major health crisis and there was no limit to the care and assistance she gave me. I have never met someone with so much patience in my life and my issues have taken me to a lot of healers.. Merav was able to safely get me off the sleeping medication I was on and transition me to natural herbs and foods to help my issues while we did a tobacco diet followed by an ajo macho diet. I am forever grateful to Merav for her help and care during my tough times and can highly recommend her to anyone in search of an amazing and well rounded natural healer.

  • Valentina Gorbacheva   March 23, 2017

      endless love for tobacco and Merav!

    I have known Merav for about 2 years. I met her in Iquitos. My friend invited me to meet her as I heard that she does tobacco ceremonies. So we met and just chatted about medicine, her work, got to know each other..She is very centred, wise and very grounded person. Lots of knowledge. She told me about the diets she did and they way it was done, which was very important to me. She studied with a well known master in Iquitos. Tobacco is a serious medicine and you need to pick your tabacero wisely. I trusted myself and Merav so few weeks later I came for my first ceremony. After I drank the tea I knew I made the right choice and it was 100% confirmed after ceremony was finished. Merav is a great healer. Her ikaros and connection to the medicine is out of this world! We also did a diagnose prior ceremony so we would know what we need to work on. Since then I had 2 more ceremonies with tabacco and Merav in Iquitos, and then she moved to Cuzco. Oh well.. If you are seeking for a deep spiritual healing and cleanse of your body and soul, remove blockages , be more grounded and find your centre- tabacco is a great healer and Merav is a truly wonderful person to introduce you to it. I believe that the work she does is pure, comes from her heart with lots of love and care.

  • Zuzana Selva   March 07, 2017

      healer with a big heart

    I've know Merav for 5 years, apart from personally experiencing her healing work in tobacco ceremonies (which were for sure a big part of my healing process), I've had a chance to witness her working with other people and seeing them going through life changing experiences. Merav has beautiful connection with the medicine, guiding you with love and compassion through your process. She is very intuitive and caring, has wide knowledge about plants, herbs, nutrition and natural supplements. I feel blessed she is my dear friend.

  • Jørgen Einarson Dretvik   March 01, 2017

      Thank U Merav

    I meet Merav Artzi trough a friend, and after talking and her givin me a diagnosis I could tell that a week with her and the tobacoo plant was just what I needed. She was just so spot on conserning my condition. During our week with the plant I had amazin experiences through dreams and insights, and every day I had talks with Merav about what happened to me. She is a great listener and she has an ability to but symbols and metaphores into context. And I felt she had the role as a interpreter between me and the plant, helping me too understand its language and the way it was communicating with me, and also how I could use the information that it was giving me. As the week went by we got deeper and deeper into the medicine and I feelt more and more that I could completly give my trust to Merav and the whole prosess I was getttin into, and I was able to share absolutely everything and anything that came up in me, wich was extremly healing in it self (to feel that kind of trust). And this is something that still stays with me at all times. I give my all to support Merav and her work with Tobacoo.....Always..... Blessings from Norway :) Jørgen

  • Anna   February 28, 2017

      Tabaccera de corazón

    After some deep experiences with Ayahuasca, I really needed to ground myself, that’s when Merav appeared. From the first meeting, I felt lots of concentration, clarity and sharpness in her. We did 3 diets together and each time it helped me to root more and more. Tabacco is such a beautiful medicine, connecting one with the Earth, teaching to be present here and now. Merav has a deep connection with Tobacco, during the diet, her presence and guidance are very precious, helping one to understand better the language of the plants. Thank you sister for this experiences, your gentle care and all the sharing !

  • Tereza Tydlitátová   February 27, 2017

      A meeting out of time * just in time

    I was sitting in a cafe on the edge of a crazy and beautiful city of Iquitos watching the jungle, wondering how I am going to find out what might be the next step for me. It was a long way to get to this cafe and all this place was far different from what I expected to arrive in. I was excited I made it here, but confused and worried because I couldn’t feel the direction so well anymore from this point. I could see many possibilities floating, popping up and jumping on me from all different sides in this amazon capital, but none of them really felt like mine to continue with. Almost everybody talked about medicine all around as if it was something you can buy easily on every corner like a refresco. It seemed strange to me. I felt the medicine was here, I was watching the amazing Itaya river and the sea of trees in front of me, there just seemed to be many other things around, some confusion happening and it was making me confused as well. That was when I first met Merav. She looked like she did not belong to this place and yet was grown together with it at the same time. She talked about medicine as well, when I asked her. But her energy was different and there was some shine through that resonated somewhere distant with me. I gave my trust to this lady and asked her to see me and give me medicine. Looking back I thank God for this meeting. Merav, through her work with plants, helped me as a guide in a very fragile point on my way, in a very confusing and confused place, that I wasn’t prepared for. She helped me as a guide on different levels. Through her work she helped me to reconnect better back to myself and be able to feel and understand through experience Tobacoo and plants let me enter, that I can continue, If I choose to, and how in that point in my life. Which happened to be a very important one for me. There is a lot of gratitude, love and respect in my heart for Merav, dear friend.

