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The Focus Of Blue Morpho’s Ayahuasca Workshops Are On Your Personal And Spiritual Growth, Transformation And Evolution.

Blue Morpho offers traditional ayahuasca retreats and plant medicine dietas in a safe, professional and engaging environment. We specialize in guiding traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in a way that is understandable, impactful and results-oriented. In the last 16 years we have successfully led over 5,000 people through life-changing experiences and this continues to be the heart and soul of our work. We strive to embody 7 Core Principles: Medicine, Safety, Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Community, and Heart. These principles form the bedrock of what we do, and represent our commitment to helping others achieve profound and lasting change through ayahuasca and sacred plant medicine.

Our plant medicine programs are organized into three levels: beginning with our ayahuasca retreats as the Initiation Experience for new participants, followed by plant medicine dietas as an Advanced Shamanic Experience, which are open to return guests; and concluding with Sanango dietas as the Pinnacle Experience of Amazonian Shamanism, available to guests who have completed both previous retreat types. The three levels on this pathway lead to a comprehensive understanding and energetic integration of the traditional practices associated with our lineage. We have found this to be the most beneficial and effective way to learn from the plants and evolve personally and spiritually.

Recognized as one of the most renowned shamanic centers in the Peruvian Amazon, all our retreat programs are led by 7th Generation Master Shaman, Maestro Alberto Torres Davila, who has over 50 years of experience working with ayahuasca and medicinal plants. Together with our team of dedicated shamans and assistants, our work helps unite these ancient practices with modern needs to illuminate and unlock the many benefits that ayahuasca and the shamanic arts have to offer you.


TRADITIONAL AYAHUASCA CEREMONIES: Led by 7th Generation Master Shaman Don Alberto Torres Davila, who has over 50 years of experience working with medicinal plants and is recognized as one of the best ayahuasca healers in the Ucayali River region. Together with Blue Morpho’s team of skilled shamans and assistants, come experience the mysterious and transformational power of sacred plant medicine. The focal point of our retreats, ayahuasca ceremonies help you release, cleanse, purify and learn through direct connection to spirit, love, wisdom, and your heart.

COMMUNITY-FOCUSED GROUP ACTIVITIES: Group dynamic is central to our approach. During the retreat, Blue Morpho becomes its own tribe bonded together by group activities that encourage sharing, connection, heart-opening and authentic expression. Activities include:

Sharing circles
Sacred motion
Group discussions
Breathwork and integrative yoga classes
Smudging ceremonies
Sound journeys
Medicinal plant walks
Educational trips to local sites
Integration: tools, applications, going home
And More!

DYNAMIC GROUP DISCUSSIONS: Discussion sessions are held on most days, offering you the chance to deepen, reflect upon and integrate your ceremonial experiences. With a multi-perspective approach, we unearth the anthropological and shamanic, the mystical and the practical, the humanistic and the heart-based. A non-judgmental and exploratory space to learn, share, and grow.

PERSONAL SHAMANIC CARE: Each person receives the shamanic attention they need, both in and out of ceremony. We perform individual healing sessions (called venteadas) for each guest and offer one-on-one time with the shamans and assistants throughout the week. Help and support are available to you the entire time.

DISCUSSION AND IDENTIFICATION OF MEDICINAL PLANTS: Learn about the unique properties of the indigenous flora. The Amazon is home to thousands of medicinal plants used by the locals to cure many illnesses ranging from headaches to cancer. As part of the ayahuasca cooking process, you will learn about the medicinal plants that go into our ayahuasca brew. You also have the opportunity to visit and get to know many of these plants that grow on the property during a medicinal plant walk.

AYAHUASCA COOKING PROCESS: Join the group for a special opportunity to participate in making fresh ayahuasca that you will drink during the retreat. Learn about Maestro Alberto’s 50+ years as a medicine man while participating in the entire process. See firsthand the care and expertise Maestro puts into each batch of medicine.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS: Guided meditations are offered before each ceremony and on our night off, offering support to the changes induced in ceremony. Our meditations incorporate relaxation techniques, gentle body movements, integration practices, and imaginary exercises to help bring balance to your consciousness.

SHAMANIC SKILL PRACTICE: Our team of skilled and experienced facilitators offers creative and practical ways that help bridge the shamanic and spiritual into meaningful tools that you can take home and apply to everyday life. With a variety of backgrounds and healing modality expertise, our entire retreat environment is a week-long workshop on how to turn ordinary living into something magical, exploratory and transformational.

