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“Paititi”, in Quechua, is an enlightened realm manifested through the awakening of our shared human heart. Through the awakened spirit of the individual comes the greatest potential for the transformation of the planet. The Paititi Institute for the Preservation of the Environment and Indigenous Culture is committed to embodying this paradigm shift and demonstrating what is possible through ordinary human efforts, in service to Mother Nature and the infinite human potential.

Through all of our programs, we dedicate our efforts to supporting a society of deep, nurturing and true values. We serve as an intercultural bridge, supporting individuals and communities to live activated, responsible and joyful lives in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes. As humans, we are inexorably linked to the earth and each other. As part of this magnificent symbiotic organism, we are dedicated to co-creating the enlightened world we all have in our hearts.

Paititi’s efforts to create a harmonious balance in human life and with this planet fall into 5 key categories:

-Conserving and restoring the Earth’s natural resources

-Preserving and integrating indigenous wisdom and culture

-Cultivating health through traditional and natural methods

-Embodying true stewardship via eco-regenerative, community living

-Understanding consciousness and engaging in cognitive evolution

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  • Elton Lee Abela   June 27, 2015

      Choosing a School , Guide and a Pure Safe Space where i can Learn.....

    4 years ago i embarked on this Journey of Awareness,Transformation and Self Development.... Life Brought to me amongst many things, Meditation and Medicine and with this i left to South America. I've seen the calling for the Medicine and i answered, but it took me almost 4 years of Looking and experiencing all kinds of experiences and situations to finally choose a Guide / Teacher and a Place where i want to Develop and Discover more of Myself and the Medicine. I was Looking for something Pure and for a Place where the sentence ' for the benefit of others ' is Mentioned and Practiced. I must say that at Paititi i discovered this and More. The Place Itself is very safe, and there is no 'Chaos' around. I see the Place as the place where a Family can grow Healthy with Strong Solid Principles and Foundations especially with the Loving guidance of Roman and Cynthia. I've seen How these guys Guide and with how much precision, Love, Compassion and Discipline they prepare the Medicine and they share their Knowledge. Through my experience i have seen that there are many non experienced or Fake Healers but they are very good in Setting up a good show, tell beautiful stories, and not to say the least sing beautiful Songs but in here i went beyond the Good show and the Nice Music many 'Shamans' can Put. Here i learnt about many Healing Modalities and ways that compliment each other so we can go deeper and see more layers and also to not get lost in the world of Spirit but to be very Grounded and Precise about what is happening around us. The Richness this Place offers it can only be experienced, and although i am trying to share it, one must be there and see himself. I was amazed to see Roman and Cynthia guiding like that the ceremonies, and how they created a safe container where there is Discipline, Education, Freedom and a Shared Heart in the same time. I've also seen how the community is centered at their heart and how they are weaving the different Lineages together but also preserving the Knowledge and the ways of the Ancestors so we never forget the work of our Fathers, but to build on this solid foundation that these great civilizations left us, and to utilize the thousands of years of experience and study so we can evolve and leave a Legacy for our children. To conclude, one very important fact that i have noticed is, that Roman and Cynthia are walking the Path and not just created a Place so people can come . They are still learning and Healing with each one of us that they Heal and Guide. I am very Honored and Grateful for Life to have shown me this Place and met these Beautiful Beings and i would Recommend this Place from my Heart. They Share Tools and Practices that can be Lived and Practiced not just there but anywhere, and at any given Moment. They also keep the Relationship alive and any question i had after the retreat it was always answered with the same Dedication, Love, Commitment, and Precision that they showed us in that Place. Aho!

  • Chris Witt   June 23, 2015


    I cannot say enough about Roman and Cynthia. Endless teachings pour from them. They embody the seriousness, and the joyful and beautiful profundity of the spiritual path. I was deeply and lastingly affected by my time with them. They are living examples of what humanity can and should be! Love!

  • Sean Hall   June 23, 2015

      30 days

    There is nothing quite like living off the land. Nothing like being a part of a tribe. Nothing like letting go of your attachments to experience what it is like to reconnect with spirit. A 30 day immersion granted me the space and time I needed to bring out the best in me. The program at Paititi is amazing and provides every opportunity to become more mindful, completely present and heart centered. The support and love they put forth is very real. Paititi has reintroduced me to my true self and I am forever grateful.

