(See also: meditation.) Mindfulness is a meditative tool which is used to address health issues such as anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. Whether you’re dealing with the effects of physical stress or emotional trauma, mindfulness is a effective antidote for the modern condition—and it doesn’t demand subscription to a set of beliefs. Yet, mindfulness tends to lead people down a path they might not expect. Although we might start out using mindfulness to remedy a specific symptom, we may also find ourselves drawn into the full scope of the Buddhist teachings. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) was a pioneering program which brought Buddhist mindfulness into a Western medical context. Today, there are courses in mindfulness for beginners in most Western cities, and there are mindfulness retreats in exotic locations throughout the world. You can also attend training programs in mindfulness if you are interested in bringing mindfulness techniques into your own workplace or therapeutic practice.

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  • Art of Living Retreat Center – Boone North Carolina Boone North Carolina
    Aug 21 - 23, 2020 (3 days) See 14 more dates
    Live with Joy, Purpose and Confidence Within you lie vast, untapped possibilities waiting to be discovered.  Through The Happiness Retreat you’ll learn practical and powerful techniques that will enable you to gain a greater vision of who you are and benefit you for the rest of your life.  You will find yourself enabled to create a more joyous, purposeful life, and gain the confidence to…
  • Hridaya Yoga Center – Mazunte Oaxaca Mexico Mazunte Oaxaca Mexico
    Sep 3 - 14, 2020 (12 days)
    Course Fee: $320 USD (Accommodation and meals extra) Course Dates: September 4th, 2020 - September 13th, 2020 Accommodation Dates: September 3rd, 2020 - September 14th, 2020 The Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat is a unique 10-day immersion experience which focuses on accessing our real and essential nature, the supreme and divine Self, atman, through an artful integration of meditation and yoga…
  • Birgit Reuther

    Birgit Reuther
    Birgit Reuther
    Your guide
    Zen Zentrum Johanneshof-Quellenweg – Herrischried Baden-Württemberg Germany Herrischried Baden-Württemberg Germany
    Jul 24 - 27, 2020 (4 days)
    Kursbeschreibung: Wie können wir ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Arbeit (Aktion) und Entspannung in einer Yoga-Haltung finden?   In den Basishaltungen, z. Bsp. im Stehen Tadasana oder Utthita Trikonasana werden die Arme und die Beine vollständig gestreckt, die Rumpfseiten werden angehoben und der Brustkorb wird geweitet. Diese Impulse benötigen muskuläre Arbeit. Gleichzeitig sollten die Augen…
  • Akasha Wellness Retreat – Peștera Brașov County Romania Peștera Brașov County Romania
    Jul 25 - Aug 1, 2020 (8 days) See 2 more dates
  • The Sharpham Trust – Totnes England United Kingdom Totnes England United Kingdom
    Oct 4, 2020 (1 day) See 4 more dates
  • Senior Staff

    Senior Staff
    Senior Staff
    Your guide
    Sivananda Yoga Ranch – Woodbourne New York Woodbourne New York
    Oct 11 - 16, 2020 (6 days) See 2 more dates
    Positive Thinking introduces the practical application of Yoga philosophy, and this 5-day course offers numerous tools for empowerment and for improving the quality of everyday life. You’ll begin to examine the nature of your thoughts and learn to transform them, making way for a calmer mind and better relationships.
  • Tammie Dalrymple, Blissfully Soulful; AADP Health Coach, 500 RYT

    Tammie Dalrymple, Blissfully Soulful;…
    Marlo Meyerhofer Creator of Backbends and Brews, LLC; B.B.A., 500RYT

    Marlo Meyerhofer Creator of Backbends…
    Tammie Dalrymple, Blissfully Soulful; AADP Health Coach, 500 RYT +1
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    Elohee - retreat. renew. remember. – Sautee Nacoochee Georgia Sautee Nacoochee Georgia
    Aug 14 - 16, 2020 (3 days)
    Step away from the chaos that our everyday grind can be.  Come alone or bring a friend and join us Aug 14-16,  2020 for a weekend away at the beautiful Elohee Center in the Chattahoochee National Forest.  We will have daily mindfulness yoga practices, meditation, vegetarian fair, healthy lifestyle discussions, hiking, lead journaling, and more.  This retreat is designed to relax and focus on…
  • Dr. Eva Wong

    Dr. Eva Wong
    Dr. Eva Wong
    Your guide
    Sky Lake Retreat Center – Rosendale New York Rosendale New York
    Aug 9 - 11, 2020 (3 days)
    The regulation and control the breath is the foundation for preserving, cultivating, transforming, circulating vital energy (qi). In this 2-day program students will how to pump the Bellows, and practice the Fish Breathing and Fetal Breathing techniques that are designed to enhance the circulation of qi. When qi is plentiful and its movement is unhindered, the body will be revitalized and the mind…
  • My Retreats Unlimited – California United States California United States
    Oct 7 - 11, 2020 (5 days)
    Have you bought into the BS that gaining pounds and fat as you age is as inevitable as death and taxes? If so, get ready to have your cheese moved at the Turn Back the Clock Retreat by Bobbie Parker Hall. Today, women don’t slide into middle age; they rock the hell out of it. If you expect 50 to be the new 30 this retreat is for you. Bobbi is a certified trainer and yogi who entered her first…
  • Zen Den Yoga School & Studio – Boca Raton Florida Boca Raton Florida
    Aug 6 - 9, 2020 (4 days) See 1 more date
    This yin yoga course will give you the knowledge and experience to conduct a safe and enjoyable yin yoga flow. Through the time spent with the facilitators, you will learn the dynamics, history, and philosophy of yin yoga. You will learn the foundations of yin yoga giving you a clear understanding of the basic science, as well as the general application of, and general alignment within, yin poses.…
  • Sedona Mago Retreat – Sedona Arizona Sedona Arizona
    May 21 - 24, 2020 (4 days)
    At Sedona Mago Retreat, we’ll guide you through an exploration that will help to unravel the mysteries of existence. Our Finding True Self retreat has been mindfully created to provide you with a spiritual gateway to uncovering the authentic ‘you’ – the ‘you’ that’s all-powerful, all-loving, and virtually limitless.
  • Suzanne Manafort

    Suzanne Manafort
    Suzanne Manafort
    Your guide
    Copper Beech Institute – West Hartford Connecticut West Hartford Connecticut
    Dec 18 - 20, 2020 (3 days)
    This retreat, designed specifically for veterans and their spouses or partners, teaches powerful mind-body practices that strengthen resilience, bring peace of mind, and relieve traumatic symptoms. A mindful, embodied yoga practice can provide relief from symptoms and help veterans develop supportive skills for everyday life. In this retreat, participants will learn practical yoga and…

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