INTEGRATION PRACTICE: From the very first day, we emphasize the importance and value in integration. We offer comprehensive integration practices that enhance not only your time on the retreat, but that support your continued learning and evolution at home. Each participant receives our Video Integration Package, as well as a series of emails containing information that highlights additional tools to make use of post-retreat.

SHAMANIC DIETING: On select retreats, shamanic plant dietas are offered to guests who have completed an ayahuasca retreat with us. Traditionally used as the means of apprenticing in the jungle, a shamanic dieta can help provide deep personal healing, learning, and significant life transformation. Dietas are very powerful and recommended only for those who are ready to seriously commit to their plant medicine work. Follow these links for more information on our shamanic plant dietas and Sanango dietas.

As one of the most well-respected and longstanding shamanic centers in the Peruvian Amazon, Blue Morpho is honored to represent the preservation of plant spirit medicine and ayahuasca traditions through dedication, spiritual and professional integrity, and a genuine love for this work. We are indebted to the unending generosity of the plants and look forward to sharing this extraordinary journey with you…

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Venue Highlights

Blue Morpho’s Shamanic Retreat Center is purpose built for ayahuasca retreats and shamanic plant dietas. Located in the jungle outside of Iquitos, Peru, near the Itaya River, this location has been Blue Morpho’s home since 2005 and continues to represent the roots and foundation of our plant medicine work. Surrounded by lush, vibrant rainforest and nestled on 180 acres of Private Reserve, our retreat center is an ideal location that offers an intimate ambiance for your ayahuasca experience.

Featuring common areas with a tasteful, comfortable layout that encourages community bonding, a staff of top-tier chefs specially trained for creating wholesome ayahuasca-friendly meals, and several activity spaces for gathering and sharing. There is also an extensive network of hiking trails, two meditation bungalows, ornamental gardens, medicinal plants and a natural swimming lake. Local architecture, natural spaces, modern amenities and artesanal touches help make your time with us as unique and comfortable as it is transformational.

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  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio
  • House-Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Includes Meat
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free

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  • Märt Lume   November 06, 2018

      The best place in the Amazon to transform yourself

    I took part in a week-long Ayahuasca Retreat with Blue Morpho in September. In short, it was amazing, and if you are considering this evolutionary step to transform your life using Ayahuasca, I cannot recommend Blue Morpho enough. I'll try to describe why. Blue Morpho's shamans are amazing people, inside and outside the ceremonies. Their open-heartedness, kindness, wisdom and professionalism at all times of day was inspiring and caused many of us to have little breakthroughs both in and out of ceremonies. Ayahuasca is powerful stuff, at times you might be facing your deepest fears or trying to free from most held-on convictions, so you'll want to be in the hands of someone you can trust to the moon and back. Blue Morpho team I would go with until the end of the Universe! For me the ceremonies were very powerful, but it was the conversations with the group and with shamans during the week that helped unpack a lot of the meaning of this new world I was discovering. Facilities, food and every detail about the experience has been thought through and refined to perfection over the years. The property is gorgeous, the four rooms in each bungalow are huge and comfortable, the ceremony house and main house are wonderful places to hang out, there is a lake (and soon a pool) to chill around in a hot day, there are also jungle trails where it's neat to walk. Every small detail is in place, from the laundry getting done, to the time when lantern batteries are replaced for the night, from until when biscuits and tea are served, to the myriad of ways you can get help and support during the ceremony. And the food!!! It is heavenly, fresh buffet every morning and lunch which both vegans and meat-eaters find amazing. The food is so tasty you won't even notice the restrictions (no sugary foods, no pork). I also want to praise the daily schedule. There is an optional activity or two each day, which usually have to do with short walks in the jungle, planting or making ayahuasca, group discussions, or getting a massage. When the week is over, you'll have the amazing time of "normalization" when you'll see very sharply the differences between the "pre-retreat you" and the "post-retreat you" in everyday activities. You'll have become different, and will integrate these new learnings into your life during the next 3-6 months. I did not consider myself spiritual before this experience, but it did not matter, since Ayahuasca and the "Blue Morpho method" would work anyway. I went with my wife and was very happy about that, since although intimacy is forbidden (it's harmful to the process), it would have been very difficult to explain her the experience otherwise.

  • Peter Savvas   October 27, 2018

      Extremely rare people and place

    I’ve known Blue Morpho (and Blue Morpho International) for over two years now. I’ve been on five Ayahuasca retreats and one San Pedro retreat with them. It’s very clear that I only ever wish to have such transformational experiences with Blue Morpho. They’ve created an atmosphere of safety, non-judgment, support, healing, growth and love that is extremely rare. A few things stand out for me… - Safety. I feel completely safe at Blue Morpho, on every level…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Since my first retreat, it was evident that I needn’t concern myself with safety while in their care. This allows me to totally focus on my experience. - Non-judgment. They’ve achieved an environment that promotes trust, openness, genuine care, love and non-judgment. This makes me feel comfortable to open up about anything. - Character. The Blue Morpho people are exceptional individuals. Their depth of character flows through everything at Blue Morpho. It’s rare to meet people who are as authentic, honest, committed and supportive. They are totally focused on helping people to heal, grow, explore and learn. And, they do this with complete integrity, love, humility, kindness, strength and wisdom. - Experience. They possess so much collective expertise in this domain…and all the wisdom that comes with it. In challenging moments, I wouldn’t want anyone else to be guiding and supporting me through whatever I’m going through. - Support. There’s a strong emphasis on having a lot of support on hand. It’s comforting to know that experienced people are always available to provide as much focused attention as anyone desires. - Pragmatic. It’s clear that Blue Morpho has fine-tuned the guest experience over many years. The Blue Morpho people are all former long-time guests. They know what everyone is going through. They’ve put so much care into every detail…even practical day-to-day things. This attention to detail brings me even more confidence in Blue Morpho. Their expertise, wisdom, strength, love and humility radiates through the entire experience at Blue Morpho (and Blue Morpho International). I am deeply grateful for being able to share part of my journey with such beautiful people.

  • David Bressler   October 12, 2018

      You really can't go wrong at Blue Morpho

    I've been to Blue Morpho 5 times and had an incredible experience each time. The food is excellent, and they even do your laundry (though getting it dry in the jungle is a test of patience). The food at Blue Morpho is totally yum. It's prepared fresh, healthy, and just enough. Of course, they offer traditional "fasts" as well... and the food is sustaining. Blue Morpho also, to my knowledge, does more ceremonies than others over a period of time... AND offers plant diets (others do too) that allow you to get deeper into the medicine in a safe and supported environment. I've made many friends here over the years, which has added an element of support for when you return.

  • Phill   October 09, 2018

      The Blue Morpho experience was life changing!

    I initially did 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies and Plant Dieta and after a truly life changing experience the Blue Morpho team were very accommodating in allowing me to book another tour- just a couple days before it commenced! I couldn't imagine how different things would be if I just did the one. The positive effects accumulated by doing two tours consecutively. I've already seen and made so many profound changes in my life. It has only been a few weeks since the tour and I have developed a new deep love, appreciation and motivation for life. Also, each tour was unique, both in the things I learnt and the life long friendships developed by sharing such a deep experience. A lot of other people have gone into depth about the facilities in their reviews, so I won't spend much time describing them other then saying that they are excellent and I wish I could live at the camp longer haha. The sound, smell and sight of the Amazon is a experience within itself and I never knew that stars could be so vivid at night. It is magical 🙂! What I appreciated most about Blue Morpho was the team; their friendship, values and who they are as people. They have created such a warm and safe environment within the camp that you feel at home and among family. They constantly share their experience and support to help guide you through your Ayahuasca journey and even during difficult times you feel completely safe and trust the process. They offer so much more than just Ayahuasca ceremonies, it is truly a center of medicine, healing and self discovery/ growth. I would only recommend Blue Morpho if any of my friends/family/whanau felt like experiencing Ayahuasca. For me there is no alternative. Thank you so much for everything! Kia kaha and much love, Phill (NZ)

  • Richard Boothroyd   September 22, 2018


    The experience at Blue Morpho exceeded my expectations in every way. The staff are outstanding, thoroughly professional and very experienced/educated in the use of sacred plant medicines. The premises are beyond the standard one would expect from a secluded jungle retreat. Hot water is available 24/7. Food is prepared by professional chefs and there is a good variety of culinary options that change daily. Electricity is available in the main communal building so electronic devices can be kept charged. The accommodation is comfortable and room service is provided. There is also a free laundry service. Many activities are provided during the day so there is no chance of boredom setting in between ceremonies. Traditional jungle tobacco is available to buy as are professional massages. The facility has a natural lake for swimming and several trails through the jungle within the private reserve. There are also two quiet meditation bungalows. A swimming pool is currently under construction and close to completion as of September 2018. The way the shamanic team conduct the ceremonies is excellent and feels truly authentic. The ambience created in the ceremony hall is perfect before, during and after the ceremony. Throughout the process the participants are under constant supervision with immediate assistance available if required. The environment feels 100% safe at all times. To summarise, I cannot fault the Blue Morpho experience. I strongly recommend this retreat as the perfect place to go for your Ayahuasca journey. You will not be disappointed. Richard B (UK)

  • Ame White   May 07, 2017

      There couldn't possibly be a better place than Blue Morpho

    The Blue Morpho team is extraordinary. I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, compassion, and support they provided throughout the journey. The staff worked tirelessly before, during, and after the ceremonies to make sure each guest was well cared for. The staff seem to have endless stores of energy to conduct the ceremonies and give individualized attention to each guest 24/7. I'm sure the plant spirits must be helping them, help us too! The medicine is strong and the shamans guide you throughout your stay with advice and assistance on dosing to ensure guests get just the right amount for healing. More importantly, they have discussions nearly every day as a group and privately, if desired, to help process and integrate the experience. I attended the 7 day retreat and expected a much more rustic accommodation. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful surroundings, the comfortable rooms, and the fantastic and healthy food. The surroundings are majestic and the tour options during the day were an added bonus. I highly suggest the stargazing, giant lily pad, and Mono Island tours. This is just another reason why this retreat is worth EVERY penny. The inner peace and integration tools I gained through my experiences here have stayed with me and I am so grateful to the beautiful people at Blue Morpho. I completely trust the Blue Morpho team with my consciousness and I respect and appreciate their mission as an organization to help humanity heal. With gratitude <3

  • John Kurtz   May 05, 2017

      A great group of people and a first class experience

    I was willing to pay a little extra for a safe and wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Blue Morpho and I loved all of the guests and the people that worked there. I would go again.

  • Dessi Issaeva   April 20, 2017

      The only team I would entrust my journey with

    I have been to BM for two 6-day Ayahuasca retreats and will be returning for a third one later this year. For me the experience is a pilgrimage, my secret for being a wiser human being in this world, my soul time. I chose BM for the safety record and for the experience of its team upon the recommendation of a friend. Investing in a retreat was described to me as "the best present you could give to yourself" and this indeed couldn't be more true. The team is extremely experienced in providing the healing, emotional and logistic support throughout the entire week, in ceremony and outside, in guiding each and every one of us through the tough parts and ecstatic self-discoveries. I have seen them at work in many difficult situations, and it always amazes me to see a new level of depth in their devotion to healing every human being who comes to their door. The retreat lodge is beautiful and takes care of every need. The Amazon jungle is healing and re-aligning like no other place. This team has really got the process well organized to the dot. The connection that they develop is incredibly personal, yet providing the freedom that each of us needs in the self-exploration process. The support after a retreat is also outstanding, both in the form of integration information and videos, as well as advice when someone needs to do deeper homework. Can't wait to see them all and share with them the new journey!

  • Ryan   March 17, 2017

      Learning to love unconditionally and let go of control....

    I had no expectations before going to the beautiful and sacred retreat deep in the Amazon. All I knew was that Papatua was calling me to him and brought me to Blue Morpho. From the moment I was accepted into my program, I felt taken care of and safe. This feeling was only further reinforced with the careful care and instructions Malcolm and all of the Blue Morpho family gave us from the moment we arrived to the moment they saw us on our way. The experience itself is unlike anything I could have imagined - deeper, harder, more painful, and more beautiful than anything I could have imagined. Throughout the entire process, there was support and guidance (whether to breathe, to cry, and - most importantly for me - to simply let go) to help navigate the process. Don Alberto and his son were all around us throughout each ceremony and they were careful to push our limits but not let us fall away. It has been about 7 months since I returned from the Amazon and I know I will return - but the lessons of loving unconditionally and letting go are still being unveiled to me. If you feel aya calling you, I cannot think of a safer and more beautiful environment and body of people to work with than that of Blue Morpho.

  • Seth   March 13, 2017

      Discover your truth

    Before even meeting the team, or making the life changing acquaintance with ayahuasca, I could feel I was in a place that is made up of one thing and one thing only, and that is love. The entire Blue Morpho experience allows a person to feel completely comfortable, safe and at ease to begin a journey of healing and discovery. Every small detail of what I went through - of making the journey to Iquitos, of meeting the most amazing team on earth, of being guided through the ceremonies, of being given the wealth of insights just by being there and by awakening to the divine force within through the medicine - was filled with love and understanding. The camp and facilities are amazing. Everything is put in place so that visitors only have one thing to do and that is to relax and enjoy the healing of the beautiful, magical yet oh so real and sometimes challenging ayahuasca medicine. At Blue Morpho you discover your truth, and you can discover the universe of wisdom and the universe itself. It was incredibly hard for me to leave after a week of receiving and finding divine love. But the most amazing thing is that you get to take it all with you. Because the love and the medicine never leave.

  • Scot Fleck   March 06, 2017

      My AYA experience

    Prior to going to Peru, I had done some reading about Ayahuasca. I was intrigued and excited about the prospects. I went to Peru with a significant amount of emotional baggage. I'm a a very sensitive and emotional person and feel things very deeply. My experience was truly life changing. I went with the feeling that I have never been ENOUGH. I know now that I am enough and that if a situation does not fit me, it doesn't necessarily mean it is my fault. The experience was frightening and very hard. I went to some dark places. At times I was terrified. Matt, Malcolm, Don Pedro and the wonderful angels in the room helped me through. Even though it was scary, I have no regrets. I was resistant at times to let go of some of "my stuff" as it had defined me for so long. Who would I be if no longer defined by my depression and sadness. 25 years of my life had been shaped and molded by unhappiness. I went through a day of mourning, I cried a lot. Its hard to let go of something so familiar, while all the while realizing that the familiar is toxic. But let go I did.... I feel lighter now and realize that I can be happy. I know I deserve to be happy. Ayahuasca and the journey helped me to fully see that. I would recommend this for anyone who is seriously considering it. Do not enter lightly however as this is REAL medicine. Papatua knows... Love, light, and blessings, Scot

  • Carmelle Kemp   February 09, 2017


    Trying not to have expectations I made the commitment to myself to completely surrender and let the spirits take me and give me the good scrubbing I desperately needed. Papa Tua did not disappoint and with 3 pretty BIG nights out of the 5 I released deep guilt and shame and the self destructive patterns that manifest from them, forgave many including myself, understood that I am worthy, and heard my late mother tell me that she did in fact love me. Nothing could have prepared me for this experience but I know deep within that it was, is and always will be a life-changing turning point setting me on a completely different path than I was on. Through the purging, laughter and tears the Blue Morpho team was there with me the entire time, holding my hand and my heart when it became heavy and encouraging me throughout. I literally trust them with my life and am looking forward to my upcoming return to explore, learn and grow.

  • Maelys de Rudder   February 07, 2017

      When I finally met myself.

    Before participating in my first Blue Morpho ayahuasca tour, I was a concept to myself. Not a false concept, but still only a concept. My understanding of myself had been built on years of trying to figure out who I was, what I was good at, what I had come to achieve. I had pretty much explored all tools available to me and had reached a relative level of balance and success. I had gathered a lot of information. Put myself through a lot of challenging experiences. And here I was, this interesting multi-dimensional concept, that felt dead inside. During my week in Iquitos, I was given the gift of the experience of myself. I was offered the blessing of the experience of true love and the peace that comes with it. I received insight on the workings of my mind and how to put it at the service of my experience instead of the other way around. I have never felt so alive as I do today after this extraordinary experience. I am in motion again, moving onwards on the path of this incredible journey that is life. I feel immense gratitude towards Blue Morpho shamans and team for creating a safe and protected environment for this life-transforming experience. I have felt supported, loved and accepted every step of the way. The Heliconia camp is set in a unique environment, conducive to a communion with nature and yourself; it is beautiful and intimate. The Heliconia team is friendly, cheerful, discrete and customer-oriented. Food is delicious. Finally, I am blessed with many new friends who have reminded me how beautiful and vibrant our human connection is.

  • Victoria Nicholas   January 22, 2017

      A precious gift to myself.

    I have participated in a few ceremonies in January 2017 and it has been an amazing journey. It helps that the camp has everything necessary for the comfortable rest as aya experiences can be rather intense. I simply loved the team, they are angels and appear by your side just when you need them. I will be coming back soon.

Safe Ayahuasca Retreat 2015 Award - Blue Morpho Shamanic Ayahuasca & Sacred Plant Retreats

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