  • Abigail Borg   June 22, 2015

      Releasing all that no longer serves and discovering the true self!

    It has been 6 months since my Embody True Nature retreat with Paititi and as my self discovery deepens so does my letting go, my freedom and my love for One. The process that lead to this shedding of unnecessary weight was only possible through the infinite wisdom offered by the channels of light manifested in Roman Hanis and Cynthia Robinson along with their team. I approached this journey thinking that it was a personal self discovery mission, but it turned out to be much more than that. My journey was a journey of oneness, a journey of shared heart and shared consciousness. Should I choose again, there is no questions... I am still in Paititi in spirit, and I always will be until I am there in physical form again!

  • Jess. S.   June 22, 2015

      Peel Back the Layers and Let the True You Emerge

    I went on an Embody True Nature Consciousness Transformation 32 day Retreat in 2013. I found the practices and rituals grounded in the deepest wisdom lineages and the people facilitating to be of pure heart and in service to personal and planetary transformation. The balance between inner and outer permaculture and Peruvian and Tibetan wisdom practices is unique and brings an experience of Oneness. The facilitators are genuine, skilled, dedicated and selfless and in total service to transformation and healing on personal and planetary levels. I experienced positive impacts on my health, my emotions, released lifetimes of trauma, gained an inner stability and a way of understanding of the world that is both sober and hopeful. This is the real deal. It is not a vacation. Your will likely transform in ways you had not anticipated. You will be given everything you need to truly meet yourself. Yet, be aware, it's not for the casual Ayahuasca tourist or someone who cannot adapt to rustic and primitive conditions. This is not a plush spa type of retreat. It's for those who are truly ready to do the work and meet themselves with honesty, openness, willingness and who are ready to release all the extra "stuff". Be prepared to leave several layers of ego behind. Also important to assess for yourself, are you prepared to make shifts in your life when you return, based upon your new understanding, because it can be a rough integration period if you are not. If this review has not scared you off, then this might be the place for you. If you are still reading or excited by what you've read, this may be just what you are seeking. I got so much from my experience that I plan on returning this summer to volunteer helping to build the new center.

  • Chris Rollins   June 21, 2015

      Profound Transformation and Growth

    No amount of words could do justice to the profound growth and transformation I experienced participating as a work-trade volunteer with one of Paititi's Embodying True Nature retreats. I've deepened into the practices I learned during it and consistently come back to them. I love the Amazonian breathwork practice and Qi Gong specifically. Roman and Cynthia synthesize an amazing blend of practices and wisdom from different traditions around the world into a highly effective medicine for the heart and soul. If you participate in one of their retreats you will come away from it greatly transformed and inspired to create the life your heart is dreaming about. Thank you Roman and Cynthia, aho :)

  • Maksim Repka   June 21, 2015

      Life transformational experience !!!

    There is no words to describe my gratitude to fearless love facilitator team !!! Thank you for your dedication to the Truth + Love + Peace + Joy !!!

  • Jacob Wagner   June 20, 2015

      First-Hand Experience of Paititi Institute

    My partner and I have participated in four different retreats with the Paititi Institute, once in Mexico, twice in Peru, and once in the United States. We have also spent seven months living at their current center in the Andes mountains, working with the magnificent land that they are stewarding. Both of us have experienced life-changing transformations as a result of our time with them. These transformations have initiated a profound process of healing and growth, which continues to this day. The founders have a deep-seated and truly authentic intention to contribute to the manifestation of a healthier planet and a happier humanity. I am eternally grateful for the hard-work and unwavering commitment that they bring to such a priceless vision. Not only has it influenced me personally, but it has also spread ripples of awareness through my life that will hopefully bring benefit to many others. My only warning is that one should be fully willing to face oneself and one's own conditioning in order to receive the maximum benefit from the practices that Paititi offers. These practices are not rooted in a dogma, and I believe that they have the potential to reveal insights into the true nature of reality and liberate individuals from cycles of suffering and confusion. These insights in turn help us to develop a sense of respect and reverence for Mother Earth and an understanding of our unity and co-dependence with nature.

When one discovers the fullness of emptiness, one wishes for nothing more. Mooji

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