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Alice Dea is a trauma integration therapist, Entheogenic Guide, Consciousness Explorer, Artist, Tarot Deck Creator and Completion Process Practioner. She has always loved change and after overcoming her depression, one of her favourite things to do is guide others out of a place of stuckness into flow, out of fear into love. After learning how to be free and how to fall in love with life, she teaches others how to do the same using Entheogens as a tool for self-discovery.

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  • JC   September 14, 2020

      Holding Space with Grace

    There are certain steps one takes that seem to have an intent nudged by an invisible hand yet maybe without a clear purpose. Not knowing the direction, the map of the territory, the directions of the compass, or even lost sight of the horizon. However, knowing deeply that this is a step in the right direction one continues with the journey. At a cross road Alice shows up. Like a spirit bird blowing out the very bubble that nurses, protects and encourages the step. Doing that with a wafer thin yet rock solid presence holding space to let what may unfold unfold on its own premise, from its own origin and to its next destination. Masterful.

  • nic robertson   September 13, 2020

      Top notch retreat with a wonderful & talented guide

    Last year my partner and I decided to visit Netherlands to continue our spiritual journey with plant medicines. We spent quite a bit of time researching the right private retreat and guide to facilitate our journey, which led us to Alice – an incredible teacher and guide with huge depth of wisdom and experience. Throughout our time together Alice's gentle nature and softly spoken confidence filled us with a real feeling of warmth, calm and safety – something which is SO important when you're doing deep and often challenging work on yourself. She was so knowledgeable about the different plants and preparations, while also being an extremely adept guide through the difficult and complex psychological, emotional and physical aspects our our experiences. Everything about our week with Alice was first class, all the way down to the Peruvian rattle dances and stunning musical curation (a lot of which I'm still listening to a year later). Alice is a caring, talented, knowledgeable and all-round beautiful human, and I couldn't recommend her and her services more highly.

  • Frederic D.   August 27, 2020

      Alice's presence

    I thought I knew the power of psychotropic medicine and the realms it can take me until the day Alice guided me on a journey that I can possibly describe as the most meaningful and beautiful encounter with myself, my inner children and what I suddenly remembered as my past and my truth, that I’ve ever had. I thought that I knew my past. It is incredible how her unconditional trust and presence and questions at the right time took me on a journey that allowed me to rediscover my truth. Alice’s presence allowed me to feel safe with my self and my emotions. I felt so validated for who I am. I didn’t feel any shame in expressing my deepest emotions. That alone was so healing. Alice’s presence was so nourishing and encouraged me to face shit I would have never wanted to face otherwise. Not being on my own, feeling the unconditional presence of her heart made me trust my emotions. Alice guided me into a space of “knowing my self” where I could finally find ground underneath my feet and find “my inner guide” … It was the first time in my life I could see that it’s true, our emotions are literally a guidance system, not less connected to our higher self than any other part of us, if integrated. Alice is a wonderful guide. You know if someone is a good guide if she guides you into a space where finding your truth leads to so much empowerment that you don’t long for guidance no more.

  • Yannick Breuer   August 26, 2020

      What a breakthrough

    For some years I held an unexpressed judgment inside of me, about my seemingly unacceptable desires and I was convinced that everyone else would judge me and reject me, the same way I was judging myself. When I was ready and worked with Alice for her assistance I still felt slightly scarred, but I eventually opened up enough to trust her. When I allowed her to see me in this place, I never wanted to be seen in, what happened was truly amazing. She did not judge me and I felt held in an authentic and compassionate space. What I love about Alice is that her wisdom comes from the heart and her own life experience. She is humble and intuitive, with a sense of humour and childlike curiosity. When I realized that she didn’t judge me, a chain reaction started and I had to acknowledge that it’s possible to look at my feelings from a non-judgmental perspective, which then led me to forgive myself and being able to laugh again. What a breakthrough! Thank you Alice.

  • Ruben Chery   August 26, 2020

      peaceful presence

    What was great about Alice’s presence is that each time I looked up from being engrossed in myself on my solo-journey, Alice’s soft attention was on me. Whenever I ’emerged’, I emerged to full attention and a peaceful presence. Knowing everything was right in the room and I was being cared for, allowed me to go wherever I needed to go inside my own experience. I particularly value her honouring the wisdom of my own process, supporting it but letting it unfold on it’s own. The integration call afterwards was also tremendously valuable. It helped me connect back to the rest of the world and my life, afterwards.

  • Sandra Benbeniste   August 26, 2020

      An absolute gift

    I felt safe working with Alice. She provided an environment that promoted healing, where I could go into my deepest, darkest shadows and know I would be held. The results I have had after working with her have been completely liberating. During one of my sessions with her, I went into the shame that I had been storing in my thighs my entire life. Since I was a young girl I have hated my thighs, it has always been my “problem area” and despite being thin, eating well, and exercising religiously I could never change my thighs. After this session my entire perspective on my thighs changed. For the first time in my life I could look in a mirror and not pick a part that part of my body. This has not only changed how I think about them they have actually changed shape. I fit in a jean size I have never worn before and I cant attribute this to any other change in my life. To have such a drastic result that has lasted with no conscious effort on my part is a priceless gift. It is because Alice and the medicine she uses allows you to get to the roots of the issues held deep within the subconscious mind. Working with her is a gift I hope to do again and I would recommend her to anyone.

  • Roger Curtis   August 26, 2020

      Life Changing Experience!

    My experience with Alice was simply one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. Alice is probably the most gentle and patient soul I’ve ever met. When it comes to doing psilocybin on your own vs guided, it’s not even a comparison! It truly changes everything and you really want someone like Alice to be there because there WILL be things that come up that you might not expect. The wisdom from the psilocybin will bring up, from our experiences, things that you need to be shown vs what you want to be shown. It could be something you’ve regretted not doing, an instance in your past that you never truly processed, one event that molded you unknowingly your entire life that you thought was you but was actually just an event in time that became you or like for me a trauma that I thought I got over but the child in me never did. Alice + Kerrie have traveled the world so their knowledge and wisdom truly come out. Their work with your “inner child” is also something I’ve never experienced before which was so amazing for me but I won’t spoil that for you. If you’ve read Michael Pollan’s groundbreaking book How to Change Your Mind, you’ll know that most people will say just ONE guided experience with psilocybin can replace or is comparable to 10+ years of psychotherapy. Well that statement is 100% accurate. Don’t do it on your own because you won’t even come close to getting what you want out of the experience. My wife is already booked for another retreat with Alice + Kerrie (which she would NEVER have traveled on her own to another country before this) and we are both booked for another trip 4 months from now as well. It’s THAT profound. Stop searching. You’ve found your healers. Stop the excuses and travel to Amsterdam. It will change your life.


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