  • Brian Mac Kay   February 24, 2017

      Good that you are here

    I came to Iquitos in 2013 to do Ayahuasca after probably 60 years of up and down depression and all that entailed for me .I met Mirav for the first time when a friend asked me to accompany him to a consultation with a Curandera / tabaquera that he was thinking of doing a tobacco ceremony with. While listening to Mirav talking with my friend in a very serious, confident and professional manner I felt clearly that he had found exactly the right person to be doing healing work with . I have done tobacco ceremony as well as numerous other medicinal plant ceremonies with Mirav and have felt the healing qualities of the medicinal plants as well as the energy, sensitivity and insight Mirav brought to guide me in every one . I can not speak highly enough to Mirav,s knowledge and dedication to her calling as a Curandera / Tabaquera and have recommended her to many others over the years .I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking healing with traditional plant medicine

  • Nathaniel Paul Foucher   February 22, 2017

      Just what i needed

    Working with tobacco through Merav was one of the most powerful and deep healing experiences I've ever had. I was looking for something to clean me out physically and energetically in order to aid and help my own personal transformational process. I got so much more. I was never aware of the degree and intensity of my own emotional frequencies until much of it was brought up to the surface and released through the tobacco ceremonies. Huge amounts of anxiety, fear, negativity, and physical toxins all came out and made it so much easier for me to deal with the core issues that are the source of my personal challenges. Merav's knowledge and support was central to my own process. I was continuously amazed by her intuitive capability and insights into my own state of being and always seemed to know what I was going through and what was needed to aid, benefit, and maximize my own process. Thank you Merav. The world is a better place with you in it following your hearts path.

  • Ben Aspill   February 21, 2017

      A genuine healer

    I met Merav while I was in Peru. She was and is a source of wisdom and guidance to me. I would definitely recomend Merav and her work if you are in any way drawn to working with plants or want to experience deep personal healing. Merav is incredibly knowledgeable, not only about traditional shamanism but nutrition and human psychology. She is incredibly dedicated to her path and the unique work she provides is done with personal care and integrity. 💖🌿🌈

  • Stevie Woodhouse   February 21, 2017

      Thankyou to Merav ❤

    I met Merav last year after having several recommendations from people I had met within the healing scene of Iquitos. Having a indepth consultation with Merav she discussed deep feelings of issues that I had been feeling... I had said very little to her but it had felt like she had read my mind... her consultation gave me allot of confidence that she knew what would be of help to me... under her recommendation we booked a pre-diet before I would be conciderd for Tabacco. I can only say that the most beautiful spiritual exsperiances happened during that week... luckily I was alone with Merav and we where able to connect on a 1-2-1 basis which allowed me to see how much knowledge Merav has in many areas of healing... we laughed and cried... it was a very special time for me... After a few weeks of rest I had another consultation with Merav and it was decided that we could go ahead with a duel diet to include some other powerful plants within the tabbacco diet... I felt could really trust Merav to take me into another healing week. During the next week "WE" went through some pretty amazing exsperiances & releases... Merav never left my side ! An exsperiance I'm sure we both would never forget... her kindness, compassion and empathy that comes from a place of knowing and hands on exsperiances within her own life, from me, she can only be respected and loved and I give you my recommendation whole heartedly.. to a beautiful soul and friend xxx big hugs xxx

  • Jarek Hajek   February 19, 2017

      True healing

    I have met Merav around 3 years ago in the end of 2013 and my life was never the same. I was never a very happy person. Negativity, fears, anger, judgment, anxiety, tiredness were my companions for the first 30 years of my life. I have never imagined that there could be something else, a way out. Never believed in anything. Not until I have met Merav and through her the Tobacco medicine. Thanks to an amazing healing of Tobacco and Merav herself I started to live for the first time in my life. Soon I realized that before, I was living surrounded by a dense cloud, through which I could not see the beauty of life. Thanks to Tobacco diet and Tobacco ceremonies, thanks to Merav and her approach of life, her vision of life, her unconditional love, her knowledge of nutritions and healthy eating habits I transformed my life.. She has set me on the path of self-love, self respect, healthy diet, positivity and self discovery which Im following ever since. So yes.. Im recommending Merav and Tobacco to everybody who is looking for healing and is serious about it. Merav has my full trust and respect, same as Tobacco.

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