The Sanctuary of Renana - Medicinal Plant Healing Retreats in Central Portugal

About us

The Sanctuary of Renana is a medicinal plant healing retreat center offering a unique combination of shamanic techniques and other time-tested, yet modern healing modalities. We are located within a nature reserve, inside the Mondego valley of central Portugal.

Our mission is to provide our guests with the safety and security necessary for them to feel fully at ease during their healing and expansion process. Our focus is centered upon a balanced, comprehensive healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

At the Sanctuary of Renana we recognize that every guest who comes to work with us is an individual, and will be coming with individual needs. For that reason, we will provide you with access to different healing modalities, administered by professionals, with a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields.

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  • Ryan Dankmeyer   March 23, 2017

      Amazing place!

    Sanctuary of Renana will give you the authentic Amazon experience while still being safe and comfortable enough. Their shamans are very powerful and knowledgeable and Brendan and Ana are great facilitators. It is a great deal when you consider how many therapies are offered. You will have time to rest, yet stay busy enough. And they have mushrooms!

  • Carlos Rodriguez   November 26, 2016

      My soul, thank you for fighting for me, thank you for not giving up.

    I become speechless when a life experience is too good. This is the case with the experience I had a Renana. Words will never transmit the exact experience, specially when that experience brings you all the way down to nothingness and then all the way up to unconditional love. The Renana schedule is well designed to ease the healing process. In other words, you get what you need most of the time. There is a day of rest between ceremonies for a reason. It allows the individual to process the events from previous ceremonies as well as write a journal. The location is perfect and far away from distractions. The Shaman is good and emphasizes on personal healing according to each particular individual. Of course every person get a different experience because each individual gets what he/she needs. It flows how it needs to flows. The Ayahuasca medicine sort of adapts to you and walk you trough a process of cleansing, purging and learning. I came to Renana after already having done 26 ceremonies. In other words, I did ceremonies 27, 28, 29 and 30 at Renana. So, for me, there was not a lot of purging and cleaning but a lot of making sense of things that I needed to realize or feel. This includes and is not limited to dreams, visuals and strong overwhelming emotions. Brief personal experience: ( partial JOURNAL ) I had an intense dream last night . There was an abandoned boy at a hotel and I went in a quest to search for his parents. I saw myself with the little boy ridding a dragon over the valley of the death. There were different monsters and things I had to defeat. At one point I woke up and saw a bright light so I closed eyes again not to loose it. Love and compassion were taking over my entire being. it was overwhelming. I tried to hold on to that feeling for as long as I could. My interpretation: The strange sensation of my heart glowing in my chest as I woke up while dreaming about rescuing the boy as flying through the valley of the death signifies my own rescuing through the rescuing of my heart (trough love). Yesterday I had my Aya ceremony #28. I had a heart opening experience. Then I transformed myself into a king cobra. It was not simply the body of a king cobra but the mind and the soul of a king cobra as well. I felt absolutely fearless and extremely powerful. Ceremony #29: At some point I was feeling fear to love but I said no to the fear with a lot of courage and love overflowed my entire being. I experienced a complete heart opening. I received just a fraction of infinite love and it was so intense that my body started shaking. I said, please slow down, remember I am human. Death is easy, but being able to fully love is not. I lost my fear of death long time ago. This was a different fear and to my surprise my fear of loving unconditionally was a stronger daemon than my fear of death. (this was good learning) I kept asking God to imprint this experience in my soul, heart and mind forever. An experience like this, take all fears, doubts and concerns from you. I reached a point of loving that nothing else mattered. It was simply the end of all biological games and concerns. This was when I looked at death as a ticket to paradise and smiled. Did the mushroom ceremony yesterday and I was overwhelmed with love. I felt in the presence of God. Nature was at His command. It was very intense, the most intense thing I have ever done. A day after the mushroom ceremony: I want to take this time to thank my soul, to tell you I love you just as you love me, to let you know that no matter what, I will always be with you. I will embrace you each night. I will cuddle you with the arms of my heart. My soul, thank you for fighting for me, thank you for not giving up.

  • Taolin Shenya   July 20, 2016

      Life-changing experience with a bunch of incredible people!

    Don Marcos is the best Shaman I've ever had the priviledge to work with, he is so kind but hard working and professional. The ceremonies are magical and the medicine is pure. The retreat itself is very beautiful and clean. The food is plentiful and tasty unlike other retreats where the food is unnecessarily bland! 5 stars from me and I will revisit. The whole team are awesome <3

  • Phillip David   July 14, 2016

      Life changing

    It's difficult to summarise in only a few words, a place that facilitated the greatest change in my life. For lack of space, I shan't go into my personal experience with the Ayahuasca, (which incidentally is the strongest I've tried.) But instead use this chance to praise the most kind hearted, compassionate and knowledgeable group of facilitators I've had the pleasure of working with. Renana is set in the most beautiful part of the jungle, boasting the most beautiful views, accompanied by the most beautiful souls.. what more could you want?!

  • Evan Showell   June 30, 2016

      A very special unique retreat!

    I just had the pleasure of a 10 day retreat at the Sanctuary of Renana and it was amazing from start to finish. It delivered what was promised and so much more. It not not contained the WOW factor for such a beautiful location and facilities, but the real WOW factor is all the amazing healers and staff who are working there to heal you and help you grow as person. This is a fact and I have only love and gratitude to each and every one of them. I must make a special mention to Don Marcos. He is incredible! such a powerful, caring and loving shaman that gives his all to help heal you! Thank you for all your work! The retreat is well structured, organised, personalised and fun. It contains several healing methods that all complimented each other and I could feel my energy and spirit returning more and more each day. These methods combined very well with the powerful ayahuasca ceremonies participated in. There is plenty of time for reflection and fun! I enjoyed the jungle tours, boat rides and bon fire with the company of my newly made friends and family. I recommend this special place of healing to anyone and I cannot wait to return. Thank you Sanctuary of Renana!


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