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Nina Wasi is no more nor less than our home, where we live and work with love, where we receive hundreds of people that became family, during and after the healing process. This is why it is our temple, our house of light. You are welcome as long as you bring pure intentions of your heart to share and receive what this path of healing will bring to your life.
We are a family that has decided to dedicate our lives to service healing and the wellbeing: physical, mental and spiritual. We have a bountiful of experience and walk with the conviction of the integrity of the being. We know that healing is a living labor and is unique just like each patient. For this reason, we have developed a dynamic system, which cares to the whole: body, mind and spirit, achieving effectives results.

We also know that in order to heal, you  must want it and for that reason we are selective with our patients; that being said, the healing process is never the whole responsibility of the healer. Its a team work between patient and the therapyst. This is what allows us to obtained excelent results.
We recognize and honor the path that the Elder, grandfathers and grandmathers give to us. The sacred medicines are not a "flight experience".  They are a powerful tool that offer us the possibility of being honest with ourselves. The Sacred Medicines invite us to connect with the most authentic of our being. And they give us the strength to make the changes we need to live in peace and well-being.We do not follow any religion or doctrine, and we respect it all . We know that there is no single path to awakening of consciousness, and that is an inner journey. You are the path, you are the master of your own life. Our job is to help you connect and be confident enough to recognize yourself as your own master. All forms are welcome provided they are aligned with the foundations of respect, harmony, health and welfare. You are welcome with pure intentions of your heart.


 "We are not invited you to a psychedelic experience or to learn about a metaphysical philosophy, we are invited you to live a deep and transforming process of awareness."

~ Nina Wasi



Throughout history, aboriginal people have discovered a great healing power in plants. Whether it be for physical, mental or spiritual ailments, Mother Earth is a living and powerful pharmacy.

The Medicine Plants that we share is the San Pedro or Aguacoya (originally from the mountain) medicine as well as Ayahuasca or Yage (originally from the jungle.) Although science has examined the active components and named it, mescaline or DMT, we respectfully believe that it’s important to clarify that these medicines are not drugs, nor should they be used recreationally. With that said, they carry out a profound process of structural changes in the ways we perceive ourselves, and all who surround us. This (medicines) contain the power of the sacred spirit of the plant, which offers healing and knowledge to those who take it in a sacred way (this way being, ceremonial, honoring and recognizing its presence.)

In recent times, the sacred altars, which have been guarded by Indigenous people, have begun to rise.
There are many places and people who say they know these ancestral practices, and truth be said there are many people who do, but there are also those who take advantage of these medicines to fool and profit from others.
That´s why we feel that it's important that you take your time to investigate the place and the people that will support your process in order to have a safe and real healing experience.


Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 2.22.15 PM.png

You will enjoy a healthy homemade gourmet dishes. They are repared with fresh and local ingredients.
All the meals are designed to be in harmony with your process with the Master Plants.

· We can customize the menu depending on your preferences and needs ·

You will enjoy a continental breakfast ( coffee or tea, toast bread or natural bread, butter, jam, cheese, yogurts, fruit and cereals.

Lunch example: 
· Vegetarian / Gluten free example: Zucchini lasagna (Zucchini, ricotta, *fresh cheese, parmesan cheese, natural tomato sauce, seasoned with pepper and aromatic plants like rosemary, bay leaf and oregano) + Season´s raw salad.
· Omnivore example: Grilled Fish + Fresh Vegetables + Season´s raw salad.

Dinner example: 
· Vegetarian / Gluten free example: Vegetable´s Chop Suey (Cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, zucchini, morrón, onion, *egg, grated coconut and ginger, sauteed in sesame oil, soy sauce)
· Omnivore example: Grilled Fish + Sauteed Fresh Vegetables + Season´s raw salad. 

○ * Without this ingredient in Vegan option 

Our cuisine caters to:

✔ Meat Eaters   ✔ Dairy-free

✔ Vegetarians   ✔ Nut-free

✔ Vegans.        ✔ Other Allergies

✔ Gluten Free        

*If you have special dietary requirements please email us!


Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 11.42.04 AM.png

You will have your private room in a cozy villa in a quiet and retired area of the Ecuadorian Pacific coast.
We currently have a single room available for one person or a couple.

The room includes:
· Twin size bed
· Private bathroom and shower with hot water
· Air Conditioner
· Bedsheets
· Towels

Activity Areas:

activity-areas (1).jpeg

○ surrounded by greenery.
○ 5 minutes walk to the beach, archaeological reserves and local villages.
○ next to Montañita, international surf spot.
○ surrounded by beautiful bike paths and walking tracks through the mountain landscape.

○ The nearest airport is José Joaquin de Olmedo located in Guayaquil City. 

To come from Guayaquil you have to options: 
· We can arrange for a trusted driver to pick you up at the airport for an extra charge.
· You can take a bus from the bus station. 

Taking a bus from Guayaquil:
Take a taxi from the airport to central bus station in Guayaquil (may cost between 3 to 5 dollars ).
At the bus station, you have to go to the C.L.P (Cooperativa Libertad Peninsular) and ask for a ticket for a bus DIRECT to Olón. There are many buses to Olón, but only de Direct one could bring you faster.

The bus ride ends exactly at the Olón´s bus station. There we will be waiting for you :)


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  • Daniela Pönisch   July 10, 2018

      Deep structural healing with a medicine family

    Nina Wasi is a medicine family. It is what they live, teach, show and share every minute in the day. When I was here, I felt home, I was safe. During my private healing retreat I received healing from each one of the family. From Johnathan, not only Master of Ancestral Medicine but also master of the most enchanting music on his guitar, the flute and the harmonica during the plant medicine ceremonies, next to doing the hard and patient work of re-connecting me with my inner self through talking, listening and guiding me through all sessions and consultations, or if needed also during breakfast...He's been always there for me. I received healing from his wife Sofía whose attention and service has been medicine for my soul just as her beautiful meals have been for my body. And from the two very young daughters who enlightened me with their natural happiness to bond and freely share their joy with me. The love this family creates every day for one another and for me as their patient is without pretense and serves the purpose of healing in a rare and sacred way. I return to my own home with clarity, hope, connection and a warm heart. Thank you, medicine family.

  • Maria Lucia   March 15, 2018

      EL SPA del ALMA

    Nina Wasi es EL SPA para el ALMA, Este es un espacio para retirarse, descansar y trabajar con medicinas ancestrales en un ambiente familiar, donde se respira hogar, cuidado y respeto. Abren las puertas de su familia para mostrar como es la vida compartida de una manera sana, amorosa y en armonía. Agradesco mucho a esta familia por abrirse a hacer este trabajo tan hermoso y compartirlo, me gusto mucho trabajar con ustedes. es un places para mi encontrar personas tan comprometidas con su trabajo y con la vida. Agradecida de encontrarlos en mi camino NINAWASI.

  • Christina Hinz   September 26, 2017

      Trust this home of pure hearts, it is simply the best you can find!

    I am German but I live in Ecuador for a few years now. I have been in contact with medicine before but the real encounter I had in this most beautiful home. Since a year I am participating in the ceremonies guided by Taita Jonathan and his wife Sofia. With their help and their powerful medicine I was able to find real healing. Struggling with lots of experiences that repeated itself in my life I wasn´t able to experience true love and joy. Through the dedicated work of this healthy family in many different aspects I am able to get to know myself for real and see that I am the creator and with their humble work I am able to change. They give me all the lessons and tools I need to create what my heart is beating for. In every word and action of them I experience healing. The first time in my life I am with true teachers that guide me with immense patience, humbleness, love, love, love and with a knowledge that is limitless. Every ceremony is special and different and I am able to grow and so much has changed in my life. The medicine is beautiful and helps you to grow intensely if you open your heart and trust. And this is the right place for you because it is very safe, there is a healthy, knowing and loving Taita who explains so much and gives beyond words. I love this place, this family, this home of light. It is impossible to give back what they offer to you with all their heart and soul. May this family always be blessed, may they always be happy and able to keep doing their incredible work.

  • Emma Brown   September 08, 2017

      An exquisitely intense experience

    Having experienced an ayahuasca retreat in Peru, I came to this ceremony with expectations. I could not have imagined what was going to, & continues to happen. Johnathan & Sophia welcome you into their home & their family. From the start I felt extremely connected to the process after having a consultation with Jonathan before the ceremony. I think this was crucial before taking the medicine. The ceremony itself was intense, indescribably beautiful, powerful & healing. Johnathan's medicine is strong & drinking it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I can feel the positive effects of the ceremony 5 days later & know that this will continue. My only regret is that at this moment I cannot join more of these ceremonies. If you want healing that is personalised, attentive, genuine & loving, Nina Wasi is where you should go. Thank you, with all my heart

  • La Reina Serpiente   August 17, 2016

      Love it !!!

    Esta hermosa familia abrió sus corazones y su hogar a mi y a mi hermana, para ayudarnos a encontrar nuestro camino. Gracias a la medicina que nos ofrece nuestra Madre Tierra nos enseñaron a sanar, a ver a nuestros miedos a los ojos, abrazarlos y dejarlos ir en agradecimiento.En mi experiencia encontré respeto, dedicación y entrega cuando se trata de sanar el alma con medicina ancestral, gente sencilla dispuesta siempre a ayudar. Gracias siempre por esta oportunidad familia!!!! This beautiful family opened their hearts and their home to me and my sister, to help us find our way. Thanks to medicine offered by our Mother Earth taught us to heal, to see our fears in the eye, hug them and let them go in gratitude.In my experience I found respect, dedication and commitment when it comes to heal the soul with ancient medicine , simple people always ready to help. Thank you for this opportunity family !!!!

  • Laura Schinca   August 16, 2016

      Un hermoso camino hacia nuestro sagrado Ser

    El encuentro con las medicinas fue como ir a una universidad de la vida, donde empecé a aprender de una manera muy diferente a la conocida a relacionarme conmigo misma, con las demás personas y con la madre naturaleza... A darme cuenta de la importancia de cada acto, de cada pensamiento, más allá de la teoría y todo lo que sabía sobre las energías y la ley de atracción, empecé a materializar ese conocimiento a partir de la expansión de mi conciencia, de darme cuenta en el momento en que las cosas ocurrían, los pensamiento aparecían, y empecé a tomar control sobre eso, a elegir qué pensar, que decir, con quien compartir mi sagrado tiempo, que lugares frecuentar y cuáles no. Pude también conocer sobre la importancia de los ciclos menstruales en la mujer, cómo afecta mi estado de ánimo, reconocerme cíclica y empezar a entender cómo funciona este ciclo perfecto. Si pudiera resumirlo en pocas palabras diría que la experiencia con estas sagradas medicinas, me llevo a mi centro más profundo (y me sigue llevando) a lo más oscuro y a lo más luminoso de mi ser, y me permitió reconocerme, reconocer mis sueños y poder hacerme cargo de ellos y empezar a trabajar para alcanzarlos. Infinitamente agradecida a esta hermosa familia medicina, muchas gracias Jona, Sofi, Viole y a cada uno de mis hermanos en este camino.

  • damian grimberg   August 12, 2016


    es una familia hermosa que abre con todo su amor las puertas de su casa de luz con el propósito de ayudar a la gente a que se ponga bien, sane y empiece a caminar de una forma mucho más armoniosa su vida. sus medicinas son puro amor, y y su trabajo y dedeciación son admirables. sin duda es el mejor sitio para entrar y empezar a relacionarse con el mundo de las medicinas ancestrales y toda su magia.

  • Cerezit Reiss   August 12, 2016

      This house of healing is very powerful

    This house of healing is very powerful. I found what I was looking for my entire life: an opportunity to heal my soul and live in peace with myself and others. There are real life changing teachings that come hand in hand with the medicine and Taita Johnathan. This medicine family is committed to give their best at all times, something very hard to find. In this house of light I found love, trust, respect and patience towards everyone. My life has changed significantly since I began this path of healing with love and I owe it to them, the growth that anyone can achieve here is invaluable. Thank you Johnathan and Sofia for helping me and my family and making us feel at home with you. I wish you the best!

  • Ignacio   August 08, 2016

      Very beatiful Holy Medicine!!!

    Thank you Great Spirit for this beatiful house, and thanks for this lovely family, Jhonathan and Sofia. Here I found a better way for me and my family to walk with more love and happiness, is so nice. The work with the Holy Medicine is beatiful and real, with so much patience and tenderness guide and help me to learn, feel, recognise, heal. Again, thanks you very much!!!

  • Beatriz Pasina Souza   August 08, 2016

      sanacion profunda

    Mi experiencia con Jhonathan y las medicinas fue de profunda transformación. En todos los niveles pude sentir la ayuda que en este lugar se me brindó, limpio completamente mi mirada de mí misma y el mundo cambió totalmente, me ayudó a ver y reconocer todas mis dificultades todos los lugares dentro y fuera de mí que me estaban impidiendo ser una persona plena y verdaderamente amorosa. Es muy difícil contar en pocas palabras toda la ayuda que se me brindó a mí y a mi familia, todos los aprendizajes que aún hoy, meses después del encuentro siguen ayudándome a cambiar mi vida. Hay una de las cosas vividas que quisiera compartir para que otros se acerquen y es para mí de las que más me ayudó y es la ternura con la que a uno le enseñan, las cosas duras que me tocaron ver de mí misma, con esta ternura se me hicieron tan fáciles de reconocer que perdió sentido defenderme o enojarme y se hizo bien fuerte la verdadera intención de corregirme para estar bien. Y a partir de ahí comenzar a disfrutar de todas las bendiciones que existen en la vida de uno y ser verdaderamente agradecido con todas las oportunidades que se nos brindan para estar bien. Una maravilla el trabajo que se hace en NINA WASI lo recomiendo a todo el mundo que esté buscando una verdadera sanacion. Muchas gracias

  • Fabio Raphael Coitinho Pereira   August 07, 2016

      Un lugar donde pedir ayuda, te aseguró que esta familia de la dará.

    Agradecido al universo a la vida por tener la experiencia de compartir las medicinas ancestrales con esta familia amiga. Por brindar su ayuda en la búsqueda de mi camino, lograr mirar mi interior y reconocer lo que hay para cambiar para lograr Obtener la felicidad, amor, humildad y saber pedir ayuda cuando realmente nos encontramos a la deriva. Muchas gracias por todo el apoyo, las charlas los momentos de risas y felicidad compartidos. Por todo eso y mucho más que estoy seguro que hay aun para compartir un gran abrazo a todos ustedes desde Uruguay.

  • lucía Nux   August 06, 2016

      Five star place to heal your heart and soul

    This is a beautiful family that welcomes you, when you need it, to heal your heart, mind and soul through sacred medicine. This medicine and Taita Marco, Johnathan and Sofía, (and all the other members of the family) will help you to discover better your inner self, and heal what needs to be. All that with a lot of love, besides everything. I feel very thankfull and blessed with my experience and living with them. Con esta hermosa familia y medicina puedes desenredar y sanar aspectos de tu ser con los que te sientes trabado hace mucho tiempo. Con mucho amor y gracias al trabajo de los chamanes, de todo el grupo (la familia) y la medicina. Muchas gracias por un trabajo y una experiencia tan bonita que permanece en el tiempo y en mi vida!


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