“meditation (See also: meditation, vipassana, zen, and mindfulness.) The Buddha taught that we can eliminate suffering by removing passion, aggression, and delusion. The Buddhist traditions are an incredibly rich resource for understanding the inner and outer worlds. Whether we are beginners or experienced meditators, the Buddhist teachings can help us learn to live with increased compassion and wisdom. Buddhism is still in the process of coming to the West, and many people are working diligently to root these traditions in a Western context. Liberation can be understood to mean ceasing suffering within the self, working to free all sentient beings from the wheel of existence, or realizing the essence of all inner and outer phenomena as absolutely pure, and so on—depending on the tradition. What unites these systems is the Buddhist emphasis on liberation through awareness.

Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Relaxation. Ashley

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.