About This Center

TwoCan Retreats hosts unique retreats and special events in Costa Rica aimed at having fun, strengthening connections, building community and giving back. 

We provide unique experiences with the intention of facilitating stronger connections — to yourselves and to each other, to the ones you love and to those you’ve just met, to the communities you visit and to those where you live, to the environment, its wildlife, the planet and our universe. We believe these connections are the key to lifelong happiness and sustainability.  

In keeping with this philosophy, at TwoCan Retreats our mission is to organize a variety of themed group retreats that enable our guests to share unique experiences and build connections with friends old and new, explore new places and enjoy incredible adventures in a wide range of interest areas, all while giving back and creating memories that last a lifetime. 

All of our retreats include a day of "giving back." We volunteer our time and donate to local nonprofits, while simultaneously learning all we can about the organization, their mission and the population they serve. We always make sure to reward your contribution with a Tico lunch, and a swim at a local waterfall.

We are grateful to be able to participate in these adventures, to travel with friends and family, meet interesting people, experience different cultures, customs and foods, and contribute in ways that directly impact the communities we visit. 

We love Costa Rica — the country, its people and their way of life, known as Pura Vida (“pure life”). Costa Ricans (Ticos) are happier and healthier than many other cultures because they appreciate the simple things in life, they don’t stress over the small stuff and they are grateful for what they have. We think Costa Rica is the perfect place to pause, take a breath, restore and connect, and we think you will too.

Sharing these experiences with someone else makes it so much more fun! Bring your special someone to Costa Rica and experience Pura Vida for yourselves!

This was a one-of-a-kind experience that was only possible because of who Mike and Stacy are and what they care about. In other words, it's only possible with TwoCan Retreats! I will never forget it, and I can't wait to join them again.


  • A/C in Rooms
  • Free Wifi
  • Pool
  • Towels
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Yoga Studio
  • House Keeping

Menu Types

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
  • Meat
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free


Our retreats are held in a variety of breathtaking locations depending on the type of retreat you are looking for. All are guaranteed to provide ample doses of sea, sand, jungle, waterfalls and wildlife. We include all ground transportation to/from and during your retreat, wherever it may be.

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  • Lindsay Lookingbill   January 21, 2020

      A Transformative Experience

    Where to start... my trip to Costa Rica with TwoCan Retreats is hard to put into words. A trip of a lifetime. TwoCan Retreats made my first trip out of the country seamless, the trip was so well-put-together I couldn't imagine it flowing any better than it did. This trip was part of a field-study program to dive into the world of Somatic Psychotherapy, and what better way then to get totally out of your comfort zone in unknown surroundings in Costa Rica. Costa Rica provided a rich environment in which to explore. TwoCan made what could have been an anxious travel trip a relaxed worry-free school trip, turned getaway. Our itinerary was so full of ways to truly experience Costa Rican culture, that it only left me wanting for more! It was nice to feel well-taken care of and safe with TwoCan. I can't recommend them enough, or a trip to Costa Rica. I'm counting the days until I can return. Special thanks to Danyasa Yoga Retreat in Dominical for impeccable hospitality. I am forever changed by this experience.

  • Steve Elkins   December 16, 2019

      Costa Rica with TwoCan Retreats

    Had a great time. Stacy and Mike were very helpful and conveyed their love of Costa Rica. We went to a couple out of the way places (small local waterfalls) that were charming, as well as some more obvious choices like beaches and Manuel Antonio national park. We stayed in Dominical, a lovely, small, quiet beach town, at Danyasa yoga/eco/retreat center. An easy walk to the beach, beautiful setting, comfortable accommodations, and helpful staff. Couldn't ask for much more.

  • Nathan Ohren   December 15, 2019

      The Absolute Best Way to Tap the "Refresh" Button!

    I had never been to Costa Rica before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I've done a lot of traveling on my own before, so I knew when visiting a foreign country for the first time, to expect some bumps in the road, unexpected chaos and a few setbacks along the way. NOT TRUE THIS TIME! TwoCan made this retreat a truly pleasurable and relaxing experience by assisting every step of the way, from packing lists, airport help, transportation throughout the trip, suggested excursions, and being a friendly, accessible guru about the area's history, scenery, industry, sights and activities. I can't thank Mike & Stacey enough for all the ways, big and small, they were able to accommodate our group. This trip was intended to be part of a Somatic Psychotherapy Field Study, and several of the members of our group were set to graduate immediately after this trip, so in many ways it was somewhat of a celebration and a vacation as well. The TwoCan team did so much to help us facilitate a real learning experience and one that was profoundly memorable. It is clear that they are passionate about their work, and I appreciated how they incorporated some environmental awareness and thanksgiving into the activities of the retreat package.

  • Allyx McCormick   December 14, 2019

      Costa Rica Experience

    This was a fantastic way to truly have an authentic experience in Costa Rica! We were taken to several local beaches and waterfalls, as well as having the opportunity to volunteer at a local wildlife sanctuary and visit a rainforest. We were introduced to several local markets and restaurants, as well.

  • Janice Rocco   December 11, 2019

      A relaxing vacation in a beautiful place, with amazing women

    If you are looking for a vacation where most everything is taken care of for you, this 6 day retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica planned by TwoCan Retreats is a great choice. Once we landed in San Jose, all of our travel was arranged for us - the short flight to Tambor and the drive to Santa Teresa and then driving each day we had an activity planned. And though we were only a 5 minute walk into town or to the beach, we even took a few rides down the beach at the end of the day to watch the sunset together. Never have I seen more beautiful sunsets. We stayed at a lovely, small hotel close to the beach and with an ocean view. We had chefs come to cook most of our meals at the hotel. All our meals were great and we were able to try lots of different food from the area. And the hotel's yoga deck (also with a few of the ocean in the distance), is somewhere we spent a lot of time. I appreciated the hammocks as an incredible relaxing way to spent a little time. TwoCan planned a great week of activities for us, with a beautiful waterfall hike near Montezuma, a visit to a wildlife rescue center, a number of yoga classes and lots of time for the beach, or swimming at the hotel, or a little shopping, or scheduling a massage - all of which fit in to a relaxed schedule. The mindful meditation and closing circles were a great time to bond with the wonderful women on this trip and help us relax and enjoy our beautiful surroundings even more. I would happily plan another trip with TwoCan Retreats again!

  • Stephanie Campbell   December 11, 2019

      Fabulous Retreat!

    I went on this retreat not knowing anyone, with no expectations, just thinking it would be a nice getaway for a week. My experience was far more than just a "nice getaway"! I met 10 absolutely wonderful, adventurous, positive Women. Yoga and mindful mediation every day. Fabulous vegetarian meals (I wanted to kidnap the two Chefs and take them home with me!). Beautiful hotel accommodations with a superb staff. We hiked, surfed, walked, swam, shopped, talked, laughed, then laughed some more. I came home feeling incredibly lucky to have spent a week with kindred spirits in a beautiful country. I came home relaxed, happy and with a renewed outlook on my life. I would go on any Retreat TwoCan Retreats offers in a heart beat. The only thing I would change - turn down the humidity next time! I must have lost 10 pounds in sweat! Oh yeah, that's another positive.

  • Darlene Morgan   December 10, 2019

      Five star retreat

    Mike and Stacey could not have made this retreat more enjoyable. And because of their generous and kind energy, I felt taken care of in every way with food, accommodations, excursions, meditations, yoga. Also the extra added plus of meeting incredible women. I will definitely do this again. It's a not-to-be-missed seven days in Costa Rica. Love, Darlene M.

  • Elizabeth Wolfson   November 17, 2019

      TwoCan Retreats is exceptional!

    TwoCan Retreats were the organizers of a very unique "Field Study' course for Antioch University in Dominical Costa Rica. They were organized, pro-active, enthusiastic, professional and caring every step of the way from the pre-trip planning to all of our experience in Costa Rica. A robust yet realistic itinerary was developed in advance in consultation with us and in consideration of our unique needs to learn and explore. In a short period of one week, we covered a lot of ground in terms of gaining exposure to landscape (beaches, mountains, jungles, waterfalls) and to the community and culture including a profound educational experience at a wildlife sanctuary with opportunity for community service. The organizers were particularly sensitive to ecological concerns and our leaving a small footprint as we traveled which was admired and appreciated by all. Even at our home base ( Danyasa retreat center), attention to detail was meticulous with an eye towards making our accommodations as comfortable as possible and providing activities here such as a wonderful "sound bath" experience and outrageously delicious chef- cooking using all natural locally sourced ingredients. Most outstanding was the TwoCan organizer's positive "can-do" attitude where every conversation or request was greeted with a smile and willingness to make our experience both individually and collectively as positive as can be. I cannot say enough good things about TwoCan Retreats!

  • Wendy Harrison   November 14, 2019

      Wish I was still there!

    The yoga retreat in Domenical at Danyasa was everything I had hoped it would be. Beautiful country, delicious food, comfortable and lovely accommodations, great yoga classes, and wonderful excursions to play in the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Mike and Stacey were wonderful hosts and worked hard to make our time there special, relaxing and healing. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to spend time in magical Costa Rica while taking part in a restorative retreat.

  • Nancy Murcia   November 12, 2019

      Awesome experience in Dominical

    My husband and I had an amazing experience at this retreat. Mike & Stacey put together a great itinerary complete with beautiful waterfalls, beaches, a visit to an animal sanctuary where we got to volunteer. Everyday was a new full filling experience and the food was healthy and delicious! We will definitely be joining them on their up coming retreats. Wonderful, cool, adventures, good hearted people! ????

  • Emerson Steady   July 10, 2019

      Life-Changing Experience in a Place of Natural Wonder

    Dear Mike and Stacy, Thank you for an incredible trip to Nosara, Costa Rica. From surfing to zip lining to horseback riding to yoga, our days were filled with wonder in the beautiful jungles and beaches of a tropical paradise. This trip was truly life-changing. I hope to continue surfing back in Santa Barbara, and Rebekah told me you have inspired her to travel the world. We are all extraordinarily grateful for the work you put in to ensure the nine teenagers were able to have a unique trip which will stay in our hearts for a very long time. I hope that Two Can Retreats will continue to give many more people such an amazing opportunity. Buena Suerte, Emerson

  • Maura Jaye   July 08, 2019

      Amazing retreat!

    I attended the Teen Surf and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica just a few weeks ago, and I cannot stress enough how much of a blast it was! We began our trip with an easy travel day into Costa Rica and a warm welcome from all of the locals in Nosara -- the town where we were staying. We stayed at the Jungle Beach House which was located in a beautiful and isolated spot of town. The short 5 minute walk from the house to the beach made it easy to go surfing, sunbathing, or hang out by the water at our own convenience. The house itself was very accommodating, with more than enough room for everybody and a great central living and dining area. There were also several bicycles provided so we were able to explore the ins and outs of Nosara on bike rather than on foot. While we spent much of our time exploring or relaxing, we also had plenty of scheduled outings and activities such as surfing, yoga, community service, zip lining, etc. Surfing was awesome. We had three scheduled lessons with a local surf lessons place, which proved to be very valuable. Before going in the ocean each day, we would choose our boards and embark on a trek through the jungle to reach the beach. The instructors were very helpful and placed each of us in a group that fit our skill level. We spent hours out in the warm water catching waves. It was so much fun. We also had three yoga classes throughout the trip. Our instructor was extremely knowledgable about the practice of yoga, and she conveniently came to our house to teach us. We practiced yoga to the sounds of birds chirping, distant waves scratching, and the occasional howl of a monkey. It was so relaxing. I'm going to rewind a bit here. Before we left for the trip we were told to bring a bunch of school supplies. So, we spent one of the days in Costa Rica giving backpacks full of school supplies to impoverished Costa Rican kids at a local elementary school. We then played a competitive soccer game with the kids. That was really fun (especially cause my team won). I wouldn't be able to fit In all of the fun things we did on the trip in this review, so I'll stop here before it gets to lengthy. In conclusion, this trip was honestly life changing, and I will never ever forget it. I have so many beautiful memories with my new friends who are no longer my "new" friends. You get to know people pretty well after spending a week in another country with them. Mike and Stacy were the most amazing administrators of this trip and I can't even imagine how much work it must've been to take care of us, let alone plan the whole trip! Incredible people, to say the least. 10/10 would recommend.

  • Daisy Swan   May 08, 2019

      Well organized and well taken care of!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat I went on to Dominical, Costa Rica with Mike and Stacy McCrory of TwoCan retreats. The location was stunning - I’d never been to Costa Rica and didn’t know what to expect. Happily I not only enjoyed all of the places we went to on our day excursions but I felt so comfortable in the beautiful home where we stayed. The house was located up on a hill that gave us a stunning view of the ocean and rolling waves. It was spacious and colorful, and perfect for our yoga sessions in the morning and evening - looking out over the changing shades of blue ocean. The pool, combined with the view of the ocean was so relaxing and calming. And my room was comfortable, cool and quiet. The views -from any spot in the house or outside —were genuinely breathtaking. Everything on the retreat was so well coordinated. The timing of our days, the places we went to, when and what food we ate- at every step I felt cared for and could feel how much attention went into every aspect of our retreat. Having never been to this kind of retreat, in a country I didn’t know, I was happy and relieved, that I could really relax and know that everything was completely taken care of for me. That’s a real vacation! I look forward to my next retreat with the McCrory’s and TwoCan Retreats.

  • Laura Marie   May 03, 2019

      A Retreat to Remember

    My Costa Rica retreat with TwoCan was the perfect vacation! It created exactly the right balance between quiet relaxation and adventure, all set in a natural paradise. It was clear that every detail had been carefully considered. The location was ideal, close to town and the beach. The compound where we stayed was charming, secluded, and beautiful. Our home-cooked meals were healthy and delicious. Elyse's yoga sessions blended poetry with flowing motion to nourish the body and mind. Glen's musical talent and spirit of sharing made our singing circles both fun and moving. Our daily excursions allowed us to explore this amazing country, see the nature and wildlife that surrounded us, and even give back by volunteering at the wildlife sanctuary. Stacy and Mike fostered a sense of community, making everyone feel comfortable and at home. They brought us together to enjoy group activities and used their knowledge of the area to give us the best possible experience. Even after we all returned home, they continued to help us communicate, to share and preserve the memories of our trip. This was a one-of-a-kind experience that was only possible because of who Mike and Stacy are and what they care about. In other words, it's only possible with TwoCan Retreats! I will never forget it, and I can't wait to join them again.

  • Tina Cummings   April 30, 2019

      Beautiful experience

    I have been on many retreats but this one was special. Mike and Stacy did everything they could to make our experience special. Their attention to details was appreciated. Costa Rica is a special place and my fellow travelers added to the beauty. I would take another trip with two can retreats without hesitation. Thank you for the great experience.

  • Whitney Heimlich Ingersoll   April 03, 2019

      Costa Rican Yoga and Singing Circle Retreat

    I had the opportunity to join TwoCan Retreats on a Costa Rican adventure! We spent 5 days at a beautiful retreat venue overlooking the infinity pool and ocean. Every morning started with yoga for any level. We were fed beautiful breakfast every morning, prepared by a family who specializes in group meals. They were tasty, filling and had a wide assortment of choices. Our vegetarian and Vegan friends also had beautiful meals. There was a daily excursion, carefully planned by Mike and Stacy. The excursions varied from Wildlife preserve to a jungle walk to an almost deserted beach, to a waterfall, and several opportunities to swim in the warm, inviting ocean. After farmers' markets and strolls through little villages, we came back to the house where we stayed. We enjoyed time to swim in the pool, read, nap, relax and visit with the other guests. After dinner, we gathered and sang. Even those who aren't particular singers enjoyed the chance to learn parts, learn from each other and hear the sound of our voices melding into one. The thing that stands out to me upon reflection on this trip is the love and care Stacy and Mike put into this retreat. They truly cared for every individual person on the trip and did everything possible to make everyone's trip be the best they could make it. If you have never been to Costa Rica, Stacy and Mike will make your first experience unforgettable. If you have already seen this beautiful country, this can be another experience to add to your collection. I returned relaxed, filled with appreciation of life and understanding the PURA VIDA.

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My last retreat at SMC was so inspiring and so relaxing. But i'd love to have more time there to spend at the Stupa, visit the Kami shrine, and generally interact with the beautiful enlightened society happening on that entire land. Brett

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