Retreats in Iquitos: In the immediate area -- and even within the city itself -- there are retreat centres holding medicine ceremonies and dietas. A dieta refers to a specific diet to prepare for a medicine ceremony. Dieta typically lasts for one week, during which time food intake is restricted to two meals per day and excludes spices, sugar, or salt. The staple foods are rice, vegetables, and cooked bananas. During a dieta, you might take part in 3-4 Ayahuasca ceremonies and, in addition, the medicine person might offer you further plant medicine according to your needs. Accommodation is typically in a tambo, which is an open bungalow structure adjusted to the climate (and wildlife!) of the jungle.

While there are many professionally-run centres offering reliable and safe retreats, this remains an area known for brujos, or black magicians. We recommend being especially cautious to consult reviews for retreats in the Iquitos area since its reputation retains stories of sexual and physical abuse during medicine ceremonies.

About Iquitos: Peru’s fifth-largest city, with a population upwards of 422 000, is located on the shores of the Amazon rainforest. Iquitos is a city full of contradictions, and has been recognized as the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by a road. It is, however, reachable by plane and by pequepeque, the small boats which connect the city with surrounding communities along the Amazon river.

This remote metropolis had been an important settlement for thousands of years before colonization. In the early 1900s, Iquitos was injected with huge wealth by a boom in the rubber industry, attracting many entrepreneurs and workers from Europe and elsewhere in South America. The elaborate buildings constructed during this economic boom were mainly European in style, including an opera house. The contradictions persist today in a cosmopolitan, diverse city whose cultural flair remains uniquely Amazonian